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My turn to cook dinner last night, and I made a very typical Cantonese homestyle dinner- basically what I grew up eating. Steamed tilapia with ginger, green onion and cilantro, scrambled eggs with shrimp and shanghai bok choi.
Chinese people typically eat everything family style, and we will just all communally pick at the fish until it's bare bones. Last night I watched in dismay as my Italian dining companion cleaned and deboned my beautiful fish and pushed half the meat aside along with all the toppings 😂

Obsessed with my new #manicure #nailart

How gorgeous is this Teal color Sapphire in a rose gold diamond halo setting? This piece was commissioned as an engagement ring. His mother is a long time client, she had been buying from my mother since I was a little girl. I'm thrilled that I was able to work with her son to create his perfect engagement ring.

Well life isn't perfect and things don't always work out the way you want them to, that's why it's important to celebrate the little things you have control over. Like when you have an amazing hair and make up day 🙌 #nofilterneeded

Whatchu know bout that 'bucha? This amazing stuff helps with digestion, promotes healthy gut flora and tastes delicious. It's also ridiculously easy and cheap to make it yourself at home.
This batch is inspired by fall flavors, Cinnamon Apple Ginger Spice 🍎

I feel so grateful to have a successful business that lets me be creative. It's SO gratifying to be able to control the entire process and see my ideas come to life.
Can you guys pick out which gemstones each ring started out as?
I spent hours searching for the right gemstones to invest in, and even more time designing elegant, but simple classic styles. While I love designing really extravagant avant garde jewelry for special events, I mostly prefer to make something women can wear casually more often, but still heirloom quality.

My niece has been obsessed with Mary Poppins lately and wanted to be her for Halloween. Her favorite scene is the chimney sweep dance "Step in Time". I'm glad to know this classic still inspires joy in children. My favorite books and movie growing up. 😍

Star Wars and Mary Poppins. It's all Disney I guess. Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween! That time I attempted to carve an owl and it turned into a Furby. Or maybe a Gizmo?

#tbt to the time a Victorian ghost appeared on my bathroom window after a shower fogged up the glass. And at the time I was living in an old Victorian house in San Francisco. 👻 Happy Hauntings!

Let's be honest- we only go to the haunted mazes so you have an excuse to scream and grope your date. Or in my case clenching his arm with more strength than the jaws of life. In fact I don't even know why I bother since I go through half the mazes with my eyes closed.

October's birthstone is Tourmaline, and it's one of my favorite gemstones. These rings are from my personal collection and are some of my best selling designs. I still remember where I found each gem, the process of negotiating for each one and creating the design. They're like my little babies ☺️. Which one do you like best?
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