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Apparently there's some correlation between hearts and outer space

I was falling when we took this but yay for orientation with my best friend

Alright. I've been wanting to post this for about two weeks. It might be a bit long and/or emotional. Read at your own risk aha. Anyways, two weeks ago my family competed in the 2017 AAU Nationals at the WI State Fair. All of us from Olivia to Silas entered. The same can be said about last year, 2016. I remember winning a match that I had been nervous about and almost crying after the match just because of relief and at the same time, astonishment. See, I started going through some issues in my life that had been bothering me for a while about two months before competing. There were several things that needed to be dealt with, they were both mental and physical. That sort of thing can wear down on a person, and I know it wore down on me. Winning the match and eventually placing 1st in the tournament did an amazing thing. Beforehand, I was completely aware that I did not deserve to win anything. I had done some messed up things and disappointed my parents in a way. It made me nervous knowing this, because why would God bless anyone in my position? But he chose to let me win--His mercy in allowing me to place helped me in a lot of ways that a year later, after placing 1st again, I am just now realizing. The family problems and the friend problems I had/still am going through made me feel very broken and weak, and alone. The wins God has allowed have boosted my spirit have helped me to acknowledge that I am broken, but that's how God works. I am weak, but through my weakness He is strong. And as His child I will never be alone. So I thank Him for allowing Judo to be a part of my life. It's helped me through a lot. That is all. 😂😂😂

Purchased so when someone is being dumb I can just plop my leg in front of them and point to my socks---10/10 the best idea ever



Don't take me places

PSA: If your child ever tells you that they do not wish to do something and gives you a very logical and thought-out reason explaining why they think that participating in an event would be a bad idea, please do not ignore them and force them to do something that they do not wish to do!!!

Dead bugs make for great aesthetics

National sister's day /// she's my best frriiiieeeennnddd

Dont mind us

Sleepy :) (tomorrow's my day off yay)

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