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Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships  Every week a different Fellow takes over our IG account to share their New American story. #immigrants #NewAmericans #immigrantkid


Thank you for your service @drvivekmurthy! We are so proud of all that you accomplished and for all that you stand for. Big things are ahead. In the meantime, hopefully you're able to enjoy a few more walks with your new baby! #service #leadership #immigrant

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I am delighted to win the Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans! I am humbled to join an exceptional community of leaders -- artists, engineers, scientists, public servants, entrepreneurs, educators, advocates -- who represent the diversity of this country and are the embodiment of the American dream! The mission and vision of @pdsoros is vital, now more than ever, to uplift American immigrants. We, the family of Soros Fellows, are the "huddled masses yearning to breathe free" who have made this country home and dedicated ourselves to its continued betterment, to creating a more perfect union. We are determined to succeed and we are committed to social justice in our own ways. Immigrants are, and have always been, the backbone of American innovation, progress, and growth. // Most of all, though, this (like everything else) is for Baba and Ma. Worthy of their pride is, in the end, all I ever aspire to be. @yale @georgetownuniversity @mtholyoke #yalie #hoyasaxa #poweredbymountholyoke

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I am beyond thrilled to share this most humbling news. It's been nearly six months since I started the fellowship application process for the Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship. Today I am honored to say that I have been accepted as one of the thirty inductees to the class of 2017. I am both hopeful and confident that this lifelong platform will afford me the network needed to achieve my goal of a national music education reform in the United States. Congratulations to the other inductees who represent some of the best universities in the country (Yale, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Juilliard, UCSF, University of Iowa). .
Since its founding in 1997, the Paul and Daisy Soros community has grown to 605 fellows including the US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, Olympic Gold Medalist Amy Chow, US Ambassador and Diplomat Julissa Reynoso, Lieutenant Governor of Washington State Cyrus Habib, Venture Capitalist Zaw Thet, among another 600 fellows in various leading positions in their specialized fields.
I would be remiss if I did not thank all of the people who have helped, guided, and inspired me throughout these last several years. Thank you to my ever encouraging fiancé @nikikukieza, my supportive parents Guto Guimaraes and Yolanda Guimaraes, my loving sister and brother-in-law @mariana_santelli and Brad Santelli, and my teachers, guides, mentors, and institutions, Kenneth Amis, Carol Jantsch, Thomas C. Duffy, Thomas McKinley, Patrick and Therese Galas Anello, Astrid Baumgardner, Lynn University, Yale University and the Yale University Fellowship Office for your time and attention in preparing me for my interviews. Thank you.


@pdsoros #pdsoros #classof2017

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I am thrilled to announce that I am member of the Paul and Daisy Soros fellowship for new Americans class of 2017! Here I am on campus holding today's NYT paper with the announcement and photos of my class mates and I. I am honored, excited, and humbled by the support the PD soros fellowship will give toward my studies here at Columbia. Thank you @pdsoros
Thank you mom, thank you to my closest supporters,
Thank you thank you thank you
#onwardsandupwards #pdsorosfamily

We are delighted to introduce you to the class of 2017 Paul & Daisy Soros Fellows. Here is our full page ad in today's @nytimes. Head to our website (link in bio) to read more. #ImmigrantExcellence #NewAmericans #immigrants #immigrantkids

A powerful excerpt from one of our 2017 Paul & Daisy Soros Fellow's application essays. We'll introduce you to the class tomorrow. #Immigrants #immigrantswelcome

Hi, this is Shadi Ghaheri (2026 Fellow) continuing my week on the PDSoros Instagram. This is Bomrani, an underground music band in Tehran. The musicians are my friends and collaborators and I was one of their artistic directors. We would perform music in private houses, in cafes and in basement. Basically we would perform any place possible but what we were doing was with a huge risk of being arrested. Not all kind of music has government approval. It took us five or six years to finally to perform legally. This picture is after one of the first public performances we managed to do in Tehran.

some links to their music,


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gyu69KlXYK0 [X]<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gyu69KlXYK0>

Bomrani | Circus | Official Video | بمرانی | سیرک<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gyu69KlXYK0>
Producer: Ehsan Rasoulof Diretor: Aliyar Rasti & Siavash Yazdanmehr Script: Aliyar Rasti & Siavash Yazdanmehr Actor: Fakhredin Fakhredini Makeup: Lorimer Koktape ... [X]<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m896M2k7Q3w>

Bomrani - Leaving and Passing by بمرانی - گذشتن ...<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m896M2k7Q3w>
Leaving and Passing by Bomrani Director: Aliyar Rasti Screenplay: Aliyar Rasti | Neda Jebraeeli Director of Photography: Davoud Rahmani Video & Sound Edit: Kambiz ...

A picture from backstage of a short movie made by Abbas Shakoori named, "Zamendar". I was the photographer of the movie. The blood is all stage blood. the short film had a scene with a huge fight in the street and it was such an exciting challenge to do a almost real fight in front of public. - Shadi Ghaheri, 2016 Fellow #pdsoros #theater #directing #NewAmerican

This is my undergrad graduation day in Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran. These are my best friends from university. I graduated in 2009 but it took me one year to officially graduate because the university was putting a hold on my file due to my political activities. They kept my documents for one year therefore I couldn't apply for Gradschool, or get job properly. University was a great time of my life. I started acting and directing and I fell in love with Theatre there. I made a theatre club in our university for the first time and we performed plays every semester. One of the best experiences of my life. - Shadi Ghaheri, 2016 #pdsoros Fellow #NewAmerican #immigrant #graduation #university #education #women #theater

This is 1994 at my grandmother's house. Since my Grandmother doesn't have any birth certificate, we guess she's 90 years old. She has seven kids. She was 9 years old when she married. She cooks the best food in the world. She made carpets when she was young. She baked fresh Naan (Bread) everyday. She was born and raised and lived all her life in a very small town named Najaf Abad in Esfahan. Esfahan is one of the most beautiful cities in Iran. The must see places in this beautiful city are Naqshe Jahan Square/Shah Square, Jolfa Square, Chehel Sotoun and Chahar Bagh, etc. In the picture there is my grandmother, all of my aunts and uncles from my father's side, and some of my cousins. - Shadi Ghaheri, 2016 #PDSoros Fellow. #Iran #Iranian #NewAmerican #immigrant #birthday #grandma #family #travel

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