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Great day training with @fitgirl10jojo over at the best gym @powerhouse.tampa.florida Jo just started prep and after a fantastic improvement season we are really looking for one goal. She missed her Pro Card by one spot last year....the work has been done, improvements made. 2018 is going to be amazing for Jo and @teamprophysique #teamprophysique #npcfigurecompetitor #flexibledieting #contestprep #betterwithage #leavenodoubt

Trophies 🏆 are amazing. I have a few and love every one of them. Fat loss is great, every time I get leaner I enjoy the changes and seeing how the body looks at different levels of leanness. What I do as a coach is often help someone win a trophy or lose weight….sometimes even getting stronger. What really drew me to this profession though was the idea of changing lives. My first ever client was a free client who was in need of help after being burned by as asshole coach who took his money and gave him a cookie cutter plan then dipped when he was called on it. What I remember about Josh was how dedicated he was and how fantastic he did down to every detail. He won some first place trophies that season but that’s not what got me hooked. Having his family thank me, having him thank me and having them all them me that I changed his life for the better was an unexpected bonus. I still remember telling my wife and she was the one who told me I needed to start the business. Fast forward 7 years and here I am with Alba @alba_moore_diaz Last year she was stuck, not progressing despite tons of effort. When we started working together she was not in a great place physically or mentally. We found the formula for her, her body started to respond. We met in Chicago and got to really discuss strategy and got on stage and had a great season. Once again though it’s not the trophies or stage goals that impact me. She made a post today about a dress she had purchased a while ago and never got to wear until now. This one really moved me because I can relate, not to wearing a dress 😆, but to the feeling of knowing your life has been changed for the better. Thank you Alba for being awesome and making my day! #teamprophysique #beforeandafter #beforeandafterweightloss #reversediet #flexibledieting #npcbikinicompetitor #badassmom

Only a few short weeks until I will be in Ohio for the Arnold sports Festival. This year I will be hanging with the amazing people of core nutritionals. Please comment below if you are attending and will be in Ohio so that we can meet up. There is also a seminar on Sunday with myself and some amazing people so look at the second picture and the link is in my stories! #asf2018 #teamprophysique #corenutritionals #crushit #aminaked

I would like everyone to tell me what was the moment? What was the event that created the fitness obsession in your life. I call it an obsession because it feels that way to those who know me but to me it just feels right. For me it was the summer before my Junior Year of High School. My best friend Christian and I would go through this book page by page using his plastic bench with a leg extension and try to copy as much as we could. I took weight lifting my Junior year, then my Dad bought me an Olympic weight set that Christmas with 333lbs of weight total with a squat rack, bench and curling station. Since then I have done anything I had to do for a gym membership or workout. I would go before baseball practice or after in college. When I was in party mode I would hit the gym before we went out and find a way to make it in the next day. Now I am fortunate enough to have multiple memberships to gyms, travel the world and train with amazing people in amazing places and it’s no question I am going to make time. I have built my life around adventure all from this one book I got. #arnoldschwarzenegger #encyclopediaofmodernbodybuilding #obsession #howitstarted

How many coaches know what I’m talking about? @teamprophysique clients keep me on my toes @alba_moore_diaz thanks for the Mickey Mouse post really made me laugh. #teamprophysique #onlinecoach #contestprep #peakweek #exercisescience

Most people I speak to about their stage weight are shocked. Reaching epic conditioning requires a bodyweight that most everyone is going to be uncomfortable hearing. We carry more body fat then we know and in our minds we’d like to think there is a weight where we will look fantastic at. Accept that you are wrong! Only when you accept that this number must be lower and most likely Considerably lower than what you expect will you be able to truly reach your potential. This is Cyrus @cyrustfu of @teamprophysique who weighs less than 140 pounds! We had to reach amazing conditioning to be competitive on the national stage. Cyrus also won an NPC overall title prior to taking third at nationals and he will be back and better than ever. #teamprophysique #shredded #classicphysique #npcclassicphysique #peaking #contestprep #flexibledieting #overallchampion

When you are backstage eating and drinking while everyone else thinks you’re crazy this is how it feels. Yes proper peaking means you are in shape prior to show day and we do not remove water or food to make up for lack of preparation. Instead peaking is about ensuring we look and feel our best the moment we stepped out under those lights. This can be psychologically difficult when everyone else is talking about how they have not had a drink in hours or days. Don’t be a sheep! #teamprophysique #peakweek #contestprep #npcbikini #npcfigure #npcmensphysique #npcbodybuilding #dontbeasheep

Yes this was a failure in many ways. The day before my Pro Debut where I placed 9th. After placing 1st in my first 3 bodybuilding competitions and working the hardest I had ever worked, looking the best I had ever looked I didn’t even sniff the top 5 at my first Pro Show. I took it pretty hard but had two more shows to complete which helped me focus on something positive. What I failed at was not the placing, I failed to enjoy the process. The success I had was looking the best I had ever looked. I was working harder, executing on a high level but had placed so much pressure on myself to control things I could not….like who showed up….that missed the best part. There were 18 Pro’s at the show so I managed to beat some Pro’s and of the 8 guys ahead of me all 8 had won Pro Titles previously so a very stacked show. Still that was lost on me for a while. The reason for my post is to remind you to enjoy the struggle, enjoy that you are willing to do what so few will do. Yes some days are tough in any journey but when you can savor that….the journey….that is when you succeed. My last prep I found so much more joy, so much less stress through just going with the flow. Before any results I was already so happy I had made it to stage and enjoyed my day so much more at the show. You will often lose in life, but only if you fail to realize the true point….that the process is where the value is….not the destination. #teamprophysique #naturalbodybuilding #contestprep #peakweek #flexibledieting #bodybuildinglifestyle #flexfriday

When I first starting coaching it was almost all males who knew of me through my Bodybuilding Competitions. I did not ever plan to coach women, of course I never planned to coach at all. When I started having female clients I was amazing at how vocal, honest, hard working and dedicated they were. Men tend to keep things in, we internalize a lot of what we think. The more and more strong women I have the privilege to work with the more amazed I am at just how unrelenting they are. I often have women come to me who have been doing hours of cardio, eating only a few hundred calories of the same boring foods per day. Often told no seasoning, no water for stretches and still they persist. The idea that women should not lift heavy or put on muscle for fear they look to manly is laughable to me. Any goal a woman chooses to pursue is not for you, it’s not about you. If you have an opinion on how a woman should look and behave that’s great, just keep it to yourself. You have a choice to either appreciate what they love, or change the channel and shut your mouth. I am tired of those who give an opinion when it’s not their place because of their own insecurities. Thank you to all the women who have chosen me as a coach and to those who will do so in the future. I am excited to help you reach your goals, no matter what they are. I could have chosen so many women to use for this photo so special thanks to @rkcsedwick for this picture I took in Miami at Nationals. This just said STRONG WOMAN to me! #teamprophysique #strongwoman #girlswholiftheavy #ifbbfigurepro #womenofstrength

if you are required to completely remove water from your peak week process then you are doing something wrong. I have had quite a few conversations recently with athletes who were peaked and had water removed and felt dizzy sick and had heart palpitations during peak week. Getting on stage requires getting lean ahead of schedule so that you don’t need to use drastic measures to look stage ready. Also ladies bring a funnel once you get your spray tan who here knows what I’m talking about? #teamprophysique #peakweek ##contestprep #contestprepcoach #npcbikini #ifbbbikini #npcfigure #protan

What is a team?
I often ask myself when I think about the industry that I work in and if teams are a good or bad thing. Early in my coaching career I saw a lot of negative’s associated with them. As my own coaching team has grown not only through adding more coaches who work under me but also through the increased clientele I have seen so many positives. We are a group of people with common interests that support each other on many levels. We build each other up without putting others down. @laurendannenmiller and @kaylavictoriaaa are both champions who support each other. I’m so grateful to have some many people like this on the @teamprophysique vibe! #teamprophysique #teammates #npcbikini #ifbbbikini #girlswhosupportgirls

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.
I thought of this quote today while @teamprophysique client @xtinasullivan was posing with @laurinconlin and myself in Tampa. You see I have been coaching Christina for a while now and she has always second guessed herself and her ability to be competitive. Last year when we were in a building phase and she just kept getting leaner, harder and more shredded I knew she was going to be special. Every time I brought up choosing a date for her debut she would question me. Well no longer. We got that out of her system and are now 12 weeks out, yes 12 weeks out from stage although she could get on stage in a week and be very hard to beat. This is her lifestyle. She is dedicated and even though she needed to use my food scale to take some @iconmeals Power Popcorn today I was willing to overlook that. Christina pays attention to all the details, and will no doubt have an amazing debut season on the NPC Bikini Stage. I am so glad she was able to come up, train and spend some time at the Pro Physique compound. Her husband Brian @sullivanstrength_ is also going to be making some noise on stage but this is about Christina, more on him in the future! #teamprophysique #npcbikini #npcbikinicompetitor #npcgrandprix #flexibledieter #wontbestopped

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