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C a r l o s G r a j e d a  H a c i e n d o D e s m a d r e. N o t h i n g B u t A P i z z a P a r t y. 🍺🍕

Gonna stay up late and scan some film. Wish I had some micheladas...
Anyway, these self portraits are good for remembering what camera I shot the roll with or a quick way to finish off the end of a roll.

I already have the limited edition version of this on DVD and VHS, I already had two copies of the limited DVD until I let someone borrow it, but I've been hoping to come up on another copy of this video for a few weeks, and today I found it. Too bad it's not the limited edition version with the better soundtrack, but for 2.99 I'll take it! I wanted to introduce my nephew to skate videos, and this is my favorite skate video. I'm pretty sure I have watched it in its entirety over 100 times, at one point I could probably watch it and know what was next trick for trick. I saw a green notebook and said "too bad that's not Yeah Right.", and a few minutes later I came up on this. It was almost as if the universe manifested it there for me. Now I'd like 100 Million Dollars. Thank you. #yeahright

📷🔫 #photoblaster


🌹Dylan Forever
Just came home to find this at my front door. When I found about Dylan passing I was crushed, I have experienced a lot of loss in my family and friends, but didn't expect to feel like that for someone I've never met, but when you haven't loved a whole lot of things as much as you've loved skateboarding, you feel it. If you love skateboarding, it's impossible to not have been inspired or influenced by Dylan, whether you made it loud and clear and it was obvious you were biting his style or whether it was some subtle little thing. Dylan is the illest.

I'm really psyched on my first photos on 120 film.

My wallet is a lot lighter, but it's totally worth it.
Been wanting to get into medium format for awhile.
For months nothing has made me happier than shooting photos of my friends and family and developing my own film.
Will I be broke and spend all my money on film? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes.

I've experienced a lot of loss, but not having you around has made it the saddest and loneliest I've ever felt in my life. I think of you all the time and it always hurts. It's been over a year and it hasn't gotten any easier. I'm still as heartbroken as the day I found out we lost you. Every day this week I have found myself myself crying on my drive home from work, without even really thinking about it. I miss you man. I miss your criticism, I miss all our inside jokes, I miss how hard we would make each other laugh, it always made me wish the world could be in on it because our friendship was dope. I have spent a lot of time asking for you to give me something, one more funny or happy moment, a joke in my dream, some kind of sign, anything. Thank you for making me smile today. The timing was perfect. This isn't even the best picture of you that I have, but because it's your birthday I had just been looking at it when I realized that Alicia Keys' "No One" was playing on the radio at work. I must have zoned out because the song was already half way through when I realized it was on. It made me remember us hanging out, it probably wasn't too long after I had first met you. That song was playing and you started to sing along, you were making a joke out of it and changing the lyrics, but it was so funny especially because you thought you were dope, you really thought you sung it really well, you would end up singing it whenever you got a chance for a long time. At some point, without knowing it we had simultaneously made that song the ring tone for each other on our T-Mobile Sidekicks. I was at a coworkers house, wondered if there was a ring tone for that, and made it your ring tone, and you literally called me a few minutes later Your timing was always on point. You said, "next time we hang out, you gotta call my phone." I told you, "ok, but you gotta call my phone too." We both suspected we had done the same thing, but we didn't want to ruin the joke, and were too excited to keep it a secret and ended up telling each other over the phone right then.

Today is a huge day for skateboarding and the world. @nolimitsoldier is one of the greatest and most respected skateboarders of all time. I am extremely happy for him to have had the courage to come out to the world and openly announce he is a gay man. I'm equally as happy to see how psyched the skateboarding community is for Brian to be himself. My whole feed is people psyched for BA. I wouldn't expect anything less from skateboarding, constantly proving that it transcends age, gender, race, nationality, and now sexual orientation. Skateboarding is the illest.

Just got this.
What kind of Pokemon is that?

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