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PCGS  Official account of Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), the industry leader for third-party coin grading and authentication. Est 1986. #coins

The Libertas Americana medal is one of the most famous and cherished of all the medals relating to American history. According to the historical record, the brainchild for the medal and its designs was none other than Benjamin Franklin. In a March 1782 letter to Robert Livingston, U.S. Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Franklin wrote, "This puts me in mind of a medal I have had a mind to strike ... representing the United States by the figure of an infant Hercules in his cradle, strangling the two serpents; and France by that of Minerva, sitting by as his nurse, with her spear and helmet, and her robe specked by a few 'fleurs-de-lis." (quoted in Joseph Loubat's The Medallic History of the United States of America). Clearly, the final design is a bit more aggressive than Franklin's suggestion, but one gets the point nonetheless. This beautiful bronze version of the medal is graded PCGS MS65BN.

Let’s start the week of with a huge chunk of California gold! This big, octagonal Humbert $50 gold pice is something special - one graded PCGS PR65! Woah!

The final in our series of blue coins this week is something quite different. This is part of Austria’s continuing series of niobium €25 coins. This 2010 coin graded PCGS MS70 promotes the use of Renewable Energy.

Yesterday we had a big, blue eagle on a dollar coin. Today, we have something a little smaller with an electric blue wren on a farthing graded PCGS PR66BN. In 1937 British coinage was modernized, and this little wren on the farthing is very simple, elegant, and pretty cute.

We had a blue 1885 IHC yesterday, now let’s take a look at a blue Morgan Dollar of the same year! This stunner is graded PCGS Proof 66+.

We’ve featured two blue-toned coins so far this week, so why not just keep going? Here’s a beautiful blue PCGS PR67+ cent from 1885!

It’s Trime Time for Toner Tuesday! These little Three Cent silver proofs can have big, big color like this vibrant blue 1872 graded PCGS PR68!

Happy Columbus Day everyone! The 1892 Columbian Exposition half dollars were the first true commemoratives struck by the United States Mint. Check out this stunning 1892 Columbian Half Dollar graded PCGS MS68 commemorating Christopher Columbus' "discovery" of America in 1492. #pcgs #coins #coincollecting #columbus #holiday #toning #money #wow

Some gold to start off your weekend right! Check out this lovely 1894 Double Eagle graded PCGS PR64+CAM! Have a great weekend!

The 1958 Canadian Silver Dollar commemorated the establishment of British Columbia as a colony in 1858. Canadian numismatic legend has it that these coins were known as “Death Dollars” as the depiction of a raven on the totem pole represents death - however, this seems apocryphal, and a Western cultural interpretation. The aboriginal people of the Pacific Northwest view the raven as a trickster, or curious spirit, and is seen in their folklore as the creator of the world. This wonderful example is graded PCGS Prooflike 68. 🇨🇦

Another incredible rarity that made an appearance at our Member’s Only Show in Las Vegas last week. The famous 1804 silver dollar! This is the original Class 1 BB-304 variety graded PCGS PR65. Shown are various views of this incredible coins, from its flashy, rich colors, to its intricate, almost cameo devices. Wow! This coin sold at auction last year for $3,290,000.

Spectacular. Just spectacular. How else can we describe the legendary 1794 silver dollar? This coin is thought to be the very first silver dollar ever struck, making it nothing short of an American Treasure. This incredible coin is graded PCGS Specimen 66, and sold at auction in 2013 for the astronomical price of $10,016,875!

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