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Red carpet after everyone has left the area #Eargasm4Charity

Show yasef!
Get down at #Eargasm4Charity

More from the #Sopharez show in Calabar... When it comes to music people don't grasp how special this town in.
Here people have the patience to learn to be musicians
Love these babes

#Sopharez . All girl band concert I attended in Calabar. Never seen so many naija girls rocking a horn section live 😍
Love them. I hope to perform with them asap!
Dear sponsors make it happen 😊

When will business realize plus size women will PAY for trendy clothes. I knew Gabi and Nicolette's new clothing site would crash from the sheer number of desperate shoppers looking for clothes for plus size women that approximate these two's style.
They've both come a long way from simple blogs! Congratulations. Now get your site back up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
@Regrann from @premme.us - OMG. Guys, you crashed our site as soon as it launched. We are SO sorry for the glitches but we are adding servers now. In the mean time: if you tried to place an order and got an error message, there is a good chance your order went through. Check your bank statements and if you see that it came out of your acct, the order was placed and an email confirmation will be coming! Again, so sorry for any confusion and difficulty this morning! This is not how we wanted to launch but we totally appreciate the overwhelming support and are working on getting this resolved ASAP!!! -Gabi & Nicolette - #regrann

Waje is basically Wajering here Wajering is a noun that means singing the roof off with reckless abandon.
I made that up.
It's now a real word.
Thank you.
As you where!
@officialwaje at @official2baba @the2facefoundation, UNHCR #Eargasm4Charity
Repost from @saratu.morolayo

I'm told this is locally grown iceberg lettuce. At N600 it is approx 1/4th the cost of imported iceberg lettuce. I had no clue this could grow here in Nigeria.
It is a pity it took a painful recession to drum sense into our heads.
Whoever is growing this is serving a very niche market. No be for masses as its still costly. This is probably 3 times the cost of regular lettuce yet still so much cheaper than the import which due to cost I stopped buying last year despite loving it so much. With any luck they should smile to the bank.
I can't even start on all the processing innovation going on. Quiet revolution. I hope our banks catch up.

Fly girl. 93 years old doing photoshoots and IG
@Regrann from @theitgirl1924 - Today's photo shoot be like...
πŸ“Έ @advancedstyle
#slay #beverlyhills #90210 #salonrepublic #fashion #style #beauty #photography #photoshoot #jewlery #streetwear - #regrann

@Regrann from @kellyhansome - Long live your legacy Tafidan, @official2baba proud to be associated. S/O to @efeomorogbe we did it boss! @helen_abutu you're awesome, thanks. @jumokee_ajayi You're amazing, Oshe gan. @buckwyldmedia Genius! I ain't surprised. @the2facefoundation I allign with the vision. Thank you Abuja, God bless you. ✊ #Eargasm4Charity #Eargasm - #regrann

She's 93 and I want all her accessories
@Regrann from @advancedstyle - Shooting with @theitgirl1924 today. She's about to 93-year-old!!! Her advice, "Work hard, enjoy life, its later than you think." #advancedstyleolderandwiser #advancedstyle - #regrann

Some miserable fool actually reported this lovely photo to instagram, as self harming and had it pulled down. Now it's back up. People who fat shame or shame humans for just being are pathetic losers. 9 times out of 10 they don't give a shit about the persons health though many pretend to and in this case obviously not. I can bet the jealous fool who did it is nowhere near as gorgeous as these two. I've discovered that when some people see a person society says should be miserable because of size, social or marital status looking HAPPY and GOOD they die inside. Fix yourself and leave others alone. Nonsense!
Meanwhile see correct fine gehs wearing swimsuit. Bikini for that matter ❀❀❀❀
@Regrann from @essiegolden - Reposting this great photo because fat bodies are allowed to exists and wear whatever they want. GET OVER IT! #goldenconfidence #stopthefatshaming #visiblyplussize - #regrann

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