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PeeSafe- Toilet Seat Sanitizer  'Sanitize' your toilet seats 🚽 with just a spray. ❌ Kills 99.9% of the germs ♨️ Dries within 5-10 seconds 🌀 Removes bad odour


She thought she could get some more sleep, but her bladder said otherwise.

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As I am already talking about travel insurance in my previous post, other thing that z important during travelling is this newly launched @peesafe - toilet sanitizer. .
We girls always feel shy to use public toilets because they are so dirty and unhygienic to use. But now time has changed , thanks to this amazing toilet seat sanitizer that totally controls this problem. .
So , from nowonwards carry this per safe all the time u step out of your home. .
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It's the law of nature. And when nature calls, you gotta use #PeeSafe.

May this Eid guide you towards enlightenment and prosperity.
EID Mubarak! #PeeSafe

Save yourself from UTI while using a public washroom.
Be safe with #PeeSafe

We all have a friend who won't use a washroom while on a journey. Tag them and tell them about #PeeSafe.

Even a clean toilet seat is filled with disease causing germs. Use #PeeSafe to stay clear of bacteria that can cause infections.

Let's see who has had the most amusing experiences. Share yours in the comment section below.

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"Typically , women shy away from using public bathrooms as they are often dirty and unhygienic with toilet seats and other things carrying bacteria. They harbour germs that could to UTI specially in women.
Just a step and equipment to save ourself from such diseases and infections.

PEE SAFE - Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray @peesafe - *Which protest 99.9% from germs. The .1% are senile anyway.
*Consists of IPA Formulation which starts action within 5 seconds of application.
* Small and compact
Check out @peesafe now and grab your bottle right away. Pee Safe are also easily available in stores."

#PeeSafe is essential for your feminine health.

Now that's something you wouldn't want to try.
But how about trying #PeeSafe for a safer peeing experience?

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@peesafe :You'll give yourself the best chance at staying away from infections and remains germ-free with this product!
As safety comes first.. Peesafe would ensure a safe and hygienic washroom experience✌️
@peesafe eradicates 99.9% germs.
Make sure you carry it everytime you step out. Your daily bagpack is definitely incomplete if you don't have #peesafe In your bag.
#newessential#spraydontpray#besafewithpeesafe 📷- @beingsagarmalhotra 🌟

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