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Funny THG/Josh & Jen edits 

Hey guys I'm not on for long, but since I've been gone I landed a boy friend. He's pretty swell 99% of the time. Until he spends time laughing at your page. Thanks babe😑 @mattlarsen627 but FYI I did see catching fire twice and it was AMAZING😍 yet they left so much out! Well bye for now!

Again I'm sorry if I copied an edit.. Lol but I'm so stoked for catching fire! #catchingfire #spongebob #cantwait #katniss #peeta #thg #112213 #socloseyetsofar

I hope I didn't steal anyone's idea bc I haven't been on so I haven't seen any edits in FOREVER! Lol but I just showed one of my best friends THG for the first time and I got her hooked! #accomplished lol

Yea I've lost my creative touch

It's been almost 6 months so here's an edit. Not my best.. I have a few more too #gale #taylorswift #teardropsonmyguitar #thg #liamhemsworth #funny #lol #punny #imkindaback? #notforlongthough

Hey guys! You missed me? I hope so because I've missed y'all like CRAZY! it's been really hard to make time for this account because my family has been having troubles that I can't even comprehend. But just know you all still hold a dear place in my heart

Haven't been on in a while.. So here is an edit..

Haha I'm sure threatening them w/ Santa getting them coal doesn't work on them.. Hey can I ask a favor? Ok I know right now I've "left" i still want my account to be loved and remembered and it's sad to see everyday everyone unfollowing so could u all please repost my old/new or your favorite edits of mine (giving cred)? And shout out here too. I know one day I'll be back and I don't want to be forgotten my y'all and it be too late for me. I STILL LOVE Y'ALL. REAL

Ok I had to do a book cover of my alter ego for my art 2 drawing class so I chose katniss! I showed it to my teacher and she said me and her could be twins. Do y'all agree?

I watched #Rudolph so here u go #merrychristmas

IM NOT BACK! I will post if I have an idea...

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