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Priyanka Chopra Fan Page 🌏🌈  Most followed #priyankachopra FC on IG Your go-to source for everything Pics➖Interviews➖Quotes➖Flashback She Followed May 15, 2016 Met her ¹⁷’⁰³’²⁰¹⁸💕

Priyanka talks about her experience when she met Syrian refugees last year 👉🏼 swipe to see the whole thing!

“When I played an ass-kicking FBI agent it was a new thing for south Asian actors” 💫🖤
#priyankachopra #quantico

“I am who I am because they love me” - 💕

Priyanka talks about her favorite personal things ❗️swipe 👉🏼
#priyankachopra #elle

“People spend so much time waiting for us ..giving so much love and affection the least I can do it is take that much time”
After being asked why she spent so much time taking pictures with all her fans there before the interviews and event 🌺💫
#priyankachopra #globalteacherprize

Her answers are always on point 👏🏼💯
an intellectual - 💞
#priyankachopra #gesf

“Until we teach our sons that the only way to be a better man is to respect a woman and not degrade her that when will society will change.” #priyankachopra

She’s back in India ❤️

“I have only wings and no roots” #priyankachopra #gesf

: The other person will know that you blocked them
PC : that’s the point I want them to know.. 😂💛

Priyanka at global teacher prize today in Dubai + with fans + sitting in the front row with sheikh Mohammed and shaking hands with him (the ruler of Dubai and the VP of the 🇦🇪) ❤️❤️❤️ #priyankachopra #globalteacherprize

“When a girl slaps a man who teases her, he deserves it”
I’ll never get tired of saying that this woman is MY HERO! 📢📢📢
We decided to stan forever👏🏼
#priyankachopra #gesf

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