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Pavlov The Corgi 🐾  The Life of Pavlov 🐶 (M) 10/27/15 🎂 #pavgod 💌 @PavlovMemes #Pavloves❤ ⬇️PavStickers:

Me: Hi, my name is Pavlov!
Her: That name rings a bell! 😂
Me: Not this again...😒
Her: you're making my mouth water 🤣
Me: I fucking hate my parents 😑

Raise your hand if you like any cute dog picture regardless of the caption
Now raise your hand if you actually come specifically for the Pavlov captions 🙋🏼
📸 @emwng

If someone ever intimidates you, remember that they're 70% water. Are you afraid of water? We'll you should be -- 400,000 people per year drown 💦🌊💦
Memes @pavlovmemes

Mom: Put on deodorant, Pavlov
Pavlov: Who the fuck calls arm pit sauce "deodorant?!" Memes @pavlovmemes

Tofu: whisper something in my ear🤤
Pavlov: I can't wait to eat some Tofu for dinner tonight😝
Chibi: Damn, y'all some freaks😏
📸 @emwng

Pavlov: I like bagels because they're empty inside, just like me
Cashier: uh... ok, so you'd like one black coffee and a plain bagel. That'll be $6

Girlfriend: Why is your back all scratched up, Pavlov?
[flashback to me chasing a raccoon after she told me to leave it alone]
Me: I'm cheating on you

My favorite bitches to bitch about bitches with 💁🏼
📸credit: @emwng

[in therapy]
Therapist: what's on your mind, Pavlov?
Pavlov: Seals are just boneless dogs...
Pavlov: wine is just boneless grapes...
Pavlov: sweatpants are just boneless jeans...
Therapist: what the fuck is wrong with you?

Friend: Hey, Pavlov, what's your street name?
Me: Lil PavGod the Savage
Friend: you live on a street called Lil PavGod the Savage?
Me: ohhh you meant my address?

📸credit: @emwng

Interviewer: do you have any special skills or talents, Pavlov?

[on first date]
Date: what's it like to date you?
Pavlov: ever find a curly fry in your batch of regular fries? 😏
Memes @pavlovmemes #fryday

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