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Here's a free lesson ya 💪 @ironbodybyartemis ・・・
What is “THE WEDGE” for the Deadlift?
If you missed my Facebook Live broadcast yesterday teaching the wedge for the deadlift, you can watch the video replay on my Iron Body By Artemis YouTube Channel. Link in bio above ⬆️ to view and subscribe ⬆️
Since the video was a live stream, not all segments were clear, so I pieced together the cleanest segments.
Learn more technique & tips like this at my women’s strength workshop I Am Not Afraid To Lift® on March 11, 2018 @barbell_republic in Las Vegas Nevada. Link in bio above to learn more and to register ⬆️

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Congrats to all of the @rcfbb #battleofthesexes winners! #repost @minitackett ・・・
Today was quite a day. Competed alongside some of my favorite humans, made new friends, took home my first podium finish ever, had a massive milkshake, walked around town enjoying the warmer weather, and eventually found myself at home, sitting quietly just exuding happiness and gratitude over the fact that I get to spend so much of my time doing things I love. What a day. 🌻 #GIRLSRULE #battleofthesexesboston #sperrysonthepodium #crossfit #fitness #butdidyoudie #freakfrappe #sorryIknowthatcaptionisarunon @bostonburger_co @crossfitfenway @rcfbb And thanks to allllll the sponsors the cool prizes! @ascent_protein @fitvine_wine @fuelforfire @paleopowermeals @kettlebellkitchen @pedestalfootwear

Low back stiffness or soreness? This is where we begin. @michael_boyle1959 spoke in our staff meeting about the small muscles in our lower back. They are segmentally related to the soles of our feet. Walking for a minute on a rock mat can help with the tightness many of us have. Anna Hartman @movementrev introduced us to the concept. The rock mats are the first thing you see in our warm up room @bodybyboyle  I have found this to be successful. Give them a try and let me know how you feel. 
@pedestalfootwear @codexstrength @dmpfit
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Order a limited edition Pedestal T-Shirt between now and the end of the wknd and you will be entered to win some Pedestals 🙏 Only a handful of shirts are available in certain sizes so get some 👍 Link in bio to snag one #ditchyourshoes #buildyourbase #americanmade #goraw 📷 @paulkazarian

The pinks are poppin in the @amherstcollege weight room 💪 #ditchyourshoes #buildyourbase #americanmade #goraw

💥 #MobilityMonday with the SLOW-MOTION MARCH! This drill is amazing for activating the glutes, hip flexors, and abs. It also improves rotation through the thoracic spine (upper back) and builds opposing hip separation (reciprocal hip flexion-extension). Focus on pulling your ribs and shoulders down and crunching your abs throughout the drill. Drive the heel of the support leg hard into the ground to activate the glutes. Pull the opposing knee as high as you can without rounding your lower back. Make sure to avoid tilting or turning your hips. I also like to fully twist through the upper back to push the opposing knee and elbow together for best results. The slower the better with this drill as it will really improve mobility, stability, and balance. It also carries over very well to walking, running, lunging, and stepups. Plug this into a warmup or active recovery circuit or use it anytime you're looking for a mini-mobility routine. ---------------
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Sometimes the traditional hamstring stretches just don’t cut it! Try out this series from @achievefitnessboston owner @laurenpak22 and see if you feel any better!
Tag someone with tight hammies who will appreciate this video! And give it a double tap if you liked it yourself! Until next time, ✌️💙💪 #repost @achievefitnessboston

R O T A T I O N // C H I N U P S
👆 win every time. Ask someone smart they’ll be all like “Yes.”
Watch, I’ll try. @kev_in_carr, are rotation chin ups good?
Thank you @perform_better for letting me test drive the new Infinity Trainers. 2 thumbs way up.
@cityfitnessphilly Fishtown with the views
#thrivefit #performbetter #mbsc #movementasmedicine @seandewthrive #repost #ditchyourshoes #buildyourbase #americanmade #goraw

Way to always bring it @jenwiderstrom 💪 Thank you for crushing in your Pedestals 🙏 #repost ・・・
It's my LAST training day before @TheSuperTrainingGym Classic Push-Pull meet!! Coach @silentmikke said the bar got a bit far away from my body on this last set of 5 at 230# ... made the bar feel more like 260! Will need make the adjustment in the meet since I'm competing along side some some major muscle and refuse to not bring it!!!
🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌
PS- Deads in my @pedestalfootwear have been 👌
PPS- Told ya @hanknation is ALWAYS staring at me

Integrate this Tall Kneeling KB Hold into your workouts for improved breathing and proper posture 🙌 @mobilitymaker #repost #buildyourbase #ditchyourshoes #americanmade #goraw

💀 EXERCISE OF THE WEEK: Kettlebell Sumo Deads!
I have yet to find a safer, more accessible deadlift variation than Kettlebell Sumo Deads. I think it's interchangeable with Swings on my previous "THE FAB 15 FAT LOSS EXERCISES" post. It works your entire body, even the chest if you actively create tension into the handle. It's infinitely scalable and it can equally challenge beginners to the most advanced athletes without overly stressing your spine. Start on the floor first. Progress to standing on a pair of low boxes/steps/weight plates/books to increase the range of motion and make the same weight feel heavier. Work periods of 30-60 seconds are ideal for fat loss and muscle gain but you can even tap into some longer 2+ minute work periods to build work capacity and cardio conditioning. I used the biggest kettlebell I have at home (44kg/97lbs) for my PostHolidayShred.com Wednesday Circuit A Workout today for an amazing heart and muscle pump. --------------
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