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Paulo D. Campos  If the apocalypse comes, beep me.

According to legend, a young woman from a tribe in the Amazon was so infatuated by the Moon that she would chase it at night, climbing up hills in hopes of turning into a star and following it into the night skies. One night however, the young woman saw the reflection of the moon in the river, and reached for it ultimately drowning. The moon recognizing her sacrifice, transformed her into a different kind of star, the Vitória-Régia, the star of the waters. #vitoriaregia #folclorebrasileiro #brazilianfolklore

working on a few different things #vitoriaregia

Illustration I made a few months back for @geeksout and "Serving Pride", their handbook for a queer history dinner party. I was assigned the Merrymount colony. Had a lot of fun creating this cheerful maypole scene. Art direction by the wonderfully talented @modhero #merrymount #maypole #queer #lgbtq #ilustração #servingpride #queerhistory

Always a delight seeing your work in print. Thank you so much for sending me a copy, Matt! Grateful for every single opportunity. #protomag #nanotech #ilustracao #illustration

11:11 and this is what I got for my birthday. Two siblings with all the swag in the world, that still have exponential room in their hearts for me

Iara, a mythological creature from Brazilian Folklore, is a freshwater mermaid with a warrior's origin story.  Once the fiercest warrior in her father's tribe, Iara's two brother's grew envious of her and tried to kill her...ultimately failing. Iara, having killed her two brothers in self-defense was then sentenced to death herself, and as her body submerged into the river, the spirit of the Amazon River brought her back to life in the form of a mermaid. #sereiaiara #iara #folclorebrasileiro #mythology

I've wanted to do another piece based on the Brazilian folktale of the Amazon River Dolphin | Boto Cor-de-Rosa. Hope ya like! It's believed that the (Pink) Amazon River Dolphin transforms into an attractive man when the sun goes down, visiting nearby villages and seducing the ladies.  His dolphin blowhole remains intact while in human form. #folclorebrasileiro #botocorderosa #ilustracao #amazonriverdolphin 🌛🐬🚶🏾💦💗

🐓 didn't see a parrot emoji

I've been thinking about my sis in Brazil very much recently. She's the one I'm playing patty cake with in the illustration. I don't have very many fond memories of my childhood. Most of it has been stained by homophobia and gender policing. That house in the background belongs to our grandmother. I never got to come out to her... so, I don't know how Vovó Nair would have (actually) reacted to the news..but to be completely honest it probably wouldn't have been open arm acceptance of my sexuality. My grandmother was absolute love, but life is much more complicated. My grandmother learned to read only to be able to read the Bible in rural Minas Gerais. She passed away in her 80s and (today) I know I couldn't expect her to be accepting the way I would've liked her to be in my head, but still, I know that woman was unconditional love. Living is so fucking complicated.

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