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Brian Shuttleworth  Hi. My name is Brian


We all have our funny little quirks. My wife has one… Wherever she is when she decides to go to bed is where she removes and sets down her glasses. Tonight, it's the kitchen!

Got the boys a trim today!

‪The biggest battle in my life at the moment is getting my 3 year old to understand "You ate the popsicle, you throw the stick away". ‬

It was an honor to receive some of my Grandpa's original medals from #WorldWar2. #ProudGrandson

How to entertain a grumpy girl at her brothers basketball game. Two suckers, popcorn and YouTube Kids.

Just think, it's someone's job at #TacoBell Corporate to sit in an office and come up with the little sauce packet sayings. And it's someone else's job to sit in another office and wait to approve those sayings.

Well, that's one way to do it. #sheisagenius

Ever have one of those days where you have prepared to make the best omelette ever and then you find out you're out of eggs?!

There comes a certain point where all little cowgirls are just done with the rodeo.

Hair cut from Sids today. Now lunch at home with M'Lady!