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I need some new gear, so I’m putting this Gerber MKI up for sale. I’ve owned it for 15 years and have never used it, except to open envelopes and cut paper. I’ve never sharpened or stropped it, and I don’t see any pre-existing sharpening marks on the blade the previous owner must not have used it, either.
The only odd thing is that there seems to be some sort of clay in the sheath. I tried to get a picture of it, but my iPhone is limited in those capabilities. I took a picture of the blade, so you can see where it is. It was there when I got the knife. It doesn’t seem corrosive, because it hasn’t harmed the blade at all. Regardless, I have wiped the blade with a protectant once a year, as well as the outer leather surfaces.
More pics upon request.
Asking $190, OBO, shipped in the US. #gerbermk1 #gerberknife

Congratulations to my little girl. She married a wonderful guy. I wish them well in their new journey.

I went shooting yesterday. When I cleaned my Oakleys today, I saw this gouge. I remember a shell hitting my glasses while I was doing some coaching. Without the glasses, that shell would have hit me right in the eye. #eyeprotection #oakley #weareyeprotection @oakleystandardissue

‘99 Emerson CQC7 and a Benchmade CQC7. These two are older than some of my kids. #emersonknives #cqc7 #99cqc7 #benchmadeknives #benchmade970 #tbt #originalsoe #guardiandefenseinc

Sometimes it’s good to stop and appreciate beauty in nature. I saw this ladybug while on a hike at Eklutna Lake. It was definitely worth the time it took to take the picture. #ladybug #nature #taketimeforbeayty #eklutnalake

I took the family and my sister gold panning at Crow Creek Mine. Didn’t find any gold, but we had a good time. One of my boys said that the real gold was the admission; I’d have to agree. It was sunny and there were no mosquitoes, two important things in Alaska. #crowcreekmine #goldpanning #sunnyday #familytime #lbtinc #lawindustries #countycomm

Farewell. #anthonybourdain

If you’re have ever wondered if you should ever wear a respirator while sanding, the answer is yes. The respirator is that dirty AFTER I hit it on the ground and got clouds of wood dust out of it. This was after my boy sanded our fence for about 4 hours. In the other picture, I’m covered with dust after 30 minutes. #respiratoryprotection #weararespirator #protectyourlungs

I usually carry an Emerson CQC7 or Spyderco Endura as my edc. This Boker, from @countycomm_gov, is nice for when I’m wearing gym shorts. The clip is tight enough that the carry is secure, but the handles are nice and smooth, so they don’t tear up synthetic materials. #countycomm #boker #britishtactical

Mail call from @lawindustries Poker chips and patches are awesome adds to my collections.
They can also supply UK legal spoons. Tell them I told you to ask. #lawindustries #specialproducts #uklegal #spoons #ubiangelitimere #pokerchips #patches

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