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I love to FN talk

This parking lot I fashoo counted atleast 500k In just whips . Pautosales goes way back I’m talking about atleast 100 pink slips slid through my hands .my Craigslist account hit 400 post this morning HAHA I’m far from having money but nighas who see me in that area know what loafs i be counting. I’m just glad I don’t depend on no job if some day things ever gets rough on me . #loafsnotloans

& that’s what you call 100k a year type of Nigha . I broke my back alll my life so I can chill now . Ya toss around keys to buckets my uncle tossed me the keys to his machine that’s worth half a MILLI

Grade check . When I put my mind into some I always go hard in it #operatingengineering

Who would of ever thought one day I’d be going school after barely even graduating . thanks god everyday for all the jump starts he gives me . To know someone’s paying a 1000$ a day for me to be here 8 hours shows what I’m worth #100k #engineeringP

Sometimes you got take a step back and think about life and fix the things that are important In your life . Remember the only people that are really there is Your family . It’s time to leave alot shit behind and move forward with life

How many nighas you know on a monthly bases would throw away at a whip over 25 bandz to drive em like this & can go home and sleep well at night knowing they car impounded or blew they whole setup having fun like this I know a few 😴 #pinkslipsonly

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