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A look

Soaking up the last of Hawaii 🙌

PS, if you see this and think “scandalous, shameful, attention seeking, insecure” etc, you need to take some time and think about why you assign such negative+degrading meaning to the female body.
Why men are allowed to be complex and whoever they want to be, while women are given shallow dichotomies: sexy OR intelligent, dumb or ugly, career oriented or a housewife, slutty or prude.
Why when Justin Bieber posts a picture completely and nude, the headline reads “why we love JB’s man buns” but when Miley Cyrus does the same, it’s “Does she even own clothes? Why Miley is a bad role model”
It’s just a butt. Everyone has one. Everyone shits with it, everyone sits on it. So repeat after me: “A butt is just a butt is just a butt” Ok thanks have a nice day 🤗

New episode out! Vi pratar om vad som faktiskt hände när missilen var på väg, vad vi tänkte, hur man uppskattar livet efter en nära-döden-upplevelse, och massa mer! Länk finns i min story, eller sök på iTunes, ilikeradio appen, podcaster osv 💗💗💗⚡️⚡️⚡️

I now go by goddess of the rocks

Behind the scenes of getting that #couplegoals picture


Woke up this morning feeling shitty. My body didn’t look perfect in a bikini, my acne had flared up even more.
Now I’m just happy to be alive and with my family. Feeling silly that we value all the wrong things sometimes. Hug your families, go out and live your life.
One day you won’t be able to anymore, and you’ll have spent too much time worrying about a bikini body or being jealous or comparing yourself and your life to what you think is a better version.
Love you all even if I don’t know you. 💗 ps I love this guy more than I can explain, and thinking I would lose him and my family today broke might heart into excruciating pieces. I hope you all find/have a love like that

Ayyyy Pillow Talk är ute! Bringing you swinglish and sister talk every Tuesday 💁‍♀️✨⚡️länk i min story

Can we make this the year where we quit judging? Cause I am so. damn. tired. of people thinking they know ANYone because they’ve seen them on insta, tv, magazines, etc.
That girl you think is the “ideal” body might still have days where she’d kill to be anybody else. That guy might post pictures of new clothes and cars but be severely depressed. That person posting perfect food pics might be struggling with bulimia. No, she’s not a bitch cause she has 100k followers. And she is most definitely NOT seeking attention when posting a beach pic. A female body doesn’t solely exist to be sexy and on display, despite what society has drilled into your heads.
Nothing you read in the magazines is true. What you see on tv isn’t the whole story. Everyone has shit they’re dealing with. EVERYONE. It might not be the shittiest shit, but it’s still shit to them.
And no matter how rich, smart, successful or beautiful you are, you’re still allowed to have bad days. Your pain and feelings are valid, even if your pain seems so silly in comparison to others. (And no, the so called struggle of a delayed flight does not count)
So try to be more kind and understanding this year. Everyone’s dealing with something, even if they don’t show it.

new year, still our kickass selves ⚡️ by @thefamelessandshameless aka @lulufresh & @notgenevieveandrews (btw new pod out go listen)

2018 better move the fxck out the way, I’m comin

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