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Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships  Every week a different Fellow takes over our IG account to share their New American story. #immigrants #NewAmericans #immigrantkid

Burcu Bozkurt immigrated to the United States from Istanbul with her family when she was seven. Her family settled in Raleigh, North Carolina and she went on to attend The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After she graduated, Burcu cofounded the International Youth Alliance for Family Planning - @iyafp, which she still coleads. While growing IYAFP, Burcu worked in Washington, DC, for RTI International, Ipas, and the Advisory Board Company, engaging with global public health issues as a researcher, lobbyist, and consultant. In 2016, The Bill & Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health named her to its inaugural list of top 120 global family planning leaders under age 40. Burcu returned to UNC in the fall of 2017 to pursue a PhD in health policy and management at the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health (where she is pictured!) as a Royster Fellow. Her research focuses on understanding and overcoming obstacles that young people and other vulnerable populations face in accessing safe, comprehensive reproductive health services. Welcome to the #PDSoros family, Burcu! #Immigrants #UNC #NewAmericans #immigration #TurkishAmerican #publichealth #northcarolina

Higher education for community service is the central pillar of Jamaji Nwanaji-Enwerem’s immigration story. Born in Nigeria, Jamaji immigrated to North Carolina with his parents when he was an infant. From watching his parents navigate a new country while pursuing their education, raising a family, and giving back, Jamaji learned the weight of the Igbo proverb “nwayo nwayo ka e ji eri ofe di oku” (moving steadily/purposefully is how to overcome a difficult task). Jamaji’s interactions with people suffering from preventable illness in Nigerian and American communities coupled with early research experiences in industry, academia, and the clinic fueled his passion to become a physician scientist. After graduating as valedictorian with a BS in biology at @morehouse1867 (our first Morehouse grad!), Jamaji enrolled at @harvard to pursue an MD/PhD in biological sciences in public health. From his dissertation work alone, Jamaji has authored five peer-reviewed first-author publications, earned a grant from the National Institute on Aging, and received research awards from reputable bodies like the International Society of Exposure Science. Congratulations, Jamaji! Welcome to the #PDSoros family! 🎉🎊 #immigrantexcellence #NewAmericans #Futuredoctor #scientist #science #mdphd #highered #education #Nigeria #immigrants

Fearing for their safety after participating in the anti-communist revolution of 1989 in Romania, 2018 #PDSoros Fellow Sylvia Biscoveanu's parents left behind their families and their careers in pursuit of increased freedom and opportunity in the United States. Knowing that her family lived without basic civil rights in Romania has given Sylvia, who was born in #Philadelphia, a deeper appreciation of the liberties afforded by the US Constitution, and watching her parents create a life for themselves in the US has taught her the value of dedication and hard work. Sylvia graduated summa cum laude with degrees in physics and Spanish from @PennState Schreyer Honors College with minors in mathematics and violin performance. Her undergraduate research focused on searching for the sources of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays using data from the Pierre Auger Observatory and on the search for a stochastic gravitational wave background using data from the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO). She's headed for a PhD in #astrophysics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) this fall! Congratulations, Sylvia! Right now, she’s on a Fulbright in Australia so she took this FaceTime photo with the nytimes ad! #NewAmerican #Romania #AmericanDream #Education #highered #PennState


Born in Madison, Wisconsin, 2018 Paul & Daisy Soros Fellow Angela Tian Ma is the daughter of Chinese immigrants who came to the US from Yunnan province to pursue their educations at the University of Wisconsin. Angela became captivated by economics in high school because of its emphasis on both logic and creativity. While studying economics and computer science at @harvard, where she is now a senior, she has pursued her passion for research and teaching by building a stock bubble detector for the Behavioral Finance and Financial Stability Project, serving as editor-in-chief of the Harvard Economics Review, and working as a teaching fellow for statistics and economics courses. While economics is her great love she is an accomplished ballet dancer who has taken courses in many subjects and has been recognized as a John Harvard Scholar. Next year, she’ll begin her studies towards a PhD in business economics at Harvard. Seeing how her parents overcame language, cultural, and financial barriers to build a new home in this country has inspired Angela throughout her journey. #NewAmerican #AmericanDream #chineseamerican #immigrantkid #highered #economics #education


Congratulations to #PDSoros Fellow Parag Pathak who has been awarded the John Bates Clark Medal for 2018, granted annually to the best economist under the age of 40! Parag is a professor at MIT, a leader in education and market design, & the child of #immigrants from Nepal. His research on market design and education has led to “significant improvement in the assignment of students to public schools,” and he has also developed “convincing analyses of different policies designed to improve secondary education. Using innovative and sophisticated empirical and theoretical techniques, he has provided policy advice that has already positively influenced the lives of over 1 million public school students.” Congratulations, Parag!! 👏🏼🎉🙏🏽

Not sure if you should apply? The only thing we can guarantee is that you have a 100% chance of not getting the Fellowship if you don’t apply! Visit the website to learn about eligibility requirements and start the application.

Born in Incheon, South Korea, Chung-ha Oh Davis was adopted by his uncle, who served in the US Airforce and met Chung-ha’s aunt while serving in South Korea, and they raised him in the US where he developed a love of science from an early age. He went on to study neuroscience at @johnshopkinsu and played a leading role in discovering a novel mode of intercellular communication in the nervous system called transmitophagy while performing research with Professor Nicholas Marsh-Armstrong. This finding was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Now, as a PhD student studying neuroscience at @stanford, Chung-ha seeks to utilize cutting-edge techniques in molecular genetics and neuroscience to uncover the mysterious biology of the nervous system that lets us think, feel, and be alive. The sacrifices that Chung-ha’s birth parents and adopted parents made play a foundational role in his sense of identity and purpose. Welcome to the #PDSoros community, Chung-ha!🔬🧠👨🏻‍🔬🇺🇸 #immigrants #neuroscience #SouthKorea #Science #Stanford #immigration #immigrantsmakeamericagreat

In 2007, at the age of 16, Julissa Muñiz gave birth to her daughter, Amaris. Despite the fact that no teenage mother had ever returned to her high school and graduated, Julissa did just that--graduating two years later and becoming the first student at her high school to ever be accepted to UC Berkeley. She is a now a PhD student in human development and social policy at Northwestern University where her focus is on learning environments within carceral spaces and we are delighted that she is among our 2018 Paul & Daisy Soros Fellows. #NewAmericans #Immigrants #Latinx #Northwestern

Congratulations to the 2018 Paul & Daisy Soros Fellows! Selected from a pool of 1,766 applicants for their potential to make significant contributions to United States society, culture, and their academic fields, each of the 30 new Fellows demonstrates #immigrantexcellence and honors the contributions of continuing generations of immigrants to the US. This year also marks our 20 year anniversary—in that time we’ve provided more than $60 million in educational support to more than 600 individuals from nearly 90 countries. The legacy continues! 🇺🇸🙌🏼🎉#immigrants #NewAmericans #immigrantnation #immigrantstrong #immigrantsmakeamericagreat

"I drifted into something I enjoyed doing and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to do it. My story is riches to rags to riches again. I was lucky to survive. The rest was relatively easy." - Paul Soros (1926-2013) #immigrants #NewAmericans

2007 Paul & Daisy Soros Fellow @kuokuomich knows a thing or two about disobeying immigrant parents. While she may have gone to Harvard, she didn’t pursue the career tracks that her parents had always imagined for her. Instead, she focused on social justice. Her new oped in the @nytimes, which follows her recently published book “Reading with Patrick,” provides advice for other #immigrantkids. Link in profile.

We’re announcing our 2018 Paul & Daisy Soros Fellows on April 17th! The new application will launch as well. #immigrants #immigrantsmakeamericagreat

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