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Paulo D. Campos  If the apocalypse comes, beep me.

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I got to do an illustration for The New York Times this week on parents keeping an eye (or two) on their kids while they're away. "Smart devices make it possible for parents to keep close tabs on their latchkey children, but is it really a good idea?" 👁 🇧🇷Tive a oportunidade de fazer uma ilustração para o New York Times sobre pais que usam várias tecnologias (incluindo câmeras de segurança) para ficar de olho nos filhos enquanto estão sozinhos.

Hoje é Dia do Folclore no Brasil! Comecei a ilustrar essas lendas maravilhosas enquanto ainda estava na escola (felizmente para mim, sob a orientação de dois dos melhores ilustradores e professores @yukoart @marcoschinart ) e continuei trabalhando nelas entre outros projetos!
Se isto interessa a vocês, aqui esta o link pro meu site: pdcampos.com
Tem algum outro conto Brasileiro que vcs gostariam de ver ilustrado por mim?
Today is Folklore Day in Brazil! 🇧🇷 I started illustrating these wondrous legends while still in school (luckily for me, under the guidance of some of the absolute best illustrators and teachers Yuko Shimizu + Marcos Chin ) and continued in between other projects. If this sparked your interest, please check out my website where you can familiarize yourself a bit more with these tales! (pdcampos.com)
Are there any other Brazilian folktales you'd be interested in seeing me illustrate? #diadofolclore #folclorebrasileiro
#curupira #mapinguari #boitata #iara #mulasemcabeça #botocorderosa
#vitoriaregia #brazilianfolklore #folklore #picame

Angry gay kid since adolescence~ 🌈😈🌈👿🌈😈🌈 As a gay kid who grew up in a conservative Christian household, I remember desperately asking God why he allowed me to be made this way (gay) and it always fell on deaf ears. I remember feeling completely alone, festering in my anger, shame, and hopelessness. Discovering bands like Marilyn Manson, Linkin Park, and NIN in middle school was a cathartic experience for me at the time. It was the first time I felt heard, and most importantly, empowered to ask questions that I was too afraid to ask, to question the faith I was indoctrinated into as well as my upbringing, and find the answers that I needed at the time. "The Fight Song" got me through many tough days. #marilynmanson #gay #queer Happy Sunday!
p.s. I'm still an angry gay....except I'm mad about things like how the U.S. doesn't guarantee healthcare as a fucking right. ADDENDUM: Although, I no longer have the need to reconcile my sexuality with my faith (mostly because I now have no faith lol) I fully support my fellow queers and allies who choose to do so. Whatever brings you peace, brings me joy. ❤️💛💚💙💜🤘

Amanda "Leoa" Nunes, lutadora Brasileira de artes marciais mistas! 🔥🦁🇧🇷🔥🦁🇧🇷🔥🦁🇧🇷🔥
Amanda "The Lioness" Nunes, Brazilian mixed martial artist! Reigning UFC Women's Bantamweight champion. #amandanunes #amandaleoa #ufc #ilustração #leoa #thelioness #mma #ufc

According to legend, a young woman from a tribe in the Amazon was so infatuated by the Moon that she would chase it at night, climbing up hills in hopes of turning into a star and following it into the night skies. One night however, the young woman saw the reflection of the moon in the river, and reached for it ultimately drowning. The moon recognizing her sacrifice, transformed her into a different kind of star, the Vitória-Régia, the star of the waters. #vitoriaregia #folclorebrasileiro #brazilianfolklore

working on a few different things #vitoriaregia

Illustration I made a few months back for @geeksout and "Serving Pride", their handbook for a queer history dinner party. I was assigned the Merrymount colony. Had a lot of fun creating this cheerful maypole scene. Art direction by the wonderfully talented @modhero #merrymount #maypole #queer #lgbtq #ilustração #servingpride #queerhistory

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