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Penelope  Lawyer 🤓 Gym 🏋🏼‍♀️ (follow @LegallyFitPenny) California born and raised (Fontana)☀️❤️ Formerly LBC, CA✌🏼🏝🚢 Now in ABQ, NM 🌶🏜

My oldest niece is 14 today 😱. I love and miss you Victoria @crossfit_startedyoung 😢😘. Happy birthday!

❤️ new shirt ✌🏼 #publicdefenderwife #supporttheconstitution

One year ago, Javier and I got legally married in the cheesiest way possible. It started out as a joke but quickly escalated to Vegas and Elvis. It was honestly the most memorable experience of our life and the best way to legally enter into our marriage contract. It was such a fun experience. We almost didn’t make it because of a vet emergency with Wasabi, but after an overnight road trip and a car squeezed by 5 of us, we made it. Everyone should experience a Vegas wedding at least once in their life. Happy 1 year legal anniversary to us ❤️. Needless to say, we will never squeeze 5 people into our car for a 7 hour drive again. #vegas #vegaswedding #elviswedding #oneyearanniversary

... and here are all the tapas we ate tonight. Stuffed.

Two and a half years ago Javier took me to watch Flamenco in Madrid. I fell in love with it. Today he took me to watch it here at home in Albuquerque. There’s actually an Albuquerque in Spain and I still remember the immigration officers laughing at the way I pronounced “Albuquerque” when they asked where I was coming from. I couldn’t figure out what the whole deal was at that time or why they had to call their friend over just to hear me say it and confirm it was the same town as in Breaking Bad. I was exhausted and a little mad at them but I guess they found me entertaining enough to let me through. Really, I shoulda told them they were a bunch of pelados, no manches, ya paren de ser tan cansones y sangrones. Ok that’s it. Night.

Fun night last night at our office holiday party.

Work Holiday party.

I’m gonna miss the view from our upstairs bedrooms. #firsthome

I haven’t posted gym related stuff in a while. I post more at @legallyfitpenny if anyone is interested.

The dogs are not allowed on furniture and I told Javier he was not allowed to do this, but I got a good picture before I kicked all 3 off the couch.

My new shirt is everything. I’m really not a crazy corgi mom. Ok I am. Thanks @charliethecorgi. #corgimom #corgi #corgis

My baby in his big brother’s bed. #corgimom #corgi #corgis #corgination #corgilove

The end product to our annual pumpkin carving night.

Our college son came to visit. #ucralumni #bros

My oldest niece had surgery today to repair her ACL & Meniscus. She's back home and all good now but when I talked to her this morning before surgery I almost broke down crying. I'm never having kids. Screw that. Victoria is a badass 13 year old though. That's why she had the surgery to begin with. Love you Victoria @crossfit_startedyoung

Got our pumpkin 🎃. Ready for our annual pumpkin carving day.

I miss my California girls. Ya'll saw how cheap Albuquerque is. Move here! Heehee.

Happy birthday to my first nephew. I can't even imagine what it's gonna be like when he is a teen. I didn't grow up with boys so I'm excited to see how that goes. Although I'm not sure how I'll fee about the girlfriends. Love you Sergito 😘 #auntlife #nephew

The 3:30am wake up call was worth it for the Balloon Fiesta #balloonfiesta #albuquerque #balloonfiesta2017 #ucralumni

It took 3 years but we finally got a perfect Balloon Fiesta experience. #balloonfiesta

I took my friends to the top of Albuquerque. #tram #sandiacrest #sandiapeak #secondlargesttraminworld #largesttraminusa

Javier's little brother (from Big Brothers Big Sisters) brought this back for us from the State Fair.

They ended with my long time alarm clock and the song Javier knows them best by, Sink Florida Sink (they're from FL ❤️) @laurajanegrace #AgainstMe

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