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Chronicles of Peh  What can we give that You have not given; What do we have that is not already Yours.

veggie towers

@thecalebpua see, really darlie.

documented proof of how violent @elaineepeh is

took me a whole minute to figure out this said "smile" instead of "senile". #calligraphynowadays

you know it's a legit thai place when they have the bare necessities.

nature's first green is gold
her hardest hue to hold.

random thoughts of the day... reading about carrie fisher & her mum is a little too much for 2 days in a row. but at least it has reminded me of one big thing: even though we're both really irritating i hope i'll one day learn to never take you for granted. & may that day not be too late. #iknowmy2017resolutionliao

christmas feastings still on ✨💛

christmas mementoes from all these years 💛

@ongym81 Merry Christmas! look forward to coming back to us!! ~~~

christmas or chinese new year? #fusionhues

hi, my literal cloud nine ☁ #favouriteplaceonearth #ifonlyicouldopenthewindow