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keep the snakes away unless they gucci or taylor swift

❝being the girl sitting alone in the cafe, taking a picture of her latte. if that's a thing.❞ - @taylorswift

reputation precedes me they told you i'm crazy i swear i don't love the drama it loves me

there will be no further explanation
there will just be R E P U T A T I O N

Timing is a funny thing. So I've been away from the internet for some time to focus on school and I still have a few weeks til finals and the end of the semester but something really cool happened. @taylorswift and her managment invited me to her house for the Los Angeles Secret Sessions a few weeks ago. I was sitting getting ready for class when I just decided to check my Twitter DMs out of the blue. I probably would have never checked because of how busy things were in the semester. And there I saw it, what people told me about. The magical message from @taylornation I thought I was hallucinating for a minute. It didn't feel real. I ran out of class cause my head was spinning and I couldn't process it. I had to call my mom and my brother who had to calm me down since I don't really talk much at school and I'm not too close with a lot of people. There were tears coming down my face I was so happy. I went home early that day because I had a big decision to make. It was school or Swift. Unfortunately due to midterms I was unable to attend. I was completely heartbroken and shattered. Imagine wanting something so badly for the last half of your life and having to say no. It was the hardest decision of my entire life because I didn't want to fail school. There was no way for me to have missed the exam or re-written it. I'm also not in the best place right now financially so flying all the way out to California would have required a lot from me. Laura, from Taylor Nation was very supportive of my decision. She was able to understand the complexity of my situation as her Dad is a doctor. I figure with my career, school and schedule this is the way life is going to be for the next two years til I graduate with my degree. Unless its my time off during May-August or Christmas break. And she also said that Taylor would be so proud and happy for me and that'd some day I'd make a great nurse. I tried to handle it as a mature adult, but I admit after I got off the phone call I was bawling on the floor of my bedroom for a while. It was really hard because I wasn't allowed to speak about it to anyone due to confidential reasons and it all being kept a secret from you guys.

I don't know about you but I'm feeling 22.

coasting rollercoasting thru my emotions 🎢 - @thegr8khalid

we told them we drove all the way from canada just for @innout and they opened half an hour early for us 😂🍟🍔

new to town with a made up name in the angel's city chasing fortune and fame and the camera flashes make it look like a dream 📸

clear blue water high tide came and brought you in 🌊

california now capture it remember it 🌸

and every day is like a battle but every night with us is like a dream ✨

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