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Paz A.K.A Pazita  NASM Certified Personal Trainer #AllNaturalWeightloss Down ⬇️115 LBS God is good! everyday in every way. SC:ItsPazita FB:Pazita_V

No better way to end this vacation then to celebrate my birthday. Turning 28 today! Had such an amazing day thanks to everyone who took the time to wish me a happy birthday. You guys are amazing. Special thanks to bae for making today extra special. 😘

The goal seems impossible until you look back and realize how much closer you are now than you use to be. You will never regret taking your life back! I loved myself then, but I love myself much more now. More because I am fighting to keep myself healthy and strong.
Happy Tuesday 😘

It's just that simple.

Guyssss yes I've been MIA... and I'm not ignoring your Messsages just trying to use the little seconds of wifi I get to post what I can.... anyways on vacation till next week here in Morocco enjoying this beautiful country with my someone special. Went to visit Marjorelle Garden today.. here are some pics of today.

#TBT to my 18th Birthday πŸ™ˆπŸ˜…. Cant believe 1 week from today I'll be 28 and this was 10 years ago. Time really does fly, so remember to enjoy life every chance you get. Just a few hours left until I can leave work and start my vacation!

Haters will say Joseph's biceps are photoshopped πŸ™„πŸ™„. -----------------------------------------------
Missing @icthruyu in this!!! We will figure out a way to photoshop you in😘

Killer leg workout today with @yeahsoowhat and @yanakhuzeykina. I don't know how this will help on my long flight tomorrow night but these are the things we must do.

Happy #transformationtuesday just wasted to share with you guys a different type of progress. Loosing weight is great but getting healthy, getting strong, and performing better are goals.
Everyone is different... Yes,I am still loosing weight, i "try" to eat my macros everyday. I say try because my biggest problem is under eating believe it or not... anyways my point is focus on the important things. The scale only tells you one point of view. Your body, how you feel and how perform tell you everything. Here goes to show you how much being consistent and patient gets you. Still not perfect but progress is progress.
Shoutout to @yeahsoowhat for pushing to do everything I hate to do. Many of you message me wondering why I still train with Joseph.
I passed the NASM certification exam over the weekend. Which means I'm certified personal trainer now, but I still need to keep focused on working on my weak areas. The better I become at perfecting these areas the better I become at training. Training myself and my current clients.. Like I tell my clients I know the struggle because I lived it, because I struggled thought it. My point is I'm not done learning from papa Joe yet. That's what great about life we never stop learning! Have a good day❀️

Take it from me! Sometimes we make it seem harder than it is, but it's not.. happy Monday!
Have an awesome week everyone.

So I'm taking a last minute vacation for my birthday this year. Yup! Who is this Paz?! Anyways been running around doing errands all day trying to make sure I have everything I need to head to Morocco...
I make to the gym with no workout shoes... thank God had a pair a socks for me to borrow. That's all I need to get the workout done... is never a good day when she wants to add core workouts in between sets 😭😭😭. #WhyTeni FYI-parts of video are sped up
Hope you guys enjoyed your day!

Because you can let good selfie days go to waste. Hope you all had an amazing Saturday!! Couldn't have asked for a better day myself.
Buenas noches 😘

So @b_dimez tells to pick this up like is 5lbs. Lord baby Jesus almost died. Thanks for coaching through this. Always wanted to try this, stones are so hard and having toddler size hands is not helpful but I survived. Sore already.

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