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Pete McBride  Nat Geo Photographer // Filmmaker // Speaker // Sony Artisan // River Rat // Fan of Wild Places & Wild Things // Home & Road // Speaking Tour👇🏼

Life beyond wheels: It took 22 days of hiking some 200 miles across five 15,000 ft Himalayan passes along the border between Bhutan and Nepal to meet this remarkable woman who raises her family in the high mountain village of Thanza - a place where no roads exist. After sharing her portrait she kindly gifted me her yak hat #bhutan #snowmantrek #portrait #archive #gratitude

An engineering marvel - and those reminders of the water we used to have — the white “bathtub rings” that show how much water once sat behind this colossal machine - Hoover Dam — the largest in the world when it was built in 1935. Today, its dwindling water supply reminds how precious water is and that dams aren’t always the answer to a growing orchestra of thirst. For those in the LA area, I’m giving talks tonight and tomorrow at the Broad Stage for @natgeo Live - about water and the great canyon it created. Join us. #aerial #chasingrivers #coloradoriver #hooverdam #drought #grandcanyon

#RIP Stephen Hawking, you were a force among scientists. Thanks for inspiring a world to explore a universe of possibilities. 'It would not be much of a universe if it wasn't home to the people you love.” - #stephenhawking #inspiration #science #legacy #physics #stars #milkyway

Winter white. Nice to be back in the Rockies. #mountains #frost #aerial #pow

Now open for mining? The U.S mining organization just proposed to lift the 20-year ban on uranium mining around Grand Canyon National Park. While I understand the need for clean energy, I’ve witnessed first hand how little is known and how fragile the maze-like network of springs and waterways that support not just this national park and it’s biological wonders, but also 40 million people down stream. As many say, until there is better research and understanding of this , “Risking our natural wonders for short term economic prosperity is unacceptable.” #grandcanyon #uranium #nature

Story of a smile: When I first met these Samburu women, our language and culture barriers made them resolute and stone faced. None of them spoke or even made an expression. At first they fled from my lenses, but when I handed them a camera and said, “You take the pictures", the laughter and smiles exploded, lasting for hours. It is the enormity of joy and elegance such women maintain despite the many challenges they face in a drought-stricken landscape often defined by violence that always amazes and inspires me. Here is to all the brave and beautiful women that grace our world. Happy #internatinonalwomensday @nrt_kenya Shot on assignment for @natgeotravel #joy #women #kenya #resilience #gratitude

Sometimes it’s best to head toward the storm. Excited to be back in this time machine with friends after talking about its magic for @natgeo Live for a week. @richrudow #grandcanyon #gratitude #storm #sonyalpha

Happy #WorldWildlifeDay celebrating big cats like this male lion scanning for prey near the swamps of @lewa_wildlife. Despite their grand reputations, big cats are facing challenges across the board — from poaching and habitat loss to poisoning and more. Their populations are in decline so we need more than one day a year to celebrate these big cat kings. I suggest every day. #lion #bigcats #wildlife #conservation #africa #petemcbride

Lifeline: Excited to talk about that thing we all take for granted - water - at the Arizona Science Center tonight. This canal carries 50% of Phoenix’s drinking water from the Colorado River - uphill 336 miles. #aerial #coloradoriver #chasingrivers

Taking a stand — last night I did my version a “taking a stand” with my co-presenter @authorkevinfedarko for our shared public lands and Grand Canyon National Park. We live in a time where we need people to stand up for the places and causes we care about — because we need more than just “likes” for the planet and “thoughts and prayers”. Thanks to @grandcanyontrust @natgeo live, @benaroyahall for giving us the chance to share our work with a packed house for three consecutive nights. Next talk Mesa, Arizona. Thx #MelisaSanchez for 📷. #grandcanyon #brightlights #humility #gratitude

Reflection: Enjoying perspective on the Seattle coast between talks at @benaroyahall. Our last talk for @natgeo Live and @grandcanyontrust is tonight - for those in the area come join us or catch us in Phoenix this Thursday to learn about the only canyon on earth that is visible from space. #gratitude #grandcanyon #sonyalpha

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine where a trail will lead. This journey, years ago, to the Khumbu icefall on Mt. Everest’s south side—documenting the unsung work of the brave Sherpa who build the route for others to climb the world’s highest mountain—helped forge a long lasting friendship. It led to much larger desert adventure which #kevinfedarko and I will share on stage at @benaroyahall starting tomorrow until Tuesday. For those in the area, come join us to see and hear what walking 800 miles looks like. #everest #nepal #betweenriverandrim #grandcanyon #gratitude @grandcanyontrust @kevinfedarkoauthor

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