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Penny Angela 🦋  In a small town called make believe NSFS - not safe for squares ◼️ leave something witchy

The world is ending. I'm filled with rage these days. Spending my night on thelema forums/groups, listening to occult podcasts and wishing my satanic bb Quorthon was alive to spit flames at the cheeto. 🔥⛓🔥⚔️🔥 Left hand path,right hand and everything in between folks: we need to come together to pull the most epic collective hex ever witnessed by mankind. Get your ingredients.

Haters be like:: "Penny, you don't have any talents."
Me: "Try again, sweaty. Explain this!"
Issssaa snack. Issa pari.

My life, it comprises of losses and wins and fails and falls. 📸: @catpartyletsgo #sundaymorning

My angel looking like a Manson girl <3
Thank you @lanadelrey this new record is something else. Lana is one of my favorite artists of all time and to be able to be alive and experience this moment while it's happening, while I'm young is such a trip. Most of the artists I like are either dead or from the past and therefore I never got to experience them in that very special period in their careers. I missed it. All i have now are special reunion shows or farewell tours for the most part. I've been with Lana since she was May jailer/Lizzy Grant and I relate to her sadness and lyrics on a level I can't really explain. This new record while it's a bit happier it's kinda what I needed right now. And the damn song with Stevie Nicks might cure my depression. Love u! 🖤
What are your favorite songs on lust for life! Mines are :white mustang, heroin, beautiful people beautiful problems, in my feelings and god bless America and all the beautiful women in it and when the world was at war we kept dancing.

Faster Pussycat KILL KILL!!!! X Switchblade Sisters vibes. "I lost my eye for this gang, man!" I would want to play Patch if there were a remake! I need to be in a movie where there's knives and stabbings. 🔪🔪🔪🔪 📸: @catpartyletsgo

Darkthrone 1/11/1989
Wish Instagram allowed videos longer than one minute just for this.
Back when the shit was legit and not a bunch of hot topic kids wearing face paint in the woods in the nAMe Of bLac M3tal. 🙄#darkthrone

Ok. So I need to rant. We all know that Crowley is the wicked one. If you looked up the definition of the left hand path, I'm sure you will find his picture somewhere. Crowley makes LaVey look like a damn Sunday school teacher. However, I have noticed in forums etc some occultists are so pretentious about the whole thing. I get that LaVey is a showman, an entertainer. He found a way to feed this to mainstream media and they ate it up. However, I feel when he wrote the Satanic Bible in 1969, when he was observing the ways of humans, as I often do he was able to come up with some thought provoking stuff. Not saying all of this shit is the deepest, but some of it makes a lot of sense and if people actually followed some of these things they might feel differently . Don't come for me unless you have read it. It's not all what you think. So yeah, I know he's more of a celebrity than a theorist, but doesn't mean you can't enjoy his books etc. I feel anyone who has any interests/ties with this shit should have both the book of the law AND the satanic bible. I mean, he was able to befriend King Diamond so I can't be mad at that! What are your thoughts? #antonlavey #aliestercrowley #laveyansatanism #bookofthelaw #thesatanicbible #occult

Do u like porn? Do you appreciate smut? What's your favorite era? Mines is 70s and 80s! 📸: @catpartyletsgo
I know this sounds silly, but in all honesty I appreciate vintage porn, and vintage smut and snuff because of its soft lense and out of focus shots. I appreciate the silliness. The appreciation for all bodies. Big nipples, perky or saggy boobs, tan lines. It wasn't perfect and it wasn't trying to be. It was raw and campy and not trying to be super sexy. Do you think @pornhub will let me start creative directing? Let's hope so! The legacy of smut counts on it. Appreciate each and every c u r v e.

A message to you all. I have been possessed by Peg Bundy. TBQFH I don't get why I'm not in commercials. Thankful I have @catpartyletsgo in my life because she can hang with my kitschy ways. I don't have it all upstairs, but who the fuck cares?!! 🤷🏾‍♀️

HARD RELATE I live in make believe....(swipe left)
Nightmares Come At Night 1970. Directed by Jess Franco
An exotic dancer begins having recurring nightmares of killing people. The lines between realty and fantasy begin to blur to the most extreme.
#me #selfie

I've heard that to stab someone is quite an intimate act. To penetrate someone with a knife. To get that close to someone and go deep into their body like that, watching the look on their face as life slowly leaves their body and slipping away to unconsciousness. This is a clip from my giallo film, "Carnival Blood Lust" Directed by Lucio Fulci. It's about a clown that kills all the happy people at the fair as a way to get "revenge" on society for making her feel like an outsider "I gave up love and happiness a long time ago." - Richard Ramirez 🔪

Self portrait: El payaso más triste
As my birthday approaches in 3 weeks I've been doing some reflecting. As I prepare for most likely another turbulent year in my 20s(lol) I realized I've spent my entire 20s so far unhappy. This is supposed to be the most fun time of my life. My youth has been robbed from me due to a debilitating mental illness that I have no control over. At this point I'm being swallowed by the darkness and I suppose I'm giving up. I am embracing it. This is my life. I relate to the nature of clowns. They're supposed to make you smile and laugh, but that's usually not the case. Clowns for me are the opposite of a Disney character or cute mascot you'll see at a sports game. I don't remind people of happy things, but I do bring an awareness to your own inner sadness and defeat. Reminding u all that despite how perfect u try to make your life appear, I , a clown can see right through it. Clowns wear a frown on their face like a badge of honor. You have more in common with me than you think. The blessing out of this is that it allows me to be creative. I feel things most overlook. Too scared to see the duality in life. Good and evil. I have created a world for myself in al honesty less than perhaps 10 of you truly understand where I'm coming from. I am happy that I can provide comfort to those who live in the dark as I do. 🤡🤡🤡

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