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Exercise style, type of the movement, the type of the food we eat or how we prepare it, time in the certain posture, the way how we recover, where fo you stare (or not) or/and where and how long we hold a suitcase. All these (and whatever you are thinking off) require the right dosage and diverse approach


For me, from the physical perspective every day is a SISS and SIIT (sub-maximal intensity/interval). However HIGH INTENSITY both steady and interval (HISS and HIIT) are important too. For the anabolic hormone production (growth hormone and testosterone - because who likes women boobs on men), I like to burn fat post session or increase VO2 Max, to prevent Sarcopenia and Dynapenia.

I schedule these types of metabolic conditioning maximum of 2-3 times a week for 4-30 minutes each session.

However it’s important that we don’t over do it as too much of high intensity can lead to arterial stiffness due to oxidative stress (HISS) or prioritising a certain cell signalling pathway (mTOR). Due to interval component of HIIT this type is usually longer in length then HISS.

Today, I designed myself 4Q MetCon (Metabolic Conditioning) using our 4Q NM (Neuro-Mechanical) but for a change I switched the scenarios. HISS for LLT and longer whereas for HIIT I used LMT and made it shorter however the intensity of LMT drills where very high.

To learn more about 4Q MetCon, its benefits, consequences and how to program join our Part 2 IoM mentorship next year or see course 7 on our app

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Getting some #vipr action in to improve shoulder and t-spine #mobility, lateral #movement and also tensile #strength in end ranges. Such a versatile bit of kit that we use all the time at #strengthinmotion for vipr courses and sales check out the guys @pbaustralia
Great bit of kit used in tandem with @wavebladesportsroller for enhanced movement #performance and #injuryprevention
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Go to perform-better.com.au to register!👏🏻#performbetteraustralia #instituteofmotion

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Work in day as a part of my recovery program after the long flight. Joining today’s post from @authentichealthcoach in this beautiful @genesis_performance flow. Who’ll add step #3. @dpderrickprice ? #genesisflow #IoM #healthcoach #recovery #workinday #summitflow #SIIT

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Following yesterday's post about our Speed & Agility sessions on Saturdays from 9:30-10:30, coach @joearatari who is running the sessions is dropping a sneak peak! If you're a Rochester area athlete looking to get faster, more agile & improve your mechanics, shoot us a message to sign up!
Doesn't look like much, but lateral cross overs drills are a bang for your buck exercise for field/court athletes. This drill teaches athletes how to properly use a crossover step which is pivotal in Lacrosse, hockey, baseball, softball etc..Quick Acceleration & Deceleration skill, ACL Prevention/screening, foot, ankle, knee, hip stability, thus a space efficient agility drill. We're looking for athletes to be able to start & end quickly with NO collapsing of the knee. Progress by giving an external stimulus that athletes must react to, to start & finish! @nextlevelrochester #strengthandconditioning #nextlevelscny #movement #speed #agility #athlete #athletic #rochester #fairport #trainathleticbeathletic @stackmedia @perform_better @perform_better_europe @pbaustralia

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DEADSHIFT! So many good things come with this whole package. Forget about the science for now and trust me - this is really good for you!!! #vipr #shift #deadshift #vipraustralia

Emily will be joining us in Melbourne for her EBFA Movement from the Ground Up Workshop on the 28th and 29th of Oct. 👏🏻Go to perform-better.com.au to register.
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Proud to be here for the third time doing ViPR course, learning from @janhutnan and I'll be back for a fourth!
Each time I do this course I learn something new, and strengthen what I have already learnt making me a better coach to help others achieve the best outcome! Thank you @pbaustralia and @janhutnan.
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Had to steal this rare opportunity with ViPR creator, Michol Dalcourt for a mash up. #animalflow #vipr #instituteofmotion #movementmojo #movementmedicine

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Few times I already heard that ViPR is good for this and not good for this...although there are certainly more great tools available to us I can assure you that ViPR is very diverse. 1. Mobility 2. Loaded agility 3. Agile Strength 4. Tensile Strength 5. Cardio 6. Power 7. Recovery My online training library holds at least 250 ViPR drills for different levels. If you are interested to learn some new cool and very effective drills let me know. MUSIC COURTESY: DJ Shamee Dee #vipraustralia #viprstrength #viprrecovery #viprmobility #viprcardio #viprpower #LMT

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Training for POWER? The ability to decelerate or completely stop momentum is critical for the prevention of lower body injuries. At the same time Acceleration is the ability to increase the speed which is lost as we age together with more sedentary lifestyle. This is a great Acceleration and Deceleration drill in transverse plane. Download our IoM Health App to see the entire month of power and more. Search for Platform by IoM. #vipraustralia #IoMhealth #healthcoach #staycurious

RepostBy @vipraustralia: "Not always we have to go flashy and jump around. Some simple strength drill can be so functional!! Change the hold and you have a different tissue response. Sooo many good things happening here. Fascial adaption needs different speed - direction and load. VARIABILITY! In this case let's keep the speed but play with the vectors which will certainly vary the force. #vipr #vipraustralia #LLT #IoM #vivobarefootausnz #tensilestrength" (via #InstaRepost @EasyRepost)

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