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P A V 繚 D H A R I A  Na Ja


These are the only clothes that survived my mother's potent tadka attack this morning. #nutsandseeds

Throw back to when his balls were still intact #desexyourdogs

Super proud of the Indian Space Research Organisation for launching their heaviest rocket 'Fat Boy' into orbit. Although I would have called it 'Healthy Auntie' but who listens to me. We need a paradigm shift in feeling pride collectively as a nation and not live in hatred and segregation. This is a great day in history probably second only my birth.

We're more divided than ever before even though we're now living in the golden age of technology with poverty halved over the past 30 years. It's great to see us shifting our mentality from war and weapons to education and research where it truly benefits humanity.

India is now one of few nations able to put such heavy payloads into space and it's sad that not a lot of social media attention goes towards highlighting such amazing feats! These are the events that should motivate younger kids to dream big and collectively take our human race forward.


Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone! And thank you Genie for discovering someone was in the house before the surprise

Teach em while they're young

How sad songs begin their journey.

About as candid as you can get

My next project with @babbalrai9 will be out soon! #dreamboy

I'm fucking dead 不不不

Start with the dog and work your way up.

Meet our lead actor for today - Sultan

Life Pro Tip - Don't wear new shoes on a semi-dry lake.

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