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Olanrewaju Peace  Friends with Jesus. I love emotional peace. Tuning my mind to hear Him speak everyday. I love you as much as I love music.

I'm in a stage of my life where I feel like I'll tear apart. You know when you can't just hold things together and it's slipping right through your hands? Exactly. So yesterday, I decided I wasn't going to let what was happening to me break me. I'll move on. I've realised that life will always interfere with unpalatable things but we can choose to choose joy over hurt and love over hatred.


So on Saturday, they will become Mr and Mrs. Congratulations to you guys. I'm wishing you a happy married life ahead. Heaven will celebrate you in Jesus' name.
I'm coming to eat rice and take pictures.

We preach Christ through our lives and we can't preach or reflect him if we don't seek to become like him daily. We can't desire to be like him if we don't know or love him.
Matthew 5:13-16

Yea He died so you don't need any other sacrifice. All that's required from you is your sincere heart of repentance and total surrender. If you truly seek Jesus, you'll find him. He's aware of everything you do and He wants to be part of life so badly. All you need to do is ask him to show up(to prove that He's alive and real) even if you don't believe in Him. Believe me when I say He'll reveal himself to you. He will..cause He exists.
#Jesus #JesusLovesYou

I'm not inviting you for a programme, it's not even for the money. I just need you to spare some time TOMORROW #26thofJuly to pray for this sister. She's been diagnosed with kidney disease and your prayers can do a lot. Join us in lifting this request to God that she gets healed speedily. Amen.
#PrayForLove #SheNeedsYourPrayers

I don't know where you at or where you thought you were going to be. I'm so sure that it's never based on our feelings or how we see things. It's very easy to think heaven's deaf to our prayers, it's very easy to feel forsaken and abandoned, to see things negatively.
But I want to challenge you to be a super human, elevate your thoughts and see things from God's perspective. You're his artwork, He made you cause He probably knew/knows that the world needs you. He died for you, He called and still calls you the apple of his eyes. Yes! You're that important.
I don't know what you're going through, but I know that whether you're on a hill or down the valley, God is still holding you. He's working out something beautiful. All you need is to trust him and believe that #GodWontForgetYou . He has never and will never forget you.

I love my second family.
When we became workers in training, we didn't know God was igniting a fire, starting a family where He'll be honoured, with members who would look out for each other day and night. Our journey has been filled with pain and joy, trying to help one other stand, praying for one another, visiting anyone we suspect is feeling weak and worshipping God in spirit and in truth.
We are no longer just church members, we are brothers and sisters.
I don't know what the future holds but I'm sure God is in control. Yea, the devil tries to cook up discouragement, strife, disagreement and whatever but we're not ignorant of his devices, God is not letting us go so we are more than conquerors.
#TEO #TheExtraordinaryOnes #LoveYouAll #Family #ImHome. This is just 3 out of 12.

Let brotherly love continue.
Photo Credit--@qn_hadassah

Hey Babe! I'm happy I finally got to see you. You're a beautiful and jovial somborie. I'd love to meet you again.
#BUD #proudlybud #iknowthefilteristoomuch

Happy birthday Lordjosh!!!
Thanks for being the person that you are, the Jesus lover, confidant, singing partner, big brother, loving guy. You're greatly loved and I wish you joy, love and the kind of peace that lasts forever. You'll do great and they'll know your name. Let's take today to also pray for the lady that'll bear your surname.
#hbd #happybirthday #siblings #family #blood #wullnp #brother.

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