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Pete McBride  Nat Geo Photographer // Filmmaker // Speaker // Sony Artisan // River Rat // Fan of Wild Places & Wild Things // Home & Road // Pre-order New Book 👇🏼

One of my favorite lakes in the world sits atop the Colorado River watershed providing water to some 40 million people and seven states downstream. The peak above is notorious for its climbing challenges, but the low snowpack this year, coming on the heels of a decade of drought, is equally alarming. #capitallake #water #gratitude #rockies 📷 #petemcbride

Holy Plastic: On the banks of India’s sacred Ganges River in the foothills of the Himalaya, where plastic bags are banned, this sacred bovine caught my eye - glowing amidst yes burning plastic. Plastic bags, bottles and straws are everywhere and most find their way to sea. It’s easy to avoid by using one less bottle, avoiding straws and carrying re-usable bags. I know I can use less. #planetorplastic #chooseplanet thx to @natgeo for their #plastic initiative. 📷 #petemcbride

Singing for elephants - you might win a trip to Africa: My colleague and friend @amivitale, in collaboration with the @davematthewsband, recently produced this video about the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary (@r.e.s.c.u.e), a remarkable community run conservation initiative I’ve visited , documented and admire immensely. Ami and Dave teamed up to help this conservation model and orphaned elephants survive. While the UK is introducing one of the world's toughest ivory bans, and China, Hong Kong and Taiwan are strengthening their own bans, the US is taking steps backwards, to ease the import of so called “elephant trophies.” The Dave Matthews Band decided to take a stand for the elephants and wrote the song “Mother of Africa” at Reteti Elephant Sanctuary. If you make a $10 contribution to support the sanctuary, you are entered to win a chance at a safari to Kenya and see Dave in concert with @prizeo (more info in bio). Not only will you be helping care for baby elephants, you’ll also be entered to win a life-changing trip to see the sanctuary in person. The first $10,000 in funds raised will be generously matched by Elephant Gems (@elephantgems). Reteti Elephant Sanctuary is the first ever community-owned and run elephant sanctuary in Africa.
To learn more, go to @amivitale or check link in my bio.
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Nothing like the pace of river time. #coloradoriver #lifeline #oars #nature #grandcanyon 📷 #petemcbride

As Everest season ramps up, I’m reminded of the Nepali locals that carry so much of the load for others to summit their mountain from the south. They, the Sherpa, are often the unsung heroes that go unnoticed, engineering the ladder crossings and route to the top. Wishing all safe passage - especially my pals on the North side @nealbeidleman and crew. #everest #Khumbufall #icedoctors #sherpa #nepal 📷#petemcbride #archive

Happy Mother’s Day - to all, furry included. I always look up to my mom for her creative, positive energy and reverence for the natural world. No matter the situation or challenge, she finds a way to bring light into the world to all around her. Thanks Mom. #mothersday #mom #lions #cubs #nature #botswana

Facing Fear: I once journeyed below icebergs - alone - far from home and even farther from my comfort zone. While the icy, dark world below haunted me, the beauty of this changing blue realm above captivated me - and still does. #antarctica #climatechange #frozen #underwater #blue #archive #petemcbride

It’s always fun finding a hint of scale amidst a flowery sunset shot with @chrisburkard @ben_moon @renan_ozturk. It is inspiring to gather with other visual storytellers. #sonykandotrip #sonyalpha #pacific #nature #color

While my preferred spot is behind the lens, occasionally I get asked to work in front of them. Thanks to @vitalfilms and @dolbylabs for this beautiful window behind the scenes #chasinglight. #dolbyvision #chasingrivers #sonyalpha #petemcbride

End of the western road — hello Pacific. It is great to be back on the Cali coast chasing waves and sharing stories for @patagonia, @natgeo and @sonyalpha all this week and next speaking about wild, grand places and conservation. For those in the northern LA area, I’m speaking Friday night - info in bio link. #light #pacific #bigsur #sonyalpha #nglive

River of Stars: National Parks week, a celebration of what has been called our Nations ‘best idea’… and I couldn’t agree more, ends today. Our parks are also the best place to get away from the pavement and noise of the noisy world we create and to witness sights like the night sky—where the river of stars mirrors the river below. I’ll be speaking this week in California for @natgeo #nglive in the LA Area about this place and the power or parks, my 750-mile walk through it and how this landscape changed me. For those in the area, join me and @kevinfedarkoauthor - info in bio link. #milkyway #grandcanyon #stars #chasingrivers #nature #gratitude #sonyalpha 📷 #petemcbride from new #betweenriverandrimbook coming fall 2018

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