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Jes Body  Peach Series by Jes Body 🍑 We are a sisterhood training community inspiring each other to be VIBRANT, STRONG & HEALTHY 🔸Sponsored by Puma


WEEK 6 of the PEACH SERIES CHALLENGE! You know how we do! Lets turn it up! have some fun, blast some tunes and work up a sweat! 💃🏻🔈🍑💦
Group one Rock’n their upper body workout today. Well done Peaches! Proud of you! ••• Get ready to join our next series now! It’s almost here!
We have 3 class times now 6am, 7am & 8.30am. Email connnect@peachseries.com
The amazing Peach empire is growing bigger! Yayy! ☺️🍑🤸🏼‍♀️ #peachseriesbyjesbody #peachseries #puma

Short on time and want to burn some serious energy? Try this #PEACHIIT out 🔥🔥🔥
Guaranteed to burn some serious energy 🔥🔥🔥
Can be done anywhere / anytime. As long as you got a rope and some sprint game!
••• WARM UP - skip to one entire song.
WORKOUT - 50 double unders + 100m sprint. Walk back to where you dropped your rope. Repeat x 10
Should take you about 15-20 mins. Depending on how long your warm up song is 😉

#peachhiit #peachseriesbyjesbody #peachseries #puma

Peach Series has changed me inside and out... On the outside, I’m physically stronger than I have ever been in my life. On the inside, I have made major changes to my mindset, expanded my spiritual practice, and conquered inner demons. ••• I’ll start with the easier, more obvious, physical changes. I am about 400-500% stronger than I was before, doing solid pull-ups, lifting my body weight in deadlifts and many other difficult exercises. When I look back at videos of when I started, I cringe from the bad form and the difficulty I had. Now, when I see my videos, I think “wow, that’s me!!” with pride. I have been able to perform other activities and hobbies with significantly more ease, doing acro yoga tricks that I was physically incapable of doing before, climbing, hiking and dancing with increased endurance and confidence. I have more stamina and strength in every single aspect of my life. ••• Visually, I’m so much tighter than I was before I started, that I have had to alter nearly my entire wardrobe to fit me. I brought in about 30 articles of clothing to the tailor to make smaller. The tailor even asked me what I’ve been doing. •••
Little muscles all over my body have appeared and shown themselves for the first time in my life. One day, I pointed to the side of my stomach and asked Jes, “What’s this bump here?”. She laughed and said, “That’s your oblique muscle.” I didn’t even know that my body type permitted me to see them. But, I think what’s truly been magical and what you don’t see in the photos is all the inner work that’s been done to achieve all this. ••• Because I have seen these incredible changes, I know that I am capable of making more changes. I know that I can push myself beyond the boundaries that I have previously set. I know that I have the support of an incredible community of inspiring women. I know how to eat for my body and have gotten into a rhythm of super healthy food that I truly enjoy. I know that my sleep is my rock and I’ve made it a major priority in my life.
Continue reading in the comments👇🏾#peachseries

Love love love having this handsome little gentleman working out with us today. Love his little giggles!
We have so many Peachy Mamas in the community too it’s really awesome.
I know my for fact my Fathers pursuit in fitness and getting me involved at a young age had a direct effect on my attitude towards it throughout my entire life.
Our children mimic the good habits we show them.
Prioritizing your health is setting an example for their future.
Lots of love and respect for you Peachy Mamas! And for this amazing one right here @danaalnemeh 🧡🧡🧡 #peachseries #peachseriesbyjesbody #peachymama #puma

Join us this Friday for a fun n flexxy beach session 🤸🏼‍♀️🍑 email connect@peachseries.com to register! Anyone wanting to increase their mobility and flexibility is welcome!
Introducing our teacher! @jdelgado5304
Hello everyone my name is Joshua Delgado I am 30 years old from the USA. I have a degree in criminal justice and I minor in physiology but let's put all that fancy paper work to the side and then explain what are the benefits to calisthenics training. what we will focus on is flexibility mobility as well as creativity and freedom of self you might see me and think gymnast but I am not,body weight training involves many aspect of gymnastics but with freestyle calisthenics you can create your own version of expression through movement. I am a champion from New York competed around the word many times from Bahrain, Dubai, Mexico, Russia and many other countries helped create and make champions. Let’s start your goals now.

#peachseriesbyjesbody #peachseries #dubaifitness

Don’t know how to tell him not to waste money on overpriced flowers and cellulite inducing chocolates…send him a note saying this.. 💋
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Peaches are Peachy
I want one too!
#win 2 for 1 training special for the upcoming series ❤️💋🚨💌 Simply tag your friend in this post and send us an email with both of your contact information and why you’d love to come train with the Peaches!
We will announce the winners next week! Happy Valentines Day Peachy Bum! ✨✨💌 #peachseriesbyjesbody #peachseries #valentinesday #competition #peach

COMP ALERT! 🚨 WIN 2 for 1 training for you and a friend! 💗💗✨✨✨🍑🍑🍑
This for all the women who have been watching and waiting for the perfect opportunity to join our Peachy fam!
Thank you for your wonderful feedback on the new Group 3 class time! Now we can put it into full peachy action!
We are all about empowering women and super excited to offer you and your friend the chance to #win a 2 for 1 training special for the upcoming series! 😱😻🙌🏾✨💝 Simply tag your friend in this post and send us an email with both of your contact information and why you’d love to come train with the Peaches!
We will announce the winners next week!
TAG TO WIN! ✨✨💌🤸🏼‍♀️ #peachseriesbyjesbody #peachseries #dubai

BACK BENDS! 😻🤸🏼‍♀️ There’s something super special about them. The opening of the spine, the awakening of all the different muscles, the intensity of your core working hard to balance you, hold you and allow you to sink into some beautiful invigorating depths. To me backbends are sensual and accessible to anyone -anytime. ✨✨✨
So alongside our Peachy upper body workout today we practiced an array of different back bends! This chart which is just something I found of the internet shows 31 different options ranging from beginner to advanced. So there’s something spicy for everyone!
What numbers are you gonna choose today? Suprise yourself! You’re stronger than you know!
#peachseriesbyjesbody #peachseries #backbend

Our children are like sponges. They soak up all the rays from their parents. Inviting your child to be apart of your health and fitness journey will set the tone for the rest of their lives 🙌🏾💯
@instamindsketch and her daughter Noura getting some monkey play in this weekend. Love it girls! 💗 ••• How do you encourage your children/ nieces/ nephews / friends children to play and lead an active healthy lifestyle? Share with us!

#peachseriesbyjesbody #peachseries #fitkids #fitmom

Weekends are for fun and play! What are you doing this weekend to let your hair down?
For me, it’s all about the music 🎶 💃🏻✨ #peachseriesbyjesbody #peachseries #balance #remedial #music #fun #play #dance

We are here to live this life as highly vibrational beings. We choose to be authentic with ourselves and others and overcome our fears by looking them straight in the eye. I am strong enough to do this on my own but we are stronger together. Let’s create a safe haven, a home, a tribe where we are all sisters. One where I know my sister cares for my deepest wellbeing. She knows my struggles and more importantly my goals and she is there for me on this journey. I know all of hers too..... THIS IS #PEACHSERIES ✨💗🍑💗✨ Ego - emotions - vulnerability - self love - empathy - selflessness - focus - drive - strength- expression! - love - connection and devine bliss! these are all choices we have everyday and have the ability to produce ourselves from the second we wake up!
Put those rose tinted glasses on and see the world in all it’s beauty! Meditate and spend time on yourself first before anything else. Connect with positive, fun, motivated and super yummy human beings. Feel your vibration rise just from sharing space with each other.
THIS IS #PEACHSERIES ✨💗🍑💗✨ Today we kited ourselves out in pink and red! (Because it’s fun!) ran barefoot on the beach as the sun rose! Jumped, squated and skipped to music and launched into our day full of VIBRANT LOVE!
THIS IS #PEACHSERIES ✨💗🍑💗✨ #peachseriesbyjesbody #ultimategirlgang #sisterhood #puma

So for the past 3 days I’ve been back in the classroom learning all things to do with why your body stores fat in different sites, how to measure those sites and how that is directly linked to potential hormone imbalances. Then moving into what creates those imbalances directly and Indirectly and how to help correct those imbalances holistically to reduce inflammation, body fat and bring hormones and overall health into an optimum happy space 😊 Super cool! Yay!

#peachseriesbyjesbody #peachseries

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