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rebecca armstrong  lifestyle brand, motivational speaker, camp director , encourager to be transparent , dope soul SHOP BELOW. #peacewithin #theunbecomingproject

Wish you were still around so we can talk about adult stuff :) Happy Fathers Day To all the great Dads

Sometimes when you realize your anxiety may be off the chain about the unknowns and really it’s about a lesson trying to be taught ! Life works that way . Switch the anxiety off in the best way you know how and PERSEVERE !! Peace within and perseverance it’s the best route to take ! #perseverance #persevere #peacewithin #anxietyrelief #truckerhats #hip #life #lifestyleblogger #linkinbio #linkinbio🔥🔥🔥🔥 #linkinbio👆

Wrote this a while ago but finally posting . #change #changeyourstory #peacewithin

Came across this amazing quote today from my friend Kristin. We do a lot of shows together and every couple of months or so we have gotten together midway from our houses and met at a local Starbucks to visit. There has been times where we have talked for five hours straight without a hitch and a bathroom break. Anyways, Ill write about her one of these days but our last visit had us both taking notes from each other and today she sent this quote. Its rare I write back to back on the blog but this one stated it so well. “The only people who get upset when you set boundaries are the ones who benefited from you having none.” BOOM! this calls for me to share some more stories and some growth for all of us!

We were talking about our past relationships with family and our friends but this quote applies to all of our relationships in this lifetime of ours. We talked about the journey each of us has gone with our relationships and I bought up that they are what makes this life of ours a learning curve and a journey. Can you imagine not passing another human and engaging in convo and either connecting or just making a new aquaintance? I assure you , there are people who live far away from crowds and as much as I love my relationships and social life, I have spent some days or weeks where I just wanted to crawl in my safety spot at home and be anti-social or not deal with the outside world of my comfort of home. If your like me and experiencing 50 , you may or may not have ended your people pleasing days……I have to admit, Ive closed that book and I am working my way out and becoming….. WHO I REALLY AM… apologies , no regrets and heavens ….WITH A SMILE ON MY FACE. I am all about teaching the unbecoming project and unearthing the ins and outs of our relationships. Ive seen my husband and family and friends establish respect in the workforce or with family. Ive seen that it is not always easy but it has to be done. If we do not take that step to build the BOUNDARIES then how are we gonna gain respect from others ? MOST OF ALL HOW WILL WE BE ABLE TO RESPECT OURSELVES????? I can think of three or four instances lately , especially in my business en

These coffee mug shirts were Kimber one last weekend and there is still some left ! Order online now !! I’m so lucky to call this sweet family friends !!!! @hareabby @tori_gardner_ miss you guys already ! #linkinbio🔥🔥🔥🔥 #comfy #peacewithin #tshirttime #coffee #coffeeshop #findyourself

Had the best new neighbors @antique_liquidators_seattle @thefarmchicks !!! They were so fun and has the neatest stuff that you’ve never seen!! I now have new Seattle friends !! It’s always amazing to be surrounded by good peeps in Bay 1 ! Miss you guys already !! Xo #peacewithin #antiques

Farm chicks is over and the healing begins ... catch up on sleep and do something about all the smiling wrinkles ! The booths were amazing and the people leave the heart a flutter ! Happy Monday folks ! Have a good week

Had to drive the scooter to workout cause the truck and trailer is loaded !!! Brrrrrrr ....hesdedbto dropbof and setup @thefarmchicks today !! Let The shenanigans begin !!! #bloodymary

Morning coffee cup @pendletonwm and a classic peace within ! “Find yourself and be that “ it’s what life’s all about , the journey and the people you meet . Show kindness , especially to yourself so that you can spread that shit everywhere :) #peacewithin #coffee #coffeeshop #coffeelover #linkinbio🔥🔥🔥🔥 these are the softest short sleeves

I’ve never turned down a striped terry cloth pullover AND as dog inspired peace within goodie !! #doglover #dogsofinstagram #bordercollie #hipclothing #imthepersonthattalkstodogs #linkinbio🔥🔥🔥🔥 #onlinenow

There here and packed , ready to go !!! ONLINE NOW !! See ya all this weekend in Spokane ! Change your story ! Your the only one who can !! #comfy #color #rainbow #changeyourstory #peacewithin #persevere #lifestyle #linkinbio🔥🔥🔥🔥

Yaaaaaaaaasss workout done FARM CHICKs ready !! While I was doing the real work some fella walked by and hit this ball as he was walking out the door . You could tell he was a young kid and was thinking of conquering his day . I yelled out , “go get em !!!” He smiled walked away and then came back and did it again , he upped his score and walked away again , with confidence .
Sometimes when you encourage others or give words of empowerment you then empower and have the feel good moments yourself . It’s sooo great !!! Now , go out there and encourage someone my peeps !! Have a good day !!!

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