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Gray Gables  A black guy from New Jersey. Shooting #35mm

You’re eyes were full of big huge crocodile tears from laughing so hard at me. You were literally clutching your stomach, in pain from laughing... I’m glad my feelings are so fucking funny 😆 🤣 #35mm

I took a lot of pictures this day— looking at the diversity in plants, the differences.
I’ve been in love and let that feeling of love led me to pure darkness.
Sometimes Thursdays feel like a second Monday.

I just wanna go to a karaoke bar, and sing a song at night. I don’t wanna think about things all the time. I don’t wanna feel I’m stuck, or suck, or not going anywhere... I just wanna be at a karaoke bar. I just wanna sing songs at night. #35mm


I took northern all the way west through Rio Rancho till the pavement ends and the dirt roads start. When it comes to a stop, go right- that’s when you’ll see these power lines.
Overnight, some remains of a shot up truck sort of “appeared” back there.. Probably parts the chop shop didn’t want, maybe they used it for target practice, I’m speculating. I remember my friend in high school used to steal cars all the time & get’m chopped. I think I was like 17 at the time but I’m glad I never did.

Neat little store front I pass all the time in Corrales. I wish I knew more people practicing magick here. If you know anything of local tradition or old Mexico tradition dm me

I guess I’ll just do what makes me happy. What makes me feel like my life is worth living. #35mm

So what if I couldn’t make it, something came up. Maybe I didn’t want to be there in the first place. Maybe it wasn’t my place at all. I wish I could say asking for a friend but this is clearly too personal and not even a question. Why did it have to be like that —Like that i guess. Like I guess whatever. Like I guess just forgot about everything. #35mm

My heart is the alley you pissed in drunk, the floor you woke up on yesterday morning. it doesn’t matter now, does it.

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