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Paul Scheper ... Live!  Mortgage Savant, Real Estate Broker, Harvard Univ. Author, USC MBA, Coach, Father, Husband, Pug Owner, Football Announcer, Depressed Empty Nester.

Bronco Season. Pug Season. Preseason Camp!

Living on a Pug, Living on a Prayer.

So true. So right.

Father's Day lunch with a son I am so proud of. Great day, full of laughs. Scotty Scheper even paid the tab. Sarah and Gigi were down the street shopping! 🤓👍

The cure for insanity.

Mark Zuckerberg spoke at my 35th Reunion. Here's his reaction when I told him hello. I'm like Ron Burgundy. People know me. I'm kind of a big deal. Lol.

My wife placed this framed picture at eye level above our bathroom toilet. She knew I'd pay attention if there was a sports theme.

Let's try to help somebody tomorrow at work by encouraging them. Believe in them. 🤗☝️

West Palm Sunshine at The Breakers Hotel!!! Good times! Sarah found another nice homebuyer. I carry the luggage.

Pre Wedding is fun, too. Congrats to Michael and Superstar Emily!

Sarah Scheper sells so many homes that it forces me to do Mortgage Moonlighting in LALA County and Orange County.

Come tomorrow at noon in Mission Viejo. 949-636-7242. Straight Talk about Reverse Mortgages.

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