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The Pastel Slime Princess👑  🌟my videos (yes, I'm Andrea lol) 🍑email for professional business ONLY 🦄peachybbies.com 👑 RECREATING MY INSTA SUGGESTED FEED SLIMES👇🏻


NEW VIDEO IS UP! (Link is in my bio💕) go check it out if you wanna see me recreate Instagram some videos😋 p.s. I told you you’d see this one on my insta

Comment your fav SCARY EMOJI below!

Peachybbies.com to shop (restocking next weekend!) YouTube.com/andreaxandrea for a fun new vid!

❓SECRET SLIME of the week❔
Last week we had Pumpkin Marshmallow Fluff, this week we have a fun, fruity scented clear base with blue and purple foams

First person to guess the exact name gets a “💎” dmed to them!

Peachybbies.com to shop (restocking next weekend!) YouTube.com/peachybbies tonight for a fun new vid!

One of my fav Lush products imagines into a super thick, sweet honey scented cloud creme!

Copy n paste the last thing you had saved I dare u

Peachybbies.com to shop (restocking this Saturday!) and he’ll be in stock!

One more vid or Bluebottle Jelly🌊 bc I LOVE THIS TEXTURE SO MUCH! Hopefully you guys can see how clear and thick it is (like a hybrid clear icee texture!)

Comment “today, peachybbies will” and gitsuggestions THREE times! Spamming my favvvvsss

Peachybbies.com to shop (restocking next weekend!) YouTube.com/peachybbies tonight for a fun new vid!

🍬Sugar, Sugar🍭
Super thick cloud dough (cotton candy) with rock candy fishbowl beads for crunch and jelly bean scented! Literally all the candies

Whoever can guess what the background noise is first wins😜 I don’t think you’ll get it lol

Peachybbies.com to shop (restocking next weekend!)

NEW VIDEO IS UP AND IT’S A FUNNY ONE🎈 have u seen it yet?? Link in my bio + insta story!

This is Black Widdow🕷🕸 Should I restock it next week? ♡
Peachybbies.com to shop (restocking next weekend!)

With all the restock craziness, I forgot to mention my NEW MAIN CHANNEL VID (link in my bio) IS COMING OUT TOMORROW AT 6 PM EST!🤗 here’s the first lil preview (temporary, of course!) I WAS LITERALLY DyiNg filming it😂

Hi guys! no restocking vid this week, but I’ll still be posting other things🤗 Restocking list will be ON MY INSTA STORY IN 5 MINUTES!! Peachybbies.com will be restocking at 6 pm est TODAY!

Last week’s secret slime was Lemon Freezy🍋 what do u think it is this week?? (First person to guess right, I’ll message a 💃 emoji)

Also, do u wanna see more vids posted here today on my favs from this week? 1,000 comments for the next one!

The best one is on my ig story, but some shaving cream...pops? Made with paper towels guys🤦‍♀️ Idk, but they look so cool! P.s. I forgot to turn my mic on but there really wasn’t any noise anyways, sorry! Leaving in ambient static in case you’d like to listen :)

QOTD: BIGGEST PET PEEVE?? Mine is down in the comments


Have u seen my new vid yet?? No? Well then click the link in my bio what are should waiting for?🤗 (p.s. I’m in the comments, so go say hi too!)

QOTD: if every store had one day where everything was a dollar, which store would you go to and why??

PEACHYBBIES.COM will be RESTOCKED next week. P.s. this is Cotton Candy Nebula from last week’s restock!

It’s a sad day for the world :/ I hope everyone is safe and just know that we’re all thinking of you! It feels wrong posting or talking about such small things when such a terrible thing happened, but I hope you like this relaxing Blue Milk vid

QOTD: invent a new slang word! (Yasss, lit, u Gud bro?) if you leave a definition I wanna choose my fav and use it in my next post!


All my fav textures in one cute little 2 oz trio🙌🏻 plus, they’re scented like “sugar, spice, and everything nice” haha. Still a few of my favs in stock, get them while u can😋 peachybbies.com to shop!

GONNA BE HIDING LETTERS TO A SECRET CODE IN ALL MY RESTOCK POSTS TODAY, if u can collect them all and tell me the word on my MAIN CHANNEL VIDEO ON YouTube.com/andreaXandrea later you’ll win a free slime from next week’s restock :)

PEACHYBBIES.COM will be RESTOCKED today at 6 pm est

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