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Pete McBride  Nat Geo Photographer | Filmmaker | Public Speaker | Sony Artisan | Fan of Wild Places | New Grand Canyon Book 👇🏼

Playtime: ‘Loijipu’, an orphan, juvenile black rhino, plays with his caretaker as members of an anti-poaching unit observe. Sera rhino sanctuary is the first community-led conservancy in east Africa dedicated to protect black rhino for breeding and conservation. A collaboration between the Kenya Wildlife Service, @lewa_wildlife , the Sera community and @nrt_kenya helped this critically endangered animal return to its natural habitat 25 years after the last individual was poached in the area. 13 rhinos were originally translocated to the sanctuary from Nakuru National Park and Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and today, there are 15 healthy black rhinos, including a new baby and of course “Loijipu” who spends his days browsing but still bottles feeds, sleeps with a caretaker and whimpers in his sleep. #rhino #nature #conservation #kenya #africa # blackrhino #sonyalpha 📷 #petemcbride #hope

Misty Morning: I’m excited to give the keynote address today for @legacyparks about my new book and the importance of parks, why each generation needs them and the lessons I learned from hiking 800 miles through one iconic landscape - #grandcanyon #betweenriverandrim To learn more about the book and where to get it, check the link in my bio.

The “hour of the pearl” - that last ribbon of purple light - reflects under a new moon in a secret reach of Grand Canyon. Less traditional images like these are what I love about my new book showcasing the magic - and threats - of this natural wonder of world. To get a copy, check the link in my bio. @rizzolibooks #grandcanyon #betweenriverandrim #nature #light #purple 📷 #petemcbride

Lookback: After a month of filming the community conservation model in northern Kenya, I’m inspired to see so many local people taking pride, long term vision and ownership of their wildlife, land land future - like these Samburu women @r.e.s.c.u.e. “We follow the elephants who lead us to water, which take us to grasslands and people and ultimately peace,” says one leader with @nrt_kenya. Many more stories to follow from this project... #nature #kenya #africa #elephants #inspired #conservation @usaid #sonyalpha 📷 #petemcbride

Kenya - day 28. Sometimes flying low and slow, is the best way to comprehend the challenges and beauty of this arid, nomadic world or northern Kenya. @nrt_kenya travels the vast reach of its 35 community-led conservancies. @usaid #kenya #chasingrivers #africa #nature #sonyalpha

One giant framed by another: Mt Kenya, the tallest peak in this country looms over 17,000 feet above this towering soul quietly gliding through @lewa_wildlife - the nucleus of the community based conservation model of @nrt_kenya #elephant #conservation #nature #africa #petemcbride

Skybed: Nothing like the sweep of the Milky Way while dozing to a barking dog scaring off howling hyenas throughout the night. The next morning, everyone in this Samburu village, up and moved some 15 miles by foot, herding their cattle and sheep to better grasslands. The livestock grazing in Westgate Conservancy is carefully managed as a way to support wildlife in concert with traditional pastoral lifestyles. @nrt_kenya #stars #kenya #africa #sonyalpha 📷 #petemcbride

Balancing Act: A day of traffic on the flank of America’s most iconic national park. I created this merged image to show what loving a place to death visually looks like. In eight hours on an average Tuesday, my camera captured 263 helicopter flights and some 40 boat rides on the southwest boundary of Grand Canyon. This wave of industrial tourism creates financial stability for the neighboring tribal community but raises questions of safety, noise, and park protection. You can read more about it in the @newyorkermag story about my new book with @rizzolibooks by in the link in my bio. You can also see this full image in my new book #grandcanyon #betweenriverandrim in bookstores now. #nature #helicopters #sonyalpha #photomerge #petemcbride

Wise Women: In the arid reaches of northern Kenya, Samburu women in the Namunyak Community Wildlife Conservancy have learned that working to protect wildlife provides security, jobs and empowers women. Many of the “elephant mothers” @r.e.s.c.u.e are women - led by the founder and inspirations to many to follow. @nrt_kenya #kenya #africa #samburu #conservation #color
#sonyalpha 📷 #petemcbride

A giant amongst a giant landscape. Soaking up the tranquility of @lewa_wildlife working with @nrt_kenya about community #conservation. #elephant #kenya #africa #sonyalpha 📷 #petemcbride

Excited that my book about this place - The Grand Canyon - and my very long walk through it - comes out today. You can find it at bookstores or online where books are sold. Info in my bio link. @rizzolibooks #gratitude #grandcanyon #betweenriverandrim #sonyalpha 📷#petemcbride

750 miles, 150k vertical feet, 13 months, 8 pairs of shoes, 2 friends, one camera — all to document the jaw-dropping landscapes of the Grand Canyon. A transect through the length of our most iconic national park is now available in the pages of a new book: The Grand Canyon; Between River and Rim — coming out this week. I am thrilled to see this printed form of the project come to life – all in time for the park’s 100th birthday next year. See this outdoor cathedral from rare vantages but also learn how it’s at risk to change. Portions of proceeds support the Grand Canyon Association, which helps protect the park. See link in bio for advance copies discounts.
Thanks to @kevinfedarkoauthor, #HamptonSides, & @rizzolibooks for helping push this marathon to bookstores near you. 🎥 by @pedromcbride. Edit @michellescreative full 🎥 to follow book.
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