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PC Master Race [PCMR]  The largest and the fastest-growing PC gaming and enthusiasts community on the internet! #pcmasterrace Since 2011. Inquiries: pcmr@pcmasterrace.org

And now for something completely different... The Gum ball PC! Do you like extravagant cases, or do you prefer understated beauty? redd.it/88nqm3

Is it possible to have too many screens? Let us know in comments how many would your dream battlestation have! redd.it/8co4ik

Not again!! redd.it/88rt7m

Damn it, @jayztwocents ! You know I need to see that video! redd.it/8av8v6

Not so fast! redd.it/89mnde

Who needs food anyway? redd.it/89w6zy

When you need to download google chrome on a new PC... redd.it/88vjbu

Wake up, Mr. Freeman... Wake up and smell the ashes... redd.it/8bv6ll

"You spent $1000 to upgrade your PC ? Blasphemy!" redd.it/8bdpxu

Pedro and @gloriousge0rge from @corsair living that RGB Life! George was one of the most important reasons why the PCMR panel at #paxeast2018 was possible!

Celebrating the 7th birthday of PCMR was the highlight of #paxeast2018 ! The panelists, from left to right: @miss_magitek, @bitwitkyle, Steve from GamersNexus, @gloriousge0rge, @norumu, Pedro from @pcmasterrace_official, and Apple from @pcmasterrace_official ! #pcmasterrace !

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