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Pawbu  Pawbu is a Creative & Gaming streamer, doing things like playing instruments, crochet, and Zelda playthroughs!

I think Pawbu just went live on twitch?! Da fudge?!

Free handing it like a boss! Kawaii!!! 😍♥️🎼

"We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams." - Willy Wonka 🎶

Got to meet Pocket and Andromedan IRL! What an incredible weekend.

I got to meet the pilot! Cockpits are awesome. Just like from a movie. I got to press a button!! And the copilot plays flute! And the flight attendant does yoga. I'm just befriending the whole plane while we're delayed haha

SO nervous! I'm flying in my first plane ever in just a few hours! I am insanely excited to meet @mspocketninja though!!! Guys what do I do?!?! | #flying #firsttimeflyer #fangirling #nervous

Hey guys! I'm coming to you live with some #music, #crochet, and #Zelda on #twitch! Come watch me struggle 😂 | @twitchcreative @twitch

So... many... triangles.... 😵

Calling it quits on today. Tomorrow is last day with hubbie. Dunno when the next stream will be. Sorry folks.

Live. New video. More crochet.

Live on twitch. Being creative. I hope you got the FFZ addon pack!! *hint*

Finished the Ocarina for Andromedan! About to start a new crochet set for another Subscriber... see you soon on twitch!

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