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Jes Body  Peach Series by Jes Body 🍑 We are a sisterhood training community inspiring each other to be VIBRANT, STRONG & HEALTHY 🔸Sponsored by Puma

When this gorgeous woman came to me just over a year ago she was 20kgs heavier after having two boys and needed to get her health and fitness back fast!
She has made exceptional progress in all areas of her #holisticpuzzle and continues to strive for more and more everyday.
We really took it up a notch for the 6 Week Bikini Body Challenge and these are her comments and photo from this weeks #CHECKIN ...
"My body is feeling the strongest and leanest it's ever felt!
Doing the #6WBBC consistently has really been a game changer for me. It's not the best pic but I find my self prancing around in my pants a lot celebrating my gains haha so I thought I'd share!" ••• Whoop! We do too! Love that sassy confidence, winning mindset and hot body to boot!
Huge congrats to you Bruce Lee! 🙌🏽🍑🔥💯
Can't wait to see what the next 3 weeks bring in!
#6WBBC #peachseries #peachseriesbyjesbody

You know what.. today I almost didn't make it to the gym. Yup I could have opted out but I knew in my heart that if I just got there it would completely change my day around for the better.
And boy did it ever!

There was so much energy, so much love, support and personal growth in such a short space of time.
I walked out feeling like a new person with a strong sense of purpose. All before midday!
Do you feel like skipping a workout?
What do you do to overcome it?
How do you feel after a workout?
Comment below! 😄🌟💯🙌🏽 #peachseriesbyjesbody #peachseries #6WBBC #puma

My gift for you today... Feel empowered & do whatever you need to do to be fully ignited and enter this week freaky strong!
Look it straight in the eye and eat iiit ⚔️🔥 That's how we roll... #6WBBC Week 3 here we go! 😼

#peachseriesbyjesbody #peachmantra

Exercise doesn't have to be complicated. A little bit of movement everyday will do amazing things for your entire life.
Make it fun 😋
I did this little ladder at home this morning. Try it out it's really simple.

1. Mountain climber / push-up
2. V - Up

Start with 10 of each then 9, 8... etc until you're at 0
Play some music and drag your friends in like @alicecristiano (check our insta stories 😂 she had no idea she was gonna get roped in! Muahaha)
#peachseries #homeworkout

Check in day! Whooop! 💖🤸🏼‍♀️
Today marks the end of #week2 on the 6 Week Bikini Body Challenge and we're so excited to see all the girls progress!
Will share the highlights with you soon! Xx
#peachseries #peachseriesbyjesbody #checkin #progress

Did you start your weekend like this?
💃🏻🌊☀️💓👙🍑 We did! 😜

You know where it's at 😎👉🏾 @peachseriesbyjesbody

At Peach Series right from the get go we get into incorporating the classic lifts such as •Deadlifts
•Back/front/overhead squats
•Presses •Tons of gymnastic bar, pull-up variations
•Calisthenic movements and static holds
🏋🏼‍♀️🍑🤸🏼‍♀️🔝 These movements promote strong posture, good muscular balance and promote a high metabolism!

There is a huge focus on education, sustainability and self reliance.
Every single one of them learns how to be confident walking into the gym and setting up there own weights and rock a successful workout so that they have this skill set for life!
Even though we pretty much train together always - the knowledge will always be there ! 💯🙌🏾 #peachseriesbyjesbody #peachseries #6WBBC

Nothing makes me prouder than seeing these beautiful woman getting in there and making wonderful things happen together everyday! 🔝🏆
Whether we are sweating it up in the gym or coming together outside and helping each other learn more about health, fitness and wellbeing.
#PEACHSERIES is a community, a high vibrational sisterhood, a family and a place where we can come together everyday and practice being the best versions of ourselves.
Love you Peach sistaz! 💖🍑 Fully cherish we we have everyday! 🙏🏾 Check out our insta stories to see the girls in action! @peachseriesbyjesbody
#peachseriesbyjesbody #peachseries #6WBBC

NOTE: When choosing a training partner always choose someone who motivates you to train harder 😎💥You know what I'm saying?
If they're going for it, you gotta step up and go for it! 💯💯💯 Love training with @rulaton
After close two years of training regularly we know the drill and just get straight down to business!
Well done girl keep doing all the good things you're doing. I see your body changing every week!
Loved this morning and rocking an epic leg sesh with ya thanks for bringing that heat! 🔥🔥🔥 Tag your favorite training buddy!
#peachseriesbyjesbody #peachseries #pumame

What can I say? We're all bit bonkers with those post workout leg day feels! ( you know the vibe?! )
LEG DAY WEEK 2 #6WBBC !! 🍑🤸🏼‍♀️💯
Let's go kick ass all the way !

Welcome back Kinda and @fidz_thats_all 🤗
Join our FB group! @peachseriesbyjesbody
#peachseriesbyjesbody #peachseries @pumame

PEACH SERIES 6 WEEK BIKINI BODY CHALLENGE Week 1 in the bag! 🤘🏾😎🤸🏼‍♀️⚡️**swipe right**
Finished the week off with the Glitterbomb Queen and Bruce Lee and rather sweaty full body workout!
Our muscle's are aching everywhere! 😍🏋🏻‍♀️
Well done Peaches you rocked it!
Now enjoy the rest of our day off and go book a well earned massage 😘💖🙏🏾 #6WBBC #peachseriesbyjesbody #peachseries @pumame

PEACH SERIES 6 WEEK BIKINI BODY CHALLENGE IS ON! 🔥🔥🔥 The girls had so much fun trying this one out this morning after a leg and core burn it was the perfect fun finisher to test some new limits!
My abs are on fire!! 🔥🔥🔥 Big thanks to our honorary guy Peach and handstand boss @bigjpt for showing us the ways!
More more! 🍑🤸🏼‍♀️💯 #peachseries #peachseriesbyjesbody @pumame

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