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This perspective never gets old

N e x t

Props to this bride for letting her husband pick the music for their wedding video. #notstereotypingatall #NaJa

Well on my way to becoming a hipster. Just gotta start chucking some garlic and tumeric into my cha

The Great Dharia Reef

My ganna brings all da girls to the khet damn right all dem haterz gown hate #farlotatts

"Excuse me can you take a candid photo of me?"

Maroon sports jackets are like........soooo in right now omg #kuttakardashian

If Sunny Leone can make it from being in front of the camera to Bollywood, I'll try my luck from behind. #firstporno

Keep it simple stupid.

In my pre-celebration of 20M views for #NaJa I'd like to show some BTS footage. In the age of almost everything we see being fake and enhanced (my eyebrows are real but enhanced) I think it's important to look at how things really are in reality.

I asked the owners of this car park if we could film our music video there when it's empty and she said no. But I really loved the look it gave so decided to take a crew of 1 at 2AM (my brother from another mother/camera man from forever @manavsangha). With a window of about 10 mins (before someone called the cops on two Arab looking dudes with a camera doing snake charmer moves) tried and get a few shots in.

We weren't going to do any lighting set up so I didn't take any film lighting except for the headlights of my car bouncing in from the ceiling of the car park.

This is the result 💡

Twinning hard @daviddharia

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