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Pedro's  Bicycle tools, lubes, cleaners, and accessories. Enjoying the Ride Since 1989. #pedros #pedrosbikecare #pedrostools

The third edition of the Pro Chain Tool blends the efficient and ergonomic design of our Apprentice Chain Tool with innovations from our patented Tutto Multi Chain Tool. Features include our patented Retracting Pin Guide (RPG) for superior functionality and reliability, peening bit and backer for installation of Campagnolo® 11 and 12 speed chains, and integrated guide pin sheet slot to quickly remove guide sections from installation pins. Fits single speed through 12 speed chains.

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@izzybikes’ photo is worth a thousand words as they say. The original bike polish (introduced in 1992!), Bike Lust's proprietary silicone-based formula includes a biodegradable cleaning agent. Bike lust goes on wet, quickly cleaning light dirt and grime as it polishes, and then dries to a beautiful protective coating. Works on any surface or material in one simple step making your bike look like new and future cleaning easier! Also great for dropper posts, suspension, and for seating tire beads. #Repost @izzybikes ・・・
@pedrosbikecare i lust for bike lust #shinny 🤩✨ nice thing about only riding this thing on the track for the winter is it stays squeaky clean

Our new Pro Chain Whip takes inspiration from our beloved Vise Whip, applying many of the same functional principles to a more traditional chain whip design. The Pro Chain Whip design focuses on functionality, practicality, and safety. The innovative chain retention hook offers multiple benefits. First it keeps the chain secured to the tool during storage. Secondly, it improves user safety by locking the tool onto the cassette, ensuring full chain wrap and eliminating slippage. An added bonus of this feature is that the tool stays in place on its own. No more fumbling with your cassette lockring tool with one hand while trying to keep your chain whip in place. Being attached to the cassette, the Pro Chain Whip can also be used to slide the cassette off the hub. A nice option when dealing with grimy gears. Keeping traveling mechanics and portability in mind, the Pro Chain Whip geometry maximizes effective leverage while keeping the tool length to a compact 270mm and 225g weight. The integrated fixed gear lockring wrench, optimized for 41-42mm OD lockrings, adds versatility and is one less tool to carry. The Pro Chain Whip is compatible with all multi-gear cassettes including 12-speed and the chain retention hook fits cogs up to 18 teeth.

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Loving these well loved Vise Whip jaws as photographed by @tommeksvelo. The original “cassette pliers,” as many now call them, the Vise Whip is simply a better solution for holding your cassette during removal. This innovative tool was developed by Pedro's in close collaboration with legendary frame builder and cycling technical author @zinnlennard. The Vise Whip is beautifully simple to use, adjusts to fit 11-23 tooth gears on all multi-gear cassettes including 12-speed, and locks in place during use. Once you try it, you'll never go back to a chain whip again. #Repost @tommeksvelo
Be smart @pedrosbikecare 👌🏼

#newtoolday is the best! Lots of first production samples just arrived. Time for final inspection, product photography, finalizing web content, and getting shipments off to distributors. Our small global team wears many different hats to make the magic happen! |
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Looking for feedback. Let us know what you think! 🔧 🤔💡 |
We know many mechanics love color identification on their hex and torx wrenches. |
Question 1: Is it important that the color used on a given size wrench match the colors used by other brands? |
Question 2: Can colors used on hex wrenches be used again on torx wrenches? |
Eager to hear your thoughts! |
#biketools #bicycletools #pedros #pedrostools #pedrosbikecare #madeintaiwan #designedinusa #bikemechanic

Dean Lucas is giving away some Pedro’s goodies 🤘head over to his Instagram for a chance to win! #Repost @deanos_machineos ・・・
Christmas came early today with all these new goodies from @pedrosbikecare 👌🏼 seeing as I got so much I thought I’d give some away. Tag @pedrosbikecare and a mate to win a few little things 🤗

Get pumped 💪 Some great tire pressure tips from our friends at Kingdom Cycling | #Repost @kingdomcycling
Today we cover tire pressure on #tiptuesday! finding the right tire pressure can be illusive, especially if you don't know where to start. 🤔⁉️ Tire's are your only point of contact with the ground while riding (hopefully!) so it is important to get the right pressure to maximize traction and control. 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️💨 .

As a general rule of thumb you want to have more pressure in the rear tire than the front because the rear tire carries more of your weight while riding. 🙌🙌 Whatever tire pressure you set it going to be dependent on a few variables. (1) Your tire size - the higher the volume tire the lower the pressures will go (2) your weight - the heavier you are the higher the pressure you will want in your tires (3) whether your tires are set up tubeless or note - if they are tubeless you can run lower tired pressure generally because you are less apt to get a pinch flat. (4) your riding style - if you ride super aggressively you will need to run higher tire pressure to avoid the tire from rolling during hard corners or bottoming out on rocks, if you ride less aggressive you will benefit from having lower tire pressure

When setting your tire pressure use these loose guidelines to start. For tires:

2.0 - 2.25 start with pressures anywhere between 25 - 30 psi
2.25 - 2.5 start with pressures anywhere between 20 - 25 psi

2.5 - 3.0 start with pressures anywhere between 12 - 20 psi

3.0+ pressures anywhere between 12 psi and below

When setting up your tire pressure have your rear tire 2-3 psi higher than your front. . .

Once you have your tire pressure set, play around with it over different rides and riding conditions! If you don't find yourself bottoming out the tire on roots or rocks you could probably lower the pressure down a few psi. If you find yourself rolling your tire in corners or bottoming it out you will want to raise the pressure up until that does not happen anymore.⛑️😊 Changing your tire pressure can drastically change the ride quality of your bike and so many people have do not know how to set theirs up! Try-it out!

The Bottom Bracket Bushing Set is designed designed for use with the Pedro's Headset & Bearing Press ensuring precise and accurate installation. Includes ten precision-machined bushings in 6 sizes covering installation of all road, mountain, and bmx press-fit bottom brackets cups and bearings, plus a BB Bushing Spacer for enhanced flexibility, speed, and alignment. EVA foam packaging insert keeps the bushings protected, organized, and ready for use. |
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Pressed in by @pedrosbikecare!

The Headset and Bearing Press is a professional quality tool designed to precisely and accurately install 1", 1⅛ ", 1¼", and 1.5" headsets as well as most press-fit bottom brackets. Features include removable, 33cm, ergonomic handles, a precision roller thrust bearing for smooth low-effort pressing, a quick release lower press module for fast tool positioning and removal, and an extensive working range from 60mm to 320mm for ultimate versatility. Two sets of adapters are included with the press. Two Stepped Cup Bushings are sized to fit most 1” and 1⅛ " standard headset cups and nest into press plates ensuring precise alignment. Two 22mm ID Shim Adapters ensure precision alignment of any brand-specific cup bushings designed with 22mm inside diameter. A complete set of compatible press fit bottom bracket bushings is available separately. |
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Totally agree 👍 #Repost @grizzlycycles661 ・・・
I recently had a customer ask why do we spend so much time cleaning each bike? Well the short answer is because your bike is worth the extra time to get clean. Long answer, one of the reasons I started Grizzly Cycles was because I felt that there was a lack to the attention to detail in this town when it came to taking that extra time to wipe a frame down. For Me I believe that even if I’m just doing a flat repair or cable adjustment the bike needs to look better than it did before it was put in my stand. I also take that extra time to inspect the frame and components for damage or premature wear. I have caught cracks, breaks or other things that might become a safety issue for the owner. And for those wondering what products do we use and recommend. Grizzly Cycles can’t speak highly enough about @pedrosbikecare Green Fizz followed by a Bike Lust polish to help keep your bike looking as good as it rides!
Thank you to anyone who has let Grizzly Cycles be your bike mechanic. It is truly appreciated.

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving shared with family, friends and loved-ones! 🦃

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