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Just your everyday rendering build with 11 1080TIs. Nothing to see here! By Sebastian Michalski !

Unique Video Cards #6 - The EVGA GTX 275 Co-op PhysX.

This unique card takes a GTX 275 dedicated for graphics, and a GTS 250 dedicated for PhysX and combines them on a single card!

Thank you to our friends at @realhardwarereviews for the suggestion!

Unique Video Cards #5 - The PCIe x1 GPU!
Not many video cards are sold with PCIe x1. It's strange since most motherboards with a PCIe x1 are likely to have a PCIe x16 slot as well. This was possibly intended for server environments that had their PCIe x16 slot already filled with a server NIC card.


Unique Video Cards #4 - The 1 slot GTX 680.

Supposedly only sold in select Asian markets. It's interesting to see an enthusiast level card be single slot and air cooled. Wonder how quiet it ran or how well it kept temperatures down compared to a normal dual slot GTX 680.


Unique Video Cards #3 - Radeon HD 2400 XT Bite-Taken-Out Edition

Most Radeon HD 2400 XTs were low profile, but in order to support CrossFireX, ATI needed to put a bit of PCB up top for the pins. However, they did not need enough to make a perfect rectangle.


Unique Video Cards #2 - Radeon X800 with both AGP and PCIe.

When PCIe first came out, there would often be the same video card model with both an AGP and PCIe version. However, usually never on the same card itself!


Unique Video Cards #1 - GTX 460 Wireless Edition.

This GTX 460 would transmit video signal to a wireless HDMI receiver plugged into another display. You could transmit to your TV in the living room without having to buy an HDMI cable. The problem was that buying additional receivers was not cheap and the card alone was 3x more expensive than a normal GTX 460.


If you enjoy the hobby, why not? Doesn't mean less overkill PCs aren't PCMR as well!

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