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Pedal Projects  Pedal Projects is located in a tiny town of Iceland. info@pedalprojects.com for any questions!


Last chance before I go off to London for a week holiday. Email me at info@pedalprojects.com
$100 shipped anywhere!

I'm clearing out. There's a bunch of Owly boosters ready to go.
$100 shipped anywhere and you'll get a Buffeo with it.
While stock lasts!


Clearance sale, everything needs to go. Prices are low and so is the quantity of pedals left in stock (from way back!) - get yours while they are still available. Once they're gone, they're gone. Yeah you got it right, once they're gone, I won't make more of these.

The two larger presents represent me and my girlfriend @blomalfur but the little one on top represents a big addition to our lives ❤️
So with this I wish you guys merry Christmas and I hope that 2017 will be as great and eventful for you as I know it will be for us!

Haven't touched a pedal in months. I decided to have a go with a few Growly pedals tonight.
I've finally unpacked the essentials from the old workshop but I do not foresee getting back into the business full time.
I may make a few small batches every now and then.
So whatever is in stock is on the website and heavily discounted. Grab yourself a sweet deal before Christmas. All orders will ship in a timely manner.

Get your ETID on!
I buy the music I like / love.
@everytimeidie @jordanetid @andycomplains @keithbvckley

We don't have any snow yet but we're surrounded by these mountains!

Got my first canvas printed photo and I'm super happy with the quality!

Took my lady out hunting for northern lights last. Ended up with this photo. It was freezing cold outside, I have no idea how she could withstand it!
Round two tonight!
#iceland #nightphotography #northernlights #auroraborealis #aurora

Last was was one of the most intense northern lights display I've ever seen. This photo doesn't even represent it well enough.
It was pitch black outside but when the lights were at their best, everything was brightly lit up green with some purple and at one point we saw some deep red. Yes RED! I've only seen that once before.
#aurora #auroraborealis #northernlights #nightphotography #iceland

My hometown of Ísafjörður is small so it doesn't offer as heavy light pollution as Reykjavík (capital) for example. You can actually see the northern lights within he town limits.
Photographing them is a little tricky though when you have all these extra lights that are considerably brighter.
This photo is a fairly accurate representation of what it looked like in person.

Another PP update, I'm clearing out the old workshop and I've so far moved a lot of the stuff to my new home. Everything is still in boxes, so please bear with me.
Again, to those waiting, I will get to you as soon as I can.

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