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Paul Klein  Husband Founder of Fext Owner of CrossFit 77 Animal Lover Meat Eater Libertarian All accounts are balanced in the end.


I can't have just cats and dolphin torture on here. Enjoy this fine video of my post workout meal being mad-dogged by Murph.

Once again, this shit needs to be seen. Look at each one of these pictures and remember them next time you have the urge to see a "dolphin show". This is the brutal reality behind using animals for your entertainment.
from @dolphin_project - Taiji: A family pod of Bottlenose dolphins was torn apart today. The prettier dolphins were forcibly ripped from their family by divers who jumped on them and wrestled them under tarps to the awaiting trainers. Those deemed suitable for captivity were carried out of the Cove in slings, their freedom forever lost and their lives forever changed. Other pod members panicked and thrashed in the water. Repeatedly hurling themselves onto rocks and trying to push themselves through the nets in desperate attempts to escape their tormentors. Dolphins were repeatedly caught in nets, struggling to survive. Sometimes, divers untangled them, sometimes they were left to try to free themselves. After about 3 hours, all the decisions had been made. Many of those rejected had been marked with a white substance. When the process was finished, the hunters removed the nets and the pod was quickly driven back out to sea, minus 17 members. After suffering through this ordeal, hopefully, they will have the strength to endure. 11-03-17 7:20pm #dolphinproject
Pledge NOT to buy a ticket to a dolphin show: dolphin.fyi/DolphinPledge

Another afternoon playing hair tie fetch with Frank.

This is difficult to see. But burn it into your brain so the next time you think about going to "Seaquarium" you have an idea of where some of these animals come from. Either selection for human entertainment or slaughter.
from @dolphin_project - For a deep water species of dolphin, their terror must have been unimaginable. For full recap of Taiji dolphin drive, 10-11-17, click the link in our bio. #DolphinProject #TheCove

I can't let @keithalm win the @lakewood_veterinary_hospital photo contest. Clearly everyone thinks dogs are cool. But look at 'ol Frank here. He is always happy to help with computer work. But most importantly, he has never had to see Dr. Derick cause he ate something he wasn't supposed to!

@thirdpullapparel Murph won't ride shotgun?

The five categories of Frank sleep.
Cat 1: groggy
Cat 2: cozy
Cat 3: eyes getting heavy
Cat 4: close eyes just to see how it feels
Cat 5: full sleep

Huge respect for this business woman. It is refreshing and exciting to see a young person take the unconventional path of building a business and being an entrepreneur. Keep working hard @abbysbetter! You are doing big things and making smart moves.
from @crossfit77 - Yesterday we said goodbye (for 3 months that is) to one of our faves. Abby @abbykircher walked through our doors 1 year ago, a shy, quiet and young girl wanting to become more fit to be the best spokeswoman for her product @abbysbetter . Over the course of the next 12 months she worked with Coach Rob doing PT then progressing to personal programming to become one of the strongest females in the gym, a confident young woman and a huge part of our family. We are going to miss her terribly while she is off becoming a health food mogul in NYC but we know that it's a short amount of time before she is back crushing huge weights. Good luck Abby. P.S. She's the only female to have conquered the 150lb sandbag... 💪🏻🏋🏻 #youngwoman #entrepreneur #family #wellmissyou #nycbound #nutbutter #notpeanutbutter #fitness #crossfit

Some highlights from the @sccatracknight last night. With Kevin Harvey rolling shotgun. #shelby #shelbygt350 #tracknight

Happy to see this guy's hard work pay off! from @crossfit77 - Our goal at 77 is provide our members with most knowledgeable and experienced coaches in the area. Tyler has spent the last year working his way through the @opexfitness CCP program. Last week he got the word he passed his case study and is now an official Associate Coach. When you see him please make sure to congratulate him! #77family #opex

@humanbodymechanic a little ground and pound action this am.

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