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pawnprice  The art and life of Shaun Edwards

Please help us spread this campaign to raise money for nicks medical and personal expenses while he recovers from his accident. Anything helps, please repost. Thank you. Link in bio.

Awesome weekend with the fam #cayugalake

Happy Mother's Day to you @becca_rose . You brought Aiden into our lives and you are the glue that holds this house together. I am forever devoted to you. We love you so much!!!

Old mural painted during Art Basel in Miami 5 years ago with @madhatterone and @yodes121 , still running. 📷: Matt Smith #pawnmd #artbaselmiami #wynwood #wynwoodartdistrict #mtncolors #chameleon

Some people really don't like teepees. 25 miles away from Jersey City, the town of Mahway is taking the Ramapough Mountain Indian tribe to court over teepees built near million-dollar homes on sacred land. link bio. #Ramapough #ramapoughlenapenation

Action shot by @digital_taxidermy of my "controversial mural" which includes this teepee. #pawnmd #jerseycitymurals #jcmap #mtncolors

Portrait of my son and I 📷: @ap_uat

Part 3 of 3:

History IS sensitive, this happened and continues to happen. i.e. the Red Power movement of the 1960s and 70s and STANDING ROCK! I'm well aware that Lenape did not live in Teepees and for you to assume that me, someone with Cherokee roots, whose wife is also Cherokee, would use a teepee as a symbol out of ignorance or for personal gain is completely absurd and hurtful. My work and message is CULTURE APPRECIATION and my intent is to draw attention to our history and the price of freedom. The star filled sky and the wolf are a tribute to my dead dog and play on what the sky which the building now blocks could have looked like before we built our cities and blocked out the night with our light pollution. How is any of this offensive or insensitive? What you are accusing me of is ignorance and I find it personally offensive and borderline slander. I'd appreciate if you'd retract some of your statements, and remove the photographs of my murals, now that you have a better understanding.
I will continue to push the messaging that I think is important and you can continue to criticize but next time you use an artist as your PAWN to push a political agenda, please do some research or give that artist a reasonable amount of time to respond.

Thank you

Artist statement continued.

Part 2:

I am having a hard time understanding how you are so quick to assume in your writing: "But murals like PAWN’s, which failed twice to honor Jersey City’s precolonial history and its settlement by Lenape tribes, suggest otherwise." - First off, my mural from 2013 on Grand and Summit depicts a Lenape women which I had extensively researched and the mural is doing exactly what you are saying it is not. It is nothing but a tribute to the Lenni-Lenape tribe and its culture which inhabited the land in the neighborhood we now call Bergan-Lafayette Jersey City. The American flag "war paint"'s purpose is to depict the irony of "land of the free home of the brave." This mural was designed site specific to pay homage to land and the people that once were before the colonization of the North East. So please tell exactly what it is you think I am suggesting? I would appreciate it if you retracted that false statement. -Second, my new mural is not meant to be site specific, murals do not need to always relate to exact area they are placed. Your and Sarahs remarks based off your assumptions are neither true or fair: (“blatantly insensitive to Native American history and culture,” featuring stereotypical iconography of a wolf howling at the moon and a teepee glowing beneath the torch of the Statue of Liberty. See next post.

PLEASE READ this artist statement Part 1 of 3. There are a few people talking about my work calling it cultural appropriation which is far from fact. These two opinionated bloggers need to understand the facts one way or another. Neither took the time to ask me for a comment prior to writing these awful articles and when I replied in a comment on their site, it was immediately erased essentially erasing my voice, message and intent, not even giving me a chance to explain the truth behind the art. PLEASE go to their sites and leave comments with your opinion. - Author - Claire Moon - Author - Amy Wilson

Here was my reply to Claire which was erased.

Hi Claire

I appreciate you attempting to reach out to me however, you really could have given me more time to respond, as I have been very busy. Regardless I understand your concern about proper vetting for the murals that go up but you should also understand that this mural WAS vetted by the local community, the block association for the neighborhood, and the building owner. It was actually selected by the community out of 3 designs that were on the table from 3 different artists. As I was painting the mural over 4 days I received countless compliments from people who live in this neighborhood and several members of the community board who stopped by to personally engage with me and discuss exactly what I was aiming to accomplish with this mural as you tried, but failed, to do.

See next post:

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