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PAWZ ONE  Check out the latest @thecyphereffect cypher featuring myself and a bunch of killers!

Why are people liking this post? Lol
You MF'ers happy I lost my shit? Haha text me your numbers damn it

Figure if im gonna do shit im gonna keep it limited to the fans who really give a fuck. So here's a chance to pre order a limited edition 45" that includes a cd copy of the album. Only (25) are made and 18 are left. Each copy is signed and number courtesy of Boombap masterpiece records. to order or dm me for the direct link. Much luv

Hosting this show for my boy @rek1.tup B Day tomorrow in pomona. Gonna be a good night.

With shit like this happening I can only be grateful for the people who come to the shows and buy cds, vinyl and merch. Thank you.

Here we go! Did a new @thecyphereffect with a group of all spitters @chuuw33 @babyripgut @xaviertopfloor @krocstedy reppin @belowsystem hit the link in my bio to check it out and share this shit if you fuck with the bars. #cyphereffect #BelowSystem #lyrics #bars #cypher #3beamed

Happens less often every year tho. Thats why I dont have a "crew" or "team" or whatever. No one will ever be as invested in your success as you.

Haha This will be me if god willing i make it to be that fuckin old.

Puttin the final touches on my 3X3 project with @wckrecords all 3 tracks are produced by @cee_one__ with guest appearances by @psycho_les & @masta_of_ceremoniez gonna have limited edition cds and vinyl on the way soon. Drawing by @davidjones33
In the meantime check out my latest project "Sell Me a Dream" Thats out now everywhere.

Too many people we're complaining about me recording butt ass naked so Im making my own booth at home.
S/O the the rusty trombonist @johnhenry_shovelnhammer for helping me out.

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