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Paz A.K.A Pazita  NASM Certified Personal Trainer #AllNaturalWeightloss Down ⬇️115 LBS God is good! everyday in every way. SC:ItsPazita FB:Pazita_V


It’s been along weekend! Between working my full time job, training my clients, and trying to get everything together to open up our training studio. Times just flies by! Last night @yeahsoowhat and myself spent all day doing errands that we adjust our workout to fit our circumstances. We prepared a total body workout with what we had. Resistance bands, space, kettlebells abs our body weights. We love to lift weights but that is not all we do. Resistance bands are great to incorporate to your workouts and that burn kills.
WOD 3 Rounds
12 resisted reverse Lunges per leg
12 push-ups
12 band resisted Rows
3 sprint laps
20 partner assisted -resisted Hip Thrust
25 Resisted KB Swings
30 sec RKC planks
12 staggered RDLs per leg
20 Resisted deadbugs
Let me tell you I was dying!

Happy Friday mi Gente!
It’s been a long week and finally feeling like a human again now that I am back to working regular hours. Just wanted to share this #FaceToFace because I took this selfie this past Saturday and I felt prettay... obvy the crown and glossy eyes are part of the Snapchat filter. The eyebrows are mine though 😏👌🏽. ***Just reminding you that change takes time, so be patient and president. I cant believe how big my eyes look now and I am so happy I found my neck. It’s the little thing I tell you!
Have a good day! 😘😘😘😘

Cardio today had me looking like ☠️ Things we must do right?! Getting home feeling satisfied.

Hope you had a good day😘

🍑🍑🍑pump was🔥👌🏽 **The angles are not important when your gains show either way.
Good night Fam!

Had a great workout sesh today! Even though I worked out alone @anthonytrifone came through last Minutes with handy skills before starting his workout.
Here I am working in Single leg RDLs and even though I’ve yet to perfect these. I am very satisfied at the progressed I’ve made so far with these specific type of workout. If you’ve been following for a while you know how much if a struggle these have been. ***FYI-This Single leg exercise is great for the glutes, hamstrings and are great for hip stability. You will be able to track progress in this excessive as your stability and range of motion will improve. #SelfImprovementIsAMust

Progress Picture Time: These past 2 months my weight has fluctuated between 240-245lbs. While these past 3 weeks I have not been tracking and meal prepping as intensively as I normally do. Work, family, and life gets in the way. I get it. However we still have to make time for our health. I might weigh the same but, I’m down a couple inches and my XL clothes drown me and..my large clothing is now fitting me loose! The scale does not tell you the whole story so don’t rely on it 100%, use it as a tracking tool.

Finisher today was brutal!!! I was think this would give a good excuse to skip cardio, but I still did 30 minutes after!
Strength and Conditioning superset felt pretty good until I got to the 3rd round. 🎥: @steph_lopez24

😂😂😂😂 Best comment I’ve read!
#itsthelittlethings and now I want fries.

Happy Monday! Thankful I am blessed to be awake today. Busy day at work, but can’t complain because I am blessed to have a job. Look at positive side of things because being a negative Nancy it’s not fun. #SorryIfYourNameIsNancy

Have an amazing day, go be amazing. Find a reason to smile because you are blessed😘

Yes, I am a firm believer that when God has something planned for you, he will work on shifting those things for you. Having a tough day today.. dealing with family and what they seem to believe is the best for me. Interesting how family can be, like I always say don’t let negativity occupy space in your heart or mind. If its meant to be, God will make it happen.
Pray for guidance always, good night 😘

Been busy all day between church and work... just getting home go eat dinner. I went to celebrate my cousin’s wedding last night. All I wanted was a cute picture but @sphvo._.14 is not a ride or die went it comes to taking pictures. Clearly she is no @peace.love.squats this what I got. I’d like to believe I looked better than this. #BadPhotographer

Worked on some squat cleans today! It’s been a while since I’ve worked on these.
Mainly did my sets at 95 and 105 lbs... of course after the working sets were done @peace.love.squats wanted to see what are max are.... Man!!! I need to seriously keep working on these form is plotchy but I did after 2 failed attempts clean 125 lbs for 1 rep. Finished with some accessory work and excessive sweating but that not new.

What did you guys work on today?

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