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Harmony Nice🥡  I could fight the rainclouds in your life. Everyday, every night. 🍑 21||YouTuber|| Author 🌿 Half of the @thelonghousepod

I was debating putting these up as I’ve literally done so many like this recently but I bought way to much lingerie in Italy so ur gunna have to deal with it 🌙🍊 I’m back at home working today, Venice was so amazing but I’m so glad to be home and making videos again! Thank you so much for your patience and I’m so lucky to have you all! Sm love 💕 🥰

These may be my fave photo series ever, Italy I love you 🍷🌹Also I miss YouTube already, being here has me so inspired to get back and has given me new inspiration to make more EE episodes and other new things 💕🌹 hope your days are going wonderfully! Update me on how u r if you wish beans ⛲️✈️

Hey beauts! If you haven’t seen my stories I am currently in Venice! Just to update you guys on videos and stuff I will be resuming videos when I’m home on Tuesday! I have some filmed and was planning to work here, but I wanted to take a little break to refresh before I start getting my routine and upload schedule back on YouTube! Hope this is okay! Since I haven’t been on holiday in around 13 months I wanted to chill for this one but I am still vlogging some bits! 🌹I’ll still be uploading on here but will return as soon as I’m home with a new video! 🏙

Different point lol but how amazing is Venice??? Like I love Italy so much I could live here I swear! Also if you have any recommendations of places to visit while I’m here please let me know! 🌹 lots of love to you all 💕

Happy new year one and all and god damn am I happy 2018 can be put to rest 🌹 I found this picture on my mums camera of me in 2016 in Vienna and its so cute I had to edit it! also if you take a look at my story please sub to @thelonghousepod channel to see my first podcast tonight! Updates for the pod will mainly be on there! 🏠

So as I’m feeling major emo and sad tonight I thought I’d share with you guys my v simple New Years resolutions, to be kinder and work harder.
1. Be kinder, like truly, truly be kinder. Make a conscious effort to be more understanding, helpful, positive and a nicer presence in everyone’s life. Even though this has always been something important to me the last year I felt like I hadn’t been at times. I want to make a positive effort to effect this change to be a good light to everyone and to love and accept and help people and never make people feel as though I don’t have my best intentions. Also be kinder to myself, take breaks and cut myself some slack and realise you’re not used goods or anything but yourself and you can only do as much as you can 🌹

2. Work harder, work harder at videos and actually get an upload schedule back. Keep promises and word hard at this podcast. Work harder with my body, diet and my hobbies, work harder at my crafts and work harder and improve for you guys and myself when it comes to work and what I do. Get ur life back on track after the hell that has been some dark times this year 🌹💕 Thank you for the love and support you have given me this year, it is supported eternally. I love you all so much and I genuinely couldn’t do this without you, so much love my beans x

Loved these pictures from the summer too much so have some others 🌹 Finished filming the first episode of the podcast, done today and so excited for you guys to see it in the new year! Also I have a Mukbang up on my channel if you haven’t see it already! LINK IN BIO 🥢🥡 hope you’re all well and happy weekend! 💕

Hope everyone’s enjoying their festivities this holiday 🥰🍒 As you can tell this dress is my favourite thing to exist 🌹 feeling the love so much this time of year! Also thank you to everyone who’s received my book or jewellery for Christmas or Yule or whatever! You sending me your pictures means a ton! 🥰 Updates on video upload coming soon 😘💕

I wonder what this was taken on 🍒I’m SO aware I’m not cool enough to pull this lewk of but I sent these too my friend as a joke and she edited them and I haven’t thought about anything since so here they are ahaha 💫 New video up on my channel too! 💕 I have another video coming tomorrow so see you then as well ❤️ btw I completely forgot to wish you guys a happy Yule! Got caught up in festive celebrations! Love you all 💕

“ I know nothing of any certainty but the stars make me dream.” - Vincent Van Gogh 🌌 New video going up in the morning! Keep and eye out, it’s a little different than my usual ones but I hope you’ll love it anyway 🥰

“Create a new renaissance” 🌬🥀 a V dramatic picture of me giving up on lyfe lol🍃 New video coming up tomorrow! Thanks for all the support on my last video it was so humbling everyone being so cool so thank you🌿 I’ve got some hella exciting announcements coming up so look forward to them and lots of love cutes 🌸

My whole entire goal is to get my feed to look like a renaissance painting 🖼🌷 (but seriously I’ll stop with the lingerie pictures maybe one day I’m annoying lol) Q&A Q&A Q&A💖so I’m actually going to be doing my first ever video w a friend on my channel, I’m finally letting you meet one of my close friends! So please leave questions down below for this friend and I! Can be questions about me for this friend or whatever you like, get spicy please they’re ready to spill some tea on me so sip sip ahaha ☕️ I also uploaded a life update Saturday so the link in the bio to watch it 💕🌿

Some half human creature thing 🐺new video up soon! Sorry for the slight delay in videos and hope you’re all well 🥰 I’ve had a hell of a week. how has your weeks been? 💕 (Quote not mine but unknown source so please credit if you know!)

“This will all make perfect sense one day.” Quote Georgia sent me while shit gets bad, videos may be delayed this week but I have one pre recorded, so much love to you all for being as supportive as you are all the time💖cute dungarees from @lucyandyak yes I now have 3 pairs x

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