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Chronicles of Peh  What can we give that You have not given; What do we have that is not already Yours.

friday moods

serious monkey business

felt like tearing when i received this from you. love you too my dear girl and all of us just want to see you happy and well ๐Ÿ’› #prayforrestoration

that kaypoh look

dearest fon, happy birthday-in-Christ na. it has been a great blessing to have you as a fellow sister and warrior in Christ, and to witness God's work in your life and in your family. let's continue to persevere on in our faith, hope, and love in Him. there is no fear in Perfect love, for His ways are so much higher, mightier, and more awesome than ours! kiit tung na.

yay back to the land of fiery sunsets ๐Ÿ’› #favouritehello #homeawayfromhome

random roadside rendezvous :) thankyou for sharing your favourite haunt with us eileennn ๐Ÿ’›

think this photo kinda sums up #okgoogle best: megan having a headache from all the nonsense, jordan trying to keep calm and pose in peace, robbie with his classic face and 2 ladies ___ over him, desmond & sharon just trying to detach themselves from the threesome, & our dear group leader so done with these people she escaped to thailand.. // so Serve has finally come to an end, & witnessing God work within each of you in this short span of time is really proof of His love and faithfulness. He leaves no man behind unless we choose to be left behind. so dear ok-googlers, may we continue to give our best to the God who has given us His everything and loves us so!

Dear God, I think sometimes I slack off & underestimate just how real our enemy is. Until the past few days leading up to interview day today has shown me just what kind of madness he is capable of and how hard he tries to unsettle our hearts & nerves & faith in You, especially when we're trying to obey Your will. And up to the very last moment just before I was about to leave home for the interview, a perfectly fine, sunny day just broke into the most random of downpours that made me almost despair. But Father thank you for blowing away the storm in an incredible few minutes & showing me at the last minute that You're still mightily sovereign over all of this craziness.. be it crazy weather or crazy satan. And all that I can do is just to have faith and trust in Your will. // Hi Satan, you may be prince of this world and know exactly how and when to attack and devour BUT MY GOD IS STILL SOVEREIGN OVER YOU #SOTAKETHAT #notgonnalosetoyou

veggie towers

@thecalebpua see, really darlie.

documented proof of how violent @elaineepeh is

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