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Abby's pesto pasta.
These days the third meal of shabbos, which I will not name because I can not figure out how to spell it, must also be considered dinner. I refuse to end shabbos at 9:00 and then start feeding people another meal. So, I'm always on the look out for good shabbos afternoon foods, that my kids will happily eat.
My good friend abby, makes this pesto pasta and it's the best pesto ever!! It's the perfect shabbos afternoon food. You take it out of the fridge around the time your eating lunch, let the pesto and the pasta come to room temp and then mix together when your ready to serve! No reheating required!
Oh, and why shells? Because that's how Abby does it, so that's I how do it.
I hope you all have an amazing and relaxing shabbos, filled with lots and lots of sunshine. ✌🏻💜&🥕,
Pesto pasta
5 cups packed basil leaves (4 oz)
20 cloves of garlic, peeled
1&1/2 tsp sugar
5 tsp salt
2&1/2 tsp pepper
1&3/4 cup olive oil
2 cups canola oil.
Put everything into a blender or food processors and juzz until smooth.
Refrigerate until serving. *this recipe is huge. It makes a little over a quart of pesto. Use what you need for whatever you are making and freeze the rest in small containers.
For pesto pasta, boil 1 box of mini shells till al dente and top with pesto.

After spending al morning in the sun, surrounded by the most beautiful, flowers, trees and herbs with @shanaw.interiors all I wanted was a fresh, bright salad for lunch.
I like really beautiful soft greens as the base and topped it with cold, crunchy radishes and cucumbers. I added a little Parmesan for nuttiness and body and some avocado for creaminess.
This type of salad is my go to lunch when the weather is nice. I use whatever I have on my fridge and keep the dressing really light.
The dressing is super basic but I'll give you the recipe so that you too can easily throw this together.
No matter what is going on in your life today, try to find a few minutes to nourish your body with a bright beautiful salad.
Send you all sunny and flower filled thoughts on this beautiful Tuesday! ✌🏻💜&🥕,
1 lemon, halved
3 tbsp olive oil
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
Put in a jar or bowl and mix well.
Yup, that's it!!!!! #enjoy #food #foodie #foodies #goodfood #foodlover #foodporn #foodphoto #foooodieee #instayum #instagood #instafood #yummy #nomnom #eeeeeats #feedfeed #f52grams #gloobyfood #gargeran #forkyeah #foodandwine #todayfood #buzzfeedfood #bhgfood #bareaders #foodvsco #healthy #salad #healthyeating

Banh mi.
So nice, post it twice.
The ultimate steak sandwich to get through the spring and summer.
Light, flavorful, crunchy, chewy. Perfect.
Recipe is love on my blog!
Click the link 👆🏻in my profile to take you write to the printable recipe.
Cancel your dinner plans, and make this instead. If you don't want bread, use a price of cabbage or lettuce And turn it into a wrap.
However you do it, it will rock your world. Because. It is that awesome.
#enjoy #streetfood #sandwich #vietnamesefood #banhmi #food #foodie #foodies #goodfood #foodlover #foodporn #foodphoto #foooodieee #instayum #instagood #instafood #yummy #nomnom #eeeeeats #feedfeed #f52grams #gloobyfood #gargeran #forkyeah #foodandwine #todayfood #buzzfeedfood #bhgfood #bareaders #foodvsco

Lemon, Herb and Dijon Roasted Chicken.
#5iveingredientfriday because it's Friday, but just a few days ago was pesach and who wants to cook anything today?
Definitely not me. I know though, that come candle lighting time in gonna be starving and counting down the minutes till the Seudah. I'm definitely trying to keep things light and healthy after all the really potato and meat heavy food we've been eating. So, this chicken is perfect. It's light and fresh from the lemon and parsley but so still so flavorful from the mustard and garlic.
The perfect chicken for the beginning of spring!
Hope everyone has a restful and sunny weekend! ✌🏻💜&🥕,
2 lemons, 1 sliced into 1/4 inch slices and one halved.
8 cloves garlic, peeled
1 whole chicken cut into 10 pcs
1 tbsp salt
1 tbsp pepper (or less if you want)
8 tbsp Dijon mustard
1 cup parsley leaves
Preheat oven to 350f (180c). Drizzle 1 tbsp olive oil on the bottom of a Pyrex or baking dish. Lay lemon slices down on the bottom. Sprinkle 4 garlic cloves around. Place chicken pieces on top of lemon and garlic. Put the rest of the garlic cloves around the chicken. Drizzle remaining olive oil over chicken and sprinkle salt and pepper over the top. Place a tbsp of Dijon mustard on each piece of chicken and using the back of a spoon shmear it all over. Squeeze the juice of the second lemon all over the top and add parsley. Cover pan tightly with foil and bake for 1&1/2 hours. Serve hot and #enjoy *note- if you are nervous about the mustard you can drizzle a little honey over the chicken before squeezing the lemon juice.

Bahn mi.
Vietnamese sandwich.
Filled with super thinly sliced, marinated rib eye, soy-lime mayonnaise, pickled carrots and radishes, spicy chiles and fresh cilantro.
You all know by now how rare it is that I take the time at night to post a picture of my dinner. I'm usually waaaay too tired to post anything and the only thing I can manage at this hour is a shower.
I was soooo excited about this sandwich that I could not wait.
The recipe is coming live to the blog on Sunday, but until then I wanted to fill your dreams with all the goodness that is the stuffed inside of the perfectly chewy but crunchy on the outside baguette.
Happy Thursday everyone!!!! #banhmi #vietnamesefood #sandwich #pickledveggies #meat #streetfood #food #foodie #foodies #goodfood #foodlover #foodporn #foodphoto #foooodieee #instayum #instagood #instafood #yummy #nomnom #eeeeeats #feedfeed #f52grams #gloobyfood #gargeran #forkyeah #foodandwine #todayfood #buzzfeedfood #bhgfood #bareaders

Mofleta. 🇲🇦 Moroccan pancakes.
When your dreaming about being at your mothers mimouna, so you wake up early to make your own batch of mofleta.
It's best way to bring bread back into your life after a full week (or maybe more) of abstinence.
These insanely thin, fried circles of dough that are still somehow soft with the perfect amount of chew, get slathered with butter and honey to make the best bite of food of your life!
No joke. I made 60 of them this morning and they were done in minutes!
So once all your kitchens are turned over, or you just want to rock your Sunday morning brunch, take some time to make these.
Since there's no real recipe, mostly just measurements that consist of "a little of that", "a pinch of this" and "add water till soft", I didnyoh all a favor and posted the whole instastory on my YouTube channel (type in Danielle Renov). I'm going to give you the list of ingredients here, but head on over to YouTube to see how it's done.
Oh. And once your there, make sure to subscribe to my channel!!!! Hope all you instalovers had an amazing holiday!!!! Ingredients:
1 kilo (2.2 lbs) flour
3 tbsp sugar
Pinch of salt
Warm water
Honey & butter (for serving)
Recipe instructions on YouTube (Danielle Renov). #recipe #vlogger #vlog #morocco #brunch #food #foodie #foodies #goodfood #foodlover #foodporn #foodphoto #foooodieee #instayum #instagood #instafood #yummy #nomnom #eeeeeats #feedfeed #f52grams #gloobyfood #gargeran #forkyeah #foodandwine #todayfood #dough #bhgfood #bareaders #breakfast

If there's any shabbos that it's important to have quick, yummy and super easy recipes it is this one. We have to make the most of this awesome holiday and that means pulling shabbos together as quickly as possible so we can spend the day hanging out with the people we love.
So, here it is. This weeks #5iveingredientfriday is all about the ribs baby.
Mix sauce.
Dump on ribs.
Little effort, lots of flavor!
Happy cooking everyone and chag sameach!!!! #recipe
5-6 bone-in flanken ribs
2 tsp salt
2 tsp pepper
2 cups BBQ sauce (I used @gefen_foods hot &a spicy)
1/4 cup vinegar
1 cup brown sugar
1 tbsp garlic powder
Preheat oven to 350f (180c). Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Pour half the sauce in a greased 9X13. Put ribs in pan and pour over the rest of the sauce. Cover tightly. Bake for 3-4 hours basting every 1 hr and turning ribs over half way through.
Cook until meat is fork tender.

Pesach style.
Cheesy scalloped potatoes, eggs, gluten free pancakes, gluten free French toast, israeli salad, cheese cake with strawberry sauce, tons of dips and matzah. Always matzah.
Since I already gave you the recipes for all the dips and the pancakes, I'll round out your brunch menus with the cheesy scalloped potatoes. Let me just preface it by saying, these are extremely decadent. And those of you that understand what that means will make em anyway. Because it's pesach. And potatoes. Again.
Oh, also, airplane napkin creds: Meir & Dovi.
6-8 potatoes, peeled thinly sliced
3 c heavy cream
3 c shredded cheese
1/4 c butter
Salt and pepper for seasoning.
Preheat oven to 350f (180c). Liberally butter a 9x13 pan. Pour in 1 cup of cream. Place a single layer of potatoes down on top of the cream slightly over lapping them. Sprinkle salt and pepper over potatoes and top with 3/4 c shredded cheese. Pour another cup of cream on top. Add another layer of potatoes then add a few dots of butter over them, randomly spread out. Add salt pepper and 3/4 c cheese. Pour remaining cream on top. Add the last layer of potatoes, salt and pepper. Top with remaining cheese and dot the rest of the butter over the top. Cover pan tightly with foil and bake covered for 45-50 minutes. Remove cover and bake until the top is golden and bubbly! Serve immediately and #enjoy. #passover #pesach #glutenfree #potatoes #food #foodie #foodies #goodfood #foodlover #foodporn #foodphoto #foooodieee #instayum #instagood #instafood #yummy #nomnom #eeeeeats #feedfeed #f52grams #gloobyfood #gargeran #forkyeah #foodandwine #todayfood #buzzfeedfood #bhgfood #bareaders

The fluffiest gluten free pancakes. 🙌🏻When kosher for #passover is just a coincidence.
Pesach is a two meal a day holiday.
Brunch. And dinner.
Which means that brunch has to be killer. Filled with a variety of savory potatoes, different kinds of eggs and all the breakfast regulars like French toast and of course, pancakes.
We make a huge double batch of pancakes and then bring the leftovers with us to snack on through out whatever day trips we take. They're good slathered with butter, dripping with syrup and even plain and cold out of ziploc bag.
Whatever you do, where you go, make these and share them with the people you love!
Hope your all having an amazing holiday so far!
4 eggs, separated
4 tbsp sugar
1tbsp vanilla Sugar
2 tbsp melted butter
1&3/4 cups almond flour
1/4c potato starch
1/4 tsp salt
With electric beaters, beat egg whites till stiff. Set aside. In pan you are using, melt butter. In a another bowl beat egg yolks, gradually adding sugars. Add the rest of the ingredients. Gently fold in egg whites. Over medium heat pour pancake batter into a buttered pan and with a spoon make pancakes the size of the rim of plastic cup. Not bigger. Cook on both sides. #enjoy #pesach #glutenfree #cleaneats #cleaneating #food #foodie #foodies #goodfood #foodlover #foodporn #foodphoto #foooodieee #instayum #instagood #instafood #yummy #nomnom #eeeeeats #feedfeed #f52grams #gloobyfood #gargeran #forkyeah #foodandwine #todayfood #buzzfeedfood #bhgfood

Pesach🌺. After tons and tons of preparations, the best holiday of the year is finally here!!! Our homes are clean and organized, our fridges are restocked with some of the simplest but truly delicious foods and our tables are set with wine glasses, Seder plates and Haggadahs.
Besides all the amazing quality time you get to spend with whoever you are celebrating the holiday with, I think it's the time of the year that also adds so much to it's charm.
Just like we have to work hard to clean and beautify our homes, Hashem is also doing His part. The trees are blossoming, the flowers are magnificent and the produce is delicious! It's finally time enjoy all of ours and His efforts!!!! Woohoo!!!!
I hope wherever you are in the world and whoever you are with, you can take some time to free yourself of whatever is enslaving you these days. Whether it's our phones, work, OCD (cough, cough), we could all benefit from some freedom!
Wishing you all an absolutely beautiful, enjoyable, fun and, of course, super delicious pesach!
Chag Sameach!

Stove top brisket.
Perfect for the Seder. Actually perfect for any night.
It's perfectly tender, moist easy to make and absolutely delicious!
I keep the ingredients very simple. This beautiful hunk of meat is all about the amazing beef flavor with a succulent red wine sauce.
If you only make one piece of meat this whole holiday, make this! I promise, you will not regret it!
K, gotta go back and finish my marathon of cooking, just wanted to share with you all...
Happy cooking everyone! 💜,
1, 3lb brisket
3 tbsp salt
2 tbsp pepper
2 tbsp paprika
2 tbsp garlic powder
3 tbsp brown sugar
1 tbsp walnut oil
2 cups sautéed onions
3 cloves garlic, sliced
3 cups red wine
2 cups chicken stock
2 bay leaves
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
Heat a wide heavy bottom pot over high heat. Mix spices and brown sugar in a bowl. Sprinkle spice mixture liberally all over the brisket. Add oil to the pot and lay brisket down. Cook for 3-4 minutes in each side to seal in all that good flavor. Remove from pot and set aside. Add onions and garlic to the pot and cook for 3-4 minutes. Add wine and bring to a boil. Pour in chicken soup and add bay leaves. Bring to a boil, then return brisket to the pot. Lower flame to a very gentle simmer. Cook for 2 hours then flip meat over. Continue cooking for another 1-3 hour until@meat is fork tender. Make sure to cool meat down down in the sauce so that it doesn't dry out! Store and reheat in the sauce! Serve hot and #enjoy

Dips dips dips.
Oh also, #5iveingredientfriday
Last nights instagram live was awesome and everyone who took time out of their day to hangout with me and cook 1 bangin dessert and 8 killer dips aaaaand made 5 choc chip mixes, totally rocks!!!! Like I promised all the recipes are comin at ya later today on my blog. For now, I'm giving you a sneak preview of just one. My no-fail, more delicious than store bought, homemade mayonnaise (which btw, has 3 syllables and is pronounced may-o-nes) recipes. The rest of the recipes will be live in my blog in the next few hours, so keep clicking the link in my profile to check!
Also, don't think I forgot about the awesome contest we have going on! I'm gonna wait until right before shabbos to choose a winner to give you all as much time as possible to enter! If you were live with me know what do, and if not, don't worry. There will be more live giveaways soon!
Hope everyone is getting ready for a peaceful and beautiful shabbos!
Happy weekend instalovers 💜, Danielle
2 cups of oil (not olive oil)
2 whole eggs
1/2 a large lemon juiced
1 tsp saltSalt
1/2 tsp Pepper
Using and immersion blender place ingredients into the long container that comes with it. Put blender in and the second it touches the eggs turn it on and don not lift it (oil on top will slowly drizzle in).
Once gets thicker then gently gently lift up one side and then don’t lift other side until all oil is streamed in.
Continue working your way up to the top then go from top to bottom 2-3 times.
Take half out and reserve it.
Add in three cloves of crushed garlic and then one last blend.
Recipe write up creds- @cshked

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