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Pavlov The Corgi 🐾  🏠 #SD | #LA | #SB 💌 My #memepage @pavlovmemes listen to the new @FreshPet podcast now! ↙️

Pavlov: *gets down on one knee*
Tofu: omg, it’s finally happening
Pavlov: *falls over*
Tofu: the poison is kicking in
Pavlov: *dies*
Ft. @tofu_corgi #pofu

Me: sad spelled backwards is das and das how it be sometimes
Therapist: it really do be like that sometimes
Me: it do

FreshPet (@freshpet) just launched its new podcast “Pet Parents, Oversharing” and Pavlov and parents are loving it! The hosts are hilarious and kept us engaged and laughing throughout. Our favorite conversation was about people’s opinions around being called a “pet parent.” What are your thoughts about being called pet parent? Go check out the podcast now (link in bio) and let us know what you think in the comments! #ad #freshpet #petparentsoversharing

Her: So what do you do?
Pavlov: I'm currently trying to eliminate all cancers
Her: Wow, impressive
Pavlov: Then I'll move on to Virgos

Crush: what are you gonna be for Halloween, Pavlov?
Pavlov: horny 🦄
Crush: gross *runs away*
Pavlov: I am incapable of being loved

[weather forecast]
Anchorman: And now Pavlov with the weather!
Pavlov: It’s snowing cats and Corgis!
🎥 @pavlovthecorgi and @tofu_corgi

[Facebook Headquarters]
Pavlov: *concludes powerpoint* and that is why we should declare Thursday’s “Thicc Thursdays”
CEO: That entire presentation was just pictures of your ass, Pavlov
Join me on #thiccthursdays as I share my Corgi butt photos! I’ll repost my favs on my IG story!
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Pavlov: The other day I realized that beds are just shelves for humans when they aren’t being used, now I have no idea how to move on with my life
Teacher: And this is why you don’t do drugs, kids
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Librarian: Shhh!
Me: *changes blender to low setting* my bad.
Pavlov merch available now (link in bio)!

Pavlov: This isnt what I meant by my craigslist post “Dog Looking for Feline to Eat Ass”
Cat: oh my bad, I’ll stop
Pavlov: wait, let’s see where this goes

[First Date]
Me: Fuck your Zodiac sign, who’s you’re favorite Instagram dog?

Her: I don’t like dogs
Me: (angrily throws down $15 in Kohl's cash on table) this date is over

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