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PAYSAVED PAYMENT SOLUTIONS  Empower sellers and buyers free online access to accept and make all types of payment transactions with the simplest way possible.

Our way of saying thank you for your trust!
Merry Christmas to all of you!.. check the mechanics for this! You can also LIKE our page on facebook #paysavedpaymentsolutions #paysaved

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Our Services: Electricity Bills, Water Bills, Internet&Phone Bills, Credit Card Bills, Ticketing, and Merchants.

We welcome and congratulate our growing payment partners!
Sign-up at and enable your businesses to accept payments from our partners: accept Credit Card payments, accept online payment, accept reservations, and do more for your business!
With PaySaved, never deny any customers of their type of payments anymore.
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Have you ever wished you can book plane tickets ONLINE, most of all through TEXT and CALL?

Do you own a business, much unfortunate a hotel/motel/inn, that cannot offer plane tickets to customers?
Partner with PaySaved for FREE to empower your business earn more and offer more service ZERO COST!

What's the point of going to a travel agency only to find out your travel schedule is already full?
PaySaved offers you booking through TEXT and CALL!

Do you travel in groups but can't get discounts because your travel schedule is not at promo date?
PaySaved offers you group discounts any day!

Are you an established business, offers professional services, do rentals or selling used stuff without the capability to accept online/offline Credit/Debit Card payments? Do you hate waiting in line to pay bills and wish you can pay it online or at your nearest national and rural banks? Do you want to book and purchase tickets by calls&texts? Do you want security and convenience in making and accepting payments?

PaySaved is the solution! Like our page, inquire us, and SIGN-UP now for FREE at

You'll be surprised that your Electric&Water, (etc.) Bills in Mindanao, Visayas, and Luzon areas already accepts ONLINE payments even when you are outside the country.

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