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Pearl  After this life is over: "we never really die!" I plan to be w/Jesus! wife, mother, B.A. in Psychology, wking on Masters, Minister of gospel, encourag

Commitment speaks louder than words!!! (I don't own the rights to these songs)

Whoever this is for, God has an appointed time for everything under the sun! Ecclesiastes 3 tells us this! Don't give up on your dreams. The vision will eventually speak! (Swipe right)

When God chooses you to be interviewed after church, you be your authentic self! I am so humbled by this! Thanking God for my Pastor @bishopjakes, and our Associate Pastors for loving us enough to show us their scars, empower us, then send us out to "soar as eagles!" #thepottershousedallas #TheLightThatBlindsUs #SundayOctober7 #MyfirstInterview #HumbledandGrateful

Me & Elder @iamgjmc10 @tphdallas! So blessed by the word today! Acts 9:1-9 "The Light that blinds us" Bishop Jakes.... "The only thing worse than being blind is to have sight and have no vision."
Helen Keller

Enjoyed @Gloriascusine!!! Birthday Chronicles continue w/@mj_thehammer! We take nothing for granted! 🙏 Thank you Jesus!!! #Thrive@55 #55andalive🍰 #55andfabulous💋

Still celebrating my Birthday! Look who I had the pleasure of hanging out with! The one and only Mr. Marable @mj_thehammer!!! #MenWhoLovetoShopWithTheirWives #Ahahahahaaa #55andalive🍰 #55andfabulous #55andthriving

You are not the Boss of us, therefore you don't get to tell us how to protest! Especially since you were silent during our unarmed innocent brothers being murdered by "some" police officers! LISTEN, DON'T COME FOR ME, IT'S THE TRUTH, AND YOU KNOW IT!!! One thing I'm sure about, My God loves ALL people, and He loves fairness, equality, and justice!!!

Thanks to everyone who expressed Birthday greetings to me! 10/3/18 began a new season for me! I tried to respond to each one personally. If I missed you, please consider this "my thank you!!" You are truly loved and appreciated! The bible declares if you give a cup of water to any of these little ones, it will not go without notice! Again, thank you!!! Blessings & Peace!

Elder Pearl Marable @pearlofgreatprice!

Selah... Repost from: Amy Winnett-Wesley!!! ❤


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