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Peg Parnevik  He’s always wearing loafers but I guess he’s kinda nice.

I’m embarrassed today. Embarrassed how easily racism slips into everyday life, how easily people use the excuse “wow you can’t criticize anything anymore!” Or “you’re racist for even bringing up racism when it’s about soccer !!!” I’m embarrassed how easily Swedes (not unlike other countries) can go from patriotic to hateful in a second. Throw hate at the players they once praised.
Let’s get one thing straight, this is racism today. This is what it looks like.
And if you’re a fan of Sweden and the Swedish team, you sure as hell better be a fan of diversity. Of acceptance and equality. A fan even when we lose. A fan of your Berg’s and Larsson’s as much as your Durmaz’s.

And if your first instinct after a lost GAME is to write racist death me, you are not a true reflection of our Swedish morals. And I hope you get professional help for your fragile ego soon.
PS our women’s soccer team is so much better yet they’re underpaid and unappreciated. There better be offices closing early and parties being thrown for them in the near future, don’t @ me #backadurmaz

he’s always wearing loafers but I guess he’s kinda nice... watch the music video for loafers NOW!!! Link in my bio💖

Me & my baby. Link in bio (photo by @jack_vinnersten🧡)


Lotta på Liseberg på måndag. Sommarkrysset 14e Juli. Rix FM i Augusti. Ses vi?! 💖

hi friends! I know it’s summer and some of you might be feeling the pressure of not having a summer body or having to socialize in settings where everyone’s in bathing suits or shorts and I FEEL YOU.
I wanted to show this pic of me from a year ago. I thought I looked so hot. And I did! BUT in reality, I was reeeeal deep in an eating disorder and tons of anxiety. I could barely eat anything without feeling like shit and throwing up.
Fast forward to now and I feel great. But it’s a daily thing. A thing that’s gonna stick with me for a while. And to everyone out there struggling with food or body image etc, the first step is telling someone. Acknowledging what’s going on and that you don’t have control. Let it out! See a therapist! Or maybe just tell your best friend first if it seems too scary💖

I guess what I’m trying to get at is that I missed out on so much, so many fun times and experiences, because I hated my body and what people said about it. I binged and purged until I didn’t even know myself anymore.
I don’t want you to ever miss out on life because of your insecurities, your eating disorder, your anxiety. I thought my life would “finally start” when I lost weight and looked like I did in high school. But that’s bullshit. Your life is right now!!! Go out and live it. You’re not too big or fragile or insecure to fall in love, to swim in the ocean, to wear a crop top.
And if you do feel like you’re falling back into destructive patterns or starting one, remember that there are so many good people and professionals that can help you.
Now go enjoy the sun! I love u guys💗💗💗


watched a really sad movie today and cried HARD in the theatre cause she loses the person she loves most so here’s a picture of the person I love most and I never wanna lose him. Gonna go cry more now bye

Just wanted to say thanks for showing Loafers so much love!!! Keep sharing and listening and dancing to it. You’re the best❤️❤️❤️ (photo by @mamamaysa)

Have you listened to loafers yet? (Link in my bio)

I woke up today and looked at my BF and said “I GOT THE COVER!!!” Thanks @spotifysweden, I’m so happy! link in my story (photo by @adrianpehrson)

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