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baby says she's back in town

YAAAAAS! Love this look we did with Max Factor using their new Honey Lacquer lip gloss. (You can buy it at Åhléns) probs the only lipgloss I wear now not even kidding @maxfactorsweden #myfactor

You gotta understand, when a woman says she hates men, it's not to provoke. It's a response to the endless news of rape and murder and violence against us. "Man-hating" is hating that our sisters and daughters and friends are being assaulted, raped, murdered, belittled, underestimated, silenced.
Woman/Feminist-Hating is feeling called out, not wanting to take full responsibility for the injustices happening right in front of you. It's being too lazy to stop your misogynistic brother.
And don't come with "Men can be sexually assaulted too." Yes we know. And we hear them, we support them.
But the very idea of femininity is disgusting to our society. We hide our tampons, change our bodies, and assume that any woman who shows skin is "open for business." We're sluts or prudes and never allowed to define our own selves. If we raise our voice, we're bossy and should really think about women in other countries who have it much worse. And even when outraged, we should do it in an amicable manner, a way that doesn't make men too mad or too responsible.
A young girl was raped, murdered, and left in a freezer. The police say so far "no foul play," as if it just happened. As if violence against women, especially women of color, just "is." A normalized occurrence. People already turning it into a conversation of how SHE could have avoided it. A girl, raped and murdered and thrown away, like she was a toy and not a LIFE, an object and not a girl with dreams and fears and loves. She's not the first and won't be the last. A disgusting reality.

We're fucking tired of being touched and raped and murdered. We're fucking done with being undervalued, as if being born female says something about our worth.
Men, do something. YOU might not rape, but being silent and indifferent is just as horrifying. You're not the one scared to enjoy music festivals, scared to say no to a woman because it might mean your death.
If you don't agree, if you're not outraged by the violence towards women ALL over the world, POC women, transgender women, lesbian and bisexual women, ALL women, then go ahead and suck my pretty little clit. (And also go fuck yourself) #KennekaJenkins

Ville bara ta en stund och tacka alla från tjejmilen och Sportamore, vet att det var någon vecka sen nu men shit, WE DID IT! Har aldrig känt mig så stark och trygg, så tacksam för min kropp och allt den gör. Och fick sån sjuk energi av att springa med så många badass queens, i alla åldrar, alla storlekar, alla unika och powerful af✊️✨ tack för utmaningen @sportamore och vi ses nästa år!!! #sportamorechallenge #tjejmilen2017 (i samarbete med Sportamore)

rainy day just ate pancakes kinda face

it's a beautiful life

Got a thing for surfers @surfakademin 💦

Eaten more bread this week than I have in my entire life #France

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