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Harmony Nice🌳  I could fight the rainclouds in your life. Everyday, every night. 🍑 21||Norwich||YouTuber||Author of WICCA out Oct 18🍃🐝

Hey guys! Hope you’re okay, I’ve uploaded a video about the story of my weight struggles and gain/loss! 🌿 LINK IN BIO 🎨recently my confidence has been sky rocketing, I’ve started loving myself so much more, for the First time in a long time, my body now feels comfortable and I feel at home in it, I don’t want anything changed, and it’s such an exhilarating feeling🍃 no matter how much weight you lose your perception of yourself is more important, how much you weigh isn’t the problems it’s how you feel about yourself, confidence and self love comes from within! you are beautiful, your body is made for so much more than just its appearance, take care of it and your health because you don’t wanna be waiting for the rest of your life to love it😎 lots of love beans x 💕

Flying model rockets 🚀 took this picture last week and never uploaded it, I have like a folder of pictures I’ve been taking and haven’t uploaded so I hope you don’t mind me uploading on here a lot this week 🍃 Also if you didn’t see my recent video I uploaded my first ever Enchanted Spellwork on my channel, link in bio 🌿 also getting a tattoo tonight woooo 🎨

Hey cutes if you didn’t see my last video I put up a video, 10 ways to be more confident🎨 LINK IN BIO 🌿 Also I’m very happy to announce I finally finished filming my first episode of Enchanted Spellwork 🍃📚 So excited for you guys to see it This week 🌿🍃

So @qian_qian_95 made a little doll inspired by me and gave her a little haircut when I did and I’ve actually never seen something so cute in all my life I could scream 📚😭 and I’m so amazed at how all of you guys art work is, so outstanding beans 💕 New video will be up soon, filmed this video around 4 times this week to get it right and there’s a hella loaf of editing so sorry for the delay 🎨🍃 lots of love and I hope you’re all doing well, also I’m so buzzed to meet some of you guys at my book sorts tour thing I’m overwhelmed 💕☕️

“I’m becoming more me than I ever wuz.” Quote from one of @jimpwasere lovely pieces of art 🎨 Also for you who haven’t seen, cut my hair short 💇🏼‍♀️ Lammas is tomorrow!! So excited and hope everyone has a wonderful day no matter what you’re celebrating 🌿 Also new video up tomorrow and book updates on here too 📚🎨

NEW MUKBANG UP ON MY CHANNEL + HAUNTED DOLL UPDATE 🍛🍜LINK IN BIO 🍜 Today Im going to be filming, planning my first Enchanted Spellwork episode, and Also I’ve Been doing some more Lino printing recently and loving it so much 🎨lots of love and hope you’re all well and enjoy my new video 🍜 who feels so much better after the moon last night? Bc I do 🌕

Something a lil different here 🎨🍃I put a video up yesterday for an update on what’s been happening with me health etc. 🌿 LINK IN BIO 🍓 Firstly id like to thank everyone for being so amazing after I uploaded my video yesterday, Ive been at the beach all day and I have loads of messages/emails to reply to so bare with me if you haven’t got a reply yet! Thank you so much for all the support, you honestly can’t know how much it means to me, I’m in awe of you all and I can’t thank you all individually but damn i wish I could, love you so much you guys 💕🌿let me know how your days have been ☕️

So I got my hair cut super short in a v short bob today and I honestly love it🌿🎨 So, since I’ve been focusing on my mental health etc. I’ve actually taken up a few of my previous hobbies and also taking some time for Wicca. As well as hobbies such as Lino/screen printing and also ive emailed some people about starting lessons for a few instruments I’ve wanted to start playing again 🎼I’ve always loved doing printing and getting back into it has really opened my eyes to other old hobbies and has given me a fresh start in my Wicca practices🍃 Hope you enjoyed the live stream earlier 🍓

“I exist, Everything is fine, you are loved.” 🍃 Hey guys, long time no speak, I am back and excited to be posting again! It’s been an intense few weeks. I’m not going to explain what has been happing in my life ok this, but I have a new video coming tomorrow + im going to be doing a live chat tomorrow probably around 7PM tomorrow (EDIT ITS ON WEDNESDAY I FEEL NOT GREAT) for a catch up w u cuties and holy hell I have so much stuff to catch you up on! But I’m actually feeling good about talking about it and feeling very positive about how things are looking currently 🌿 thank you for your patience and I can’t wait to catch up with you all 🍓❤️

I haven’t posted any cute art in so so so long! So have this cutie by @tinanass.illustration 🍃 I honestly can’t get over how amazing your art is of me guys, I love how you guys see me hehe 🧚🏻‍♂️ Also I never ended up putting the vlog up because I hated it l m a o, buttttt I recorded a paranormal storytime you guys will love + a video about what’s happening in my life atm but they will be up when I can get them edited 🍓 lots of love and hope you’re well 🌿

Once again I’d like to thank you for ya love on my last post surrounding my mental health, I am overwhelmed with support x

I will talk about it soon when I know how because I wanna and it may be able to help but only when I know what’s the best way too. I’m kind of torn between sharing/not because my videos I try to make v positive but sometimes life isn’t so positive all the time 💕 Also the vlog will be up soon, maybe tonight maybe in the morning, excited for you cuties to see it 🍑 Also beaut necklace from @ornamentaljewelry 🍃 lots of love x

Catfish ATBM are my faves currently 🍑 Hey guys, hope you’re all well! Sorry I haven’t been as active on here recently as I usually am! I’ve had a lot happening in life with working + mental health thingsss. I’m not gunna talk about mental health on here because idek how to, it’s very confusing. And I wanna talk about it when I actually know what’s going on with it all. So as soon as I can I will, but im okay so don’t worry 🍃 anyone that’s waiting on replies/emails/ promos they’re coming! I also have a video coming Sunday for anyone that’s waiting 💕 making videos are bringing me happiness atm with all the new stuff🍓 hop you’re all well! I’m heading out for the weekend! What are you guys up too? 🍃

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