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Penelope  Lawyer 🤓 Gym 🏋🏼‍♀️ (follow @LegallyFitPenny) California born and raised (Fontana)☀️❤️ Formerly LBC, CA✌🏼🏝🚢 Now in ABQ, NM 🌶🏜

1st wedding anniversary. Javier surprised me with an overnight trip to a small town outside Albuquerque. Had no idea what to expect but literally surpassed all of my Gilmore Girls small town dreams. Work has been stressful for both of us lately and this trip to such a tiny remote place was exactly what we needed. We definitely want to come back. Thanks for showing us around your awesome hometown @robporvida!

Mini getaway to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary and explore a new part of New Mexico. ❤️

Did not have a Mexico shirt so this is as good as it gets. #corgi #halfmexican #halfcolombian #mexicancorgi #whenyouforceyourshirttofit 🇲🇽

Came back to our wedding house almost a year later to celebrate another wedding ❤️

Swipe to see the after. I am ready to admit that Javier can seriously do ANYTHING. After 6 weeks of continuous cleaning, research, chemistry, trial and error, visits to Leslie’s Pools and almost giving up and hiring a professional he asked me to give him just 1 more week and finally the damn thing cleared up. When he finally stopped taking “professional” advise and just figured it out himself. Everything around our last home and now this home he just fixes it. It’s honestly crazy. The pool is now open for business. 🏊🏼 ☀️ 😎

4 years ago today I graduated 😱. I don’t have many pictures of it so here are the ones I have, including 1 from Raza Grad the day before. This was also my last day of residency in California 😢.

#tbt to Sunday 😁. Arepas, chocolate caliente, queso fresco, y huevito frito. A Colombian-Mexican breakfast in LA. Happy Mexican Mother’s Day to all my Mexicanas. Whether by blood or marriage, it’s your day! 🇲🇽

All I want to do is get back in the gym 😩 but guess what?! China Eastern Airline pilots smoke in the goddamn plane and after 11 hours from Shanghai to LA and inhalation of recycled germ filled air and cigarette smoke I got the worst allergies I’ve had in years. So weak and unable to think for myself. By the way, this is me in Bangkok. 13 pounds heavier than my wedding day (my lowest weigh in since 5th grade) and yet I am happy with how the weight sits on me. Cuz believe you me, all that lifting I’ve been doing, is not exactly growing fat. So basically I haven’t changed the batteries in my scale. Also, I’ve been on acne medication for the past year and damn no filter yo, ok except for the one that gave me a “natural” tan.

Day 14. Los Angeles, CA > Albuquerque, NM. Javier’s mom used to live across the street from the Grove (in the 3rd picture you can see it, the tops of parts of the buildings of Park La Brea), and we had not been since she moved further down a few years ago. So I made Javier take a touristy picture with me since we never did the million and one times we’ve been here before. Then we flew back to Albuquerque. I 100% miss LA.

Day 13. Fontana, CA > Los Angeles, CA. In N Out finally!!!

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