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-Always /*  "If we burn you burn with us" ⠀⠀⠀⠀💞☕️💦 hp , thg , tl , tmr , dvg , tfios


[💛Hunger Games💛]
Hey guys, it's been ages since I've made an edit and tbh I hate this one I just made..💞
It's currently the summer holidays and I've been to a villa abroad but now sadly I'm back home🌸
Qotd- 👑or💞
[💛Wednesday 3rd August 2016💛]

[✊🏼The Hunger Games✊🏼]

Hey guys! Omg I've been so inactive I'm so sorry, I was just at a sleepover with my best friends and it was amazing!!!💗

I've lost so many followers whilst I've been away and I don't really understand because everyone can be busy at some point💕

Qotd- who would you volunteer for the hunger games
Aotd- any of my family members and maybe a few of my closest friends💞

[✊🏼Sunday 22nd May 2016✊🏼]

[💙Harry Potter💙]

Hey guys! Sorry for being so inactive recently I just have no time💛

The THG fandom is dead right now and everyone's leaving it😓

Anyways I hope you like this edit I made yesterday💁🏼

Qotd- HP or THG
Aotd- I can't choose!! Probs HP Soz thg💕

[💙Sunday 15th May 2016💙]


Hey guys! Wow the ig update is really different idk if I like it or not💕

I'm quite enjoying my new theme and I think it's better than my old one💓

I have to do my homework soon ugh but I might be on it depends👑

Qotd- do you like twilight?
Aotd- yesyesyesyeayesy my life twilight Edward yas🔥

[❤️Thursday 12th May 2016❤️]

[💛The Hunger Games💛]

Hey guys! Sorry for not being active I've been busy trying to figure out wether or not to do video edits and I'm working on a few💕

This is gonna be my new theme I hope you like it I'm not too sure though👼🏼

Today we had a careers fair today and it was kinda fun..

Qotd- old or new theme?
Aotd- I like my new theme💞

[💛Wednesday 11th May 2016💛]

[❣Harry Potter❣]

Hey guys! So sorry for not being active I've been busy💕

I don't really know wether or not to continue my theme or if I should make a new theme...💞

Sorry for the short cap, I don't really have anything to say😝

qotd- stick to theme or change theme
Aotd- you let me know!💞

[❣Sunday 8th May 2016❣]

{💗Twilight Saga💗}

Hey guys! may the fourth be with you😂 anyways Here's an edit form the twilight saga breaking dawn pt2😝

Sorry I've not been that active, I've had school work, and I'm loosing many followers😞

my school dance is coming up soon and I bought a navy dress with sparkles at the bottom and I love it💞

Qotd- Twilight or THG
Aotd- I can't choose!!!

{💗Wednesday 4th May 2016💗}

[🔥The Hunger Games🔥]

Hey guys! This isn't my best and it think it's too dark but overall I think it's okay😶

The lyrics are ment to signify that every kill gets katniss one step closer to winning (creds to twilight saga for the lyrics) 💞

Today is a bank holiday and I'm spending it doing homework😭

Qotd- Red or blue
Aotd- Blue💦

[🔥Monday 2nd May 2016🔥]

[👑Harry Potter👑]

Hey guys! I think I quite like my new theme, what do you guys think?💞

I woke up at 5:30am today ugh and I can't get back to sleep so I've been watching twilight breaking dawn pt1 & 2 again❤️

My caps I think are gonna be a little smaller than before because I honestly don't have anything to say☺️

Qotd- Harry or Ron?
Aotd- I'd have to say Harry, I've always felt sorry for him and Ron can be a little insensitive at times😝

[👑Sunday 1st May 2016👑]


Hey guys! This is my second post today, these type of edits take longer to make than my old ones so if I'm not as active as I used to be it's because it takes longer💗

Omg my house is right outside a bus stop and there was this lady standing at the bus stop staring right into my room at me for ages it freaked me out😬

Qotd- Fave fandom?
Aotd- I have no idea literally🙃

[🍎Saturday 30th April 2016🍎]

[☕️The Hunger Games☕️]

Hey guys! So this will be sort of my new theme... I don't know if I like it but I'm going to stick to it for a bit and see how it goes💕

Yay I'm eating McDonald's atm😍😂

I'm getting my room done up and it should be nearly finished today I'm so excited I got a new desk and all that so I can't wait to arrange all my stuff💞

Qotd- 👍🏻 or 👎🏻 for my new theme
Aotd- idk what do u think

[☕️Saturday 30th April 2016☕️]


Hey guys! It feels like forever since I've been on! Incase you didn't know I've been away at a camp💗

I've lost a lot of followers since I've been away, hopefully you guys can understand👑

Anyways I'm watching this weeks dance moms and (SPOILER ALERT) I'm so sad maddie and Mackenzie are leaving😭

Qotd- do you like dance moms ?
Aotd- yeh! I love it😍

{☕️Friday 29th April 2016☕️}

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