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Be a warrior when it comes to delivering on your ambitions. And a saint when it comes to treating people with respect, modeling generosity, and showing up with outright love.

Learn to invest into yourself instead of into your bad habits.

The past cannot be changed! The future is yet in your power!

This weekend was absolutely life changing! @jlittlejohnsc, you have grown so much man and I can’t wait for our movement to change millions of lives before we’re even 30! Let’s crush life and hit these next 6 month+ hard! Love you brother!

You ether make moves or you make excuses. You’re the only choice maker in the decision!

To achieve your goals, it requires discipline and consistency every single day!

Belief determine actions that determines results!

Grow from your failures!

Close your eyes, and visualize yourself reaching your goals.
Try something new today.
Take a walk in a park, and let nature reset your mind.
Make a to-do list.
Get more sleep.

Let’s crush this game we call life together!

If you surround yourself with people that don’t bring value to the world, you will do the same.
Surround yourself with people whom are on the same mission as you!

The week is yours so own it😎

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