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Dogs 🐶 | Puppies🐕 | Pets🐩  - 🐾 i love all dogs & i share my love of them 👊🏻 - 🐺- My furry best friend is 👉#catherine_gsd 👈 , she’s my service dog -

Members of the 436th Security Forces Squadron say farewell to retired military working K9 Rico as his former US Air Force handler carries him to the veterinary clinic; Rico was suffering from a spinal cord disease.
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Such a clever boy! 🙌🏻
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I just can't handle that face 😍😍
Credits: @zeus.gshepherd
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German #K9 @badassery

🇺🇸 #VeteranOwned @k9gunnertactical
When choosing a reward for your dog, obviously, you want to make sure it is something they will get excited about and thoroughly enjoy! Some dogs are motivated by food, others more by toys. Figure out what your dog likes best, then only use that “thing” during training.  I mostly use food when doing obedience for several reasons but mainly because I can get more repetitions and maintain a dog’s attention longer, at a lower drive. I start with the lowest value treat (dog’s own kibble) then work my way up in value as the difficulty level of training increases (eg: chicken). View these rewards as a paycheck for your dog working.  When the job gets longer or harder that paycheck should increase to maintain the dog’s "want" to work. When it comes to toy rewards, we love Kongs! Kongs are perfect because they are specifically designed in a way where they are safe and fun for all sizes/breeds of dogs. A Kong will hone in on a dog’s prey drive which easily excites dogs and adds to the overall positive experience. If using food, training treats should be low in calories but also taste good! Freeze dried @vitalessentialsraw are typically what I start with. They contain 1 ingredient: meat! Dogs love them and they are a healthy, filler-free treat that have many flavors options. Once you have your dog’s attention, use it! Start training, start building a bond, be the pack leader and enjoy every second of it!
Interested in training with us? Start by emailing my team at: info@k9GunnerTactical.com or call us (908) 454-K9GT (5948) to set up a consultation!
🐾 Build a bond.
🐾 Build trust.
🐾 Build your TEAM!
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Cool, Creepy, or Cute? ❤
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A little throwback to when I was just learning about the stairs! You should see me fly down them now!!!
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🗣 @policebadassery - 😂🐾 #doghumor

So i asked her if she wanted to go outside.... #catherine_gsd was like “no... get back to belly rubs” 😂😂
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Them fingers look like sausages @mrs.badassery 😭🤣🙈
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"While baby Watson is a hugger, my big sweet Kiko is a #kisser !
Who are you, a Watson or a Kiko?"
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Who will win this staring contest?😐💯😂Tag your friends to challenge them😁
📹: @affenandthegriffs

“You coming out tonight?" - Me:"Sorry I can't...Super busy with all the work stuff 😣😥"

RIP heroes 🇺🇸 @militarybadassery

They are always protecting the baby 💕
@milperthusky #huskynation

Totally made my day 😎
🗣 @mrs.badassery

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