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For more information on the Wigz Across America Tour go to @wigzacrossamerica. For tour dates go to #WigzAcrossAmerica #Wigs #CancerHairLoss #HairLoss”

Full details on this whole hair and makeup look can be found in my most recent video on my YouTube channel. No, the hair didn't come with these curls. I curled it as shown in the video and the hair is from It's their Brazilian deep wave and it's 3 and a half bundles of 16 inches and a lace closure. I cut it a little bit to have that blunt look at the ends.

Easier said but still a fact for some. Not everyone is blessed with the privilege of getting things easily so keep going if you truly feel passionate about it. And remember, if it's for you, you'll certainly get it and don't forget God(will help guide you)😉

If the goal is to be perfect then be prepared for a never ending cycle of disappointments

When you finally decide to go for the original version of your favorite bag. If only you could see it in person😍#m2malletier

I did a #morningroutine and the full video is live on my YouTube channel( And for those asking for chi, she says hi back lol. Thank you guys so much for all the love you've been showing. You're awesome😘
song: lost in the world by @maleekberry

When you're cold af but still want to do fashion small. Tap photo for outfit details😘

Being great starts with being fearless

No need to rush or force it. Whatever's yours will be yours whenever the time is right

Wait till I get better...#recovering
Hair details in previous post

Simply perfect😍 #inspiration

Whatchu say bout my mama?! Lol. This was off guard but I like

Ps: this is the same wig from previous fotos ago I made with Brazilian deep wave hair(28", 28", 26", 24", & 18" frontal). If you're lazy with hair, do not buy this hair! Yes, it's beautiful but high maintenance. I literally cowash it every 3-4 wears or so. I use a moisturizing conditioner like suave or tresamme. It will tangle and shed especially with extremely long lengths but with extra loving and care, you'll really love and enjoy it kuz it's really soft as well. Please no grease or hair sprays etc either if you want to enjoy it in its natural state or else you'll regret it. My 2 cents. Don't say I didn't warn you. Made two videos talking a bit about the hair on my YouTube channel in the past too(search deep wave on my channel). The hair needs nothing but water and a moisturizing conditioner and make it into a wig if you can(better longevity and less maintenance)