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paulorella  Take chance push yourself take yourself out to comfort zone!

It's rainy weather so it's #koreanmissoramen #soup kinda day lol #foodporn

It's only human nature to get #shoes lol

Meant to post this pic! See how big the #cruise ship facing the westside view of #manhattan #newyork standing on the other side #jerseycity at #libertystatepark #concretejungle #cityofbrightlights #bigapple #newyorkcity#freedomtower

Late late post! They forgot new #superhero member #supernatural #superfriends. I need to get rich so everyday will be vacation 🤑

I don't know don't you feel sometimes you think so much shit! This and that life in general and ask yourself. What would happen 10 plus years etc. crazy shit right I know you do. Live for the moment they say. But it's always easier said than done. Anyways live up to your hype get with it! Oh I hate when my shoes gets dirty 😜 they say you could tell a lot about that people personality about the shoes! I say damn right. Strangely I always check out the shoes and I already know what type of person that is 🤓 in some way. #positivevibes#quotes

Focus man! You know what I think life is not fair no matter what. So what I say just let it be. I'll say bring it on. Old man preaching here. My Alexa I told her to play sleep music then suddenly played me all this deep songs but refreshing uplifting songs! Current mood 😃 . I'm a big gadget man like em shit! Like tony stark I want me Jarvis but Alexa will do fine too.#positivevibes #positivethinking#quotes

Caught her by surprise! Almost cried

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