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Peanut and Possum  Two BFFs... lab + baby! We play, hunt ducks, + cause a ruckus. #possumandpeanut

Top of the morning from Possum + gang! #possumandpeanut

When your kid moves back in “temporarily” 😂 #peanutspeanuts

Probably how the sushi makers feel when they’re in their little boxes just working on their craft... You’re drooling in your soy sauce, Debbie!!! 🐶CAPTION CONTEST 🐶

Comment below, winner gets a PAWfect gift (with treats!) from Peanut + friends. Ends at midnight.

When you’d rather be playing with your dogs... #possumandpeanut

If you ever just need a good face licking... this is your girl! She is also fantastic at knocking small children straight off their feet in pursuit of her favorite soccer ball, has exquisite taste for all of the finer things in life (especially mom’s 👡), and appreciates her time alone by taking long walks through sketchy backyards! ⠀

However, she is one PICKY EATER. We literally have to separate her from Peanut so she won’t get her food eaten 😑 Let’s just say, if it’s not her fave, there is no rush. We went through 6 different types of food, and all the same results... until we found @chickensouppets // This was the only brand we have introduced to Dolly that she devours every last bite as soon as it hits her plate.⠀

Here’s what Mom loves... no artificial colors, no fake artificial flavors, NO fillers or by-product meals, and meat is ALWAYS the first ingredient. ⠀

It’s easy being #chickensouppets 🐾 check out @chickensouppets and all of their amazing products created by a family for families! .⠀
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Oh, BOY! This is what happens when we have playtime with our new neighbors... who also happen to be the two most stylish ladies on the block 😂 #donthatemewhenyoureolder

We all have that annoying friend that always looks drop dead gorgeous on camera, meanwhile you’re over there looking like that soccer ball.

Somebody keeps throwing his toys into the ‘Dolly Pit of Death.’ 🤦🏻‍♀️ Pretty sure every vehicle has lost at least half its wheels. #possumandpeanut

Mornings with ‘Nu-nu’ 😊 #possumandpenaut #thatspaintonhisleg

When you wake up on a Saturday and you’ve had better mornings because you had to be Tina Turner at 1 am because of margarita hour and all your roomies be like...
GOOD MORNING!!!!!!!! #bye

Ready for @discoverychannel SHARK WEEK!!! (And the one day a year my mom allows this sort of fashion) #sharkweek

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