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britney🌸 #bdz #happynayeonday🐰  appreciation for these 9 angels who continue to make us happy each and every day💜

happy birthday to nation’s vocalist, nayeon! thank you for always making us happy and doing so much for twice and onces! nayeon is a queen with many talents! she will always be our precious bunny!🐰we love you so much hot girl💜since it’s nayeon’s birthday, go do yourself a favor and watch some nayeon fancams and support this beautiful angel! #happynayeonday


hello! i hope everyone is doing well!☺️

it’s been 8 years since nayeon joined JYP!🎉thank you for everything you’ve done for onces! we love you our “hot girl”❤️

the be as one MV made me tear up IT WAS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL AND HEARTWARMING congrats to twice on their one year japan debut! i’m so proud of them! the fact that twice, a korean group, would be so loved in japan makes me so happy! in the MV it showed many moments during their debut journey and how hard they worked trying to memorize lines and perform well for j onces❤️ twice has been so successful in japan, they achieved so much in just a year. i hope twice will always remember than us onces will forever support and love them!❤️WE LOVE OUR 9 ANGELS

apparently twice is going to have another comeback before the year ends WOW US ONCES ARE ALWAYS BEING FED

i need more samo content

idk why some people are hating on dtna i miss that era so much IT WAS TRULY A SUMMER ANTHEM

i love this outfit omg nayeon looks BEAUTIFUL

miss nayeon YES

wow it’s my birthday and my friend got me twice albums and photocards AHH IM SO HAPPY

i miss tangerine chaeng

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