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Paul Revelia  Owner Pro Physique Inc. Clients @teamprophysique @corenutritionals Athlete (PAULR20) USF Exercise Science Sign Up For Coaching👇🏻

Proper peaking displayed by @teamprophysique Natural Pro @jashuha so what are the steps to peak properly?
1. Get truly stage lean 👏. This is rare, most get close but not quite there. When this is the case you can look great for moments but not sustained.
2. Learn your body! 🙌🤜💥 Be familiar with what foods digest well. Pay attention to when you have the perfect storm of food, sodium, pump and use that to your advantage!
3. Don’t try to manipulate too many variables🤔. If you look great already just put things in your favor. #teamprophysique #naturalbodybuilding #peakweek #contestprep #vascularity

When @laurinconlin and myself created our podcast @redefinehealthyradio we had a few guests we knew he had to have on. @dominic.dagostino.kt was at the top of the list. Having known Dom for a decade now it’s been amazing to see how he has changed the world with his research. He is a role model in so many ways. Our podcast will go live with Dom Monday. Episode #30 and Laurin and I are excited about the future of the show! #redefinehealthyradio #podcast #ketodiet #usf #ketogenic

42 years old. 6’3” and currently 205lbs. I’ve been slowly getting leaner this year all while having my second son in May, traveling to coach, and generally making fat loss the lowest priority it’s ever been. After perhaps the two best years in the gym I’ve ever had its clear I have more muscle and am leaner than previous diets. Understanding nutrition, training, cardio, sleep, and how it all impacts the process has been so fun. Not sure exactly what I’ll do yet, a photo shoot, some shows or what fits the schedule. Whatever it is will fit into my life which is exciting to me. I want sure how this would go but here we are! #teamprophysique #shredded #fatlossjourney #naturalbodybuilding #fitover40 #fitdad

Day after the Olympia. Let’s talk about contest prep, strength training, science and all things. I’ll be speaking for an hour along with these experts @biolayne @hollytbaxter @thestrengthcave in Las Vegas. Swipe up in my story for more detail on topics, time and to save a few sheckles by booking early! See y’all soon! #teamprophysique #contestprep #peakweek #reversedieting #procard #lasvegas #olympia

How to pick up clients! Some of the greatest bonds I have built have been though this fitness life. @fitness_iq and I have had some fun for sure and even though we don’t see each other all the time I’m just so proud to call him a friend! #teamprophysique #frands #seeyousoon

Let’s have some fun with transformation Tuesday. When I met with @1bigray over 5 years ago I told him if he wasn’t competing to be a world champion it was a waste of his talent. Ray has won some of the biggest Natural Pro Titles around and still has work to do but I am so happy to see how far he has come. From raw potential to World Champion. #teamprophysique #naturalbodybuilding #probodybuilder #contestprep #peakweek

I wanted to explain the differences in peaking for stage with these two @teamprophysique athletes. These numbers were the day before the show. @fitveganchef and @rjhoxfit_ifbbpro both turned #ifbbpro at the @npc_universe using a very different approach. They each handle carbs and sodium differently. Natalie was into her 4th show of the season and Jeanette her first. Every athlete deserves to be treated uniquely based on the individual differences. Thank you both for your hard work, dedication and trust! #teamprophysique #npcbikini #ifbbbikini #peakweek #procard #flexibledieting

Talk is cheap. Theory is great. We can talk about what’s optimal and what works all we want but you can’t learn about the body and mind by reading and observing alone. Do you actually put your hat in the ring or do you just talk about those who do? Do you suffer like your clients or is it just words on paper to you? I am getting leaner than I’ve ever been and my competitive spirit comes out. I won’t let my @teamprophysique clients fail, I won’t let myself fail! #teamprophysique #flexibledieting #fitover40 #flexfriday #talkischeap

My idol right here. @teamprophysique most recent IFBB Pro @iron_viking_ifbbpro Steve Haugen is over 50 years old and just inspires me like no other. As long as I can remember my favorite gym physique was the older guy who showed up and looked awesome without making any noise about it. Steve won his class and the overall for the 50+ Men’s Physique division. His wife Deon @deon_renae is also a superstar and they are not done for the year. These two define a wonderful partnership and Swole Mates! I heard how they met over dinner and it’s been love since day 1! #teamprophysique #ifbbmensphysique #mensphysiquepro #fitover40 #npcuniverse #flexibledieting #fitover50

This was not easy! @teamprophysique Bikini Competitor @rjhoxfit is a Mom with a full life. We didn’t have the smoothest prep, we had to push. There were phone calls, tears and certainly tons of questions along the way. One thing I knew was that she would outwork anyone. Well she took 1st 🥇 in Bikini Class B 40+ earning her #ifbbbikini Pro Card. She also took home 4th in 35+ so an amazing day in all. I can’t wait to see what the future holds with a good improvement season. 2019 better watch out! Thanks to @theposingfairy as well on a great job with her! #teamprophysique ##npcbikini #ifbbbikinipro #npcuniverse2018 #momswholift

Headed to New Jersey for the @npc_universe . Two weeks ago @aroundthenpc_jm caught this picture for @npcnewsonlineofficialpage with two amazing people who make @teamprophysique look good. These girls would succeed with or without my help, they are winners. Just like so many I have the great privilege to coach. I can’t wait to see everyone this weekend, anxious to put all this hard work on display! Thanks @fitveganchef and @krisifenner for posing with me! #teamprophysique #npcbikini #npcbikinicompetitor #npcuniverse #seeyouthere

I can’t explain how fortunate I feel to work with so many amazing people. In fact lately I have been struggling with the idea of posting about some and not others. This is a very good problem to have for @teamprophysique Just know I am proud of each and everyone of you whether you compete whether you just want to look good in your clothes or be a healthier version of you. @meatfreemarialee @brooklynhillfit @fitveganchef @jashuha #teamprophysique #fatlossjourney #flexibledieting #contestprep #weightlossjourney #proudcoach

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