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8ambassadorrr💞  Dra.Vinsensia K. Palit💎 👣this acc made to be remembered not tobe forgotten 👣 Post for ngoni yang kangen klas 8a ANGKATAN 97 :)

Pa kekung dangg😂
Sehat kung? 😂

Dear @kimberlyysg @kimmskolastika

You'll be missed.
Nobody can be crazy as you.
No matter how loud i scream to tell you be quiet. U just keep talking. Now u leaving. It takes time for us to admit it. We hope u'll be better and realize everthing. So that when we grow up and we'll see you in the better person that we know you still have it. Can't believe you must left. Thanks anyway for the daily-jokes. Our school probably gonna be a little bit quiet. But one thing that you must know that you are not alone. Yeah u never alone. Eventho sometimes you make us mad. But it just doesn't matter cause you always make us smile again. Thanks tho.. But... You know what?
Jang lupa pa torang e cabecabean sayangg 😌😌😛

Hbd cipittss😽❤
WUATB + lebe dkt dng geboy deng ng pe gebet" yg laeng
God bless✨

Hepi besdey for dede icutt😘😝
Ta tamba tu bae ta krng tu bisae longlast deng benhard ❤❤
Ps:sori cut tdi nd da se berdoa komangg😔😔 merasa bersalah te atik

Hbd genjii🔥
Ps : foto yg tuhari dihapus krn yg bersangkutan tdk senang dng foto trsbt. makaseh😌

Ehehe. Hai
Jadi, abis trg ba foto ini
Trg bku dpa dng mams
Kong dapa marahh -,

Taken by @yonathanprimalie02
ps: thx yoyo

Sayang sayang disayaanggg~~~

HappyBirthdayy longkennggg sorry so lwt 🎂🎂🎂🎉🎉🎉🎉GBU n WUATB( ps: kpn ka pax longkeng;((

hbd china lolenggg wuatbbb gope😂🎉🎈🎂❤

Anaknya ibu nego cincaii niehh

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